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Top 10+ Best Bulk SMS Providers In Nigeria

Bulk sms is sending a massive volume of messages across a targeted audience at the same time. It doesn’t really differ from the normal text messages.
There are diverse bulk sms providers and getting the right one is whole load of stress as many seem genuine but end up giving a shabby work. Without wasting time let’s dive into the list of best  bulk sms providers you should use in Nigeria.

Nigeria Bulk SMS

Nigeria bulk sms is one of the oldest bulk sms service provider in Nigeria, it has stood the test of time, one of the amazing thing Nigeria bulk sms is that its service is not limited to only Nigerians but also foreigners. Their plans are affordable and their service is superb, you can visit https://portal.nigeriabulksms.com/register to sign up.

Below are some of the benefits you’d get from Nigeria bulk sms

  • Like I said earlier, their rates are flexible and affordable.
  • Their sms delivery are fast.
  • Their APIs are strong, you can send SMS to people who have activated DND (do not disturb) on their mobile number.
  • Active and dedicated customer support
  • Flexible and and innovative HTTP and SMP API
  • Customized sender ID, that means that your company name would be shown as the sender.
  • Customized SMS (text merge)
  • You can setup scheduled SMS
  • Repeated number remover
  • Bulk SMS can also send OTP (one time password) SMS
  • High throughput rate
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SMS Live 247

SMSlive247 is another good bulk sms service that charge N2.05/SMS. They boast of sending sms to a large number of people irrespective of the type of phone the recipient use be it java, symbian, Android, or
IOS, they are also capable of sending up to 10,000 bulk sms at once.
They offer bulk sms services ranging from:

  • Training
  • Weddings
  • School Parties/Event
  • AGM- Annual General Meetings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Fellowships
  • Church Programs
  • Campaigns
  • Ceremonies
  • Cooperative and Thrift Society
  • Meeting
  • Exhibitions and Trade Shows

You can visit http://smslive247.com to sign up or contact their customer support using this email address info@smslive247.com. Alternatively, you can call their customer care 08099999247.


Xwireless is one of the best bulk sms service provider, xwireless has an excel plugin which can extract numbers from documents, this is very important if you want to bulk-send email to people of the same interest.
They also have a very good website which focuses on the user experience. Their price is also on the low side as the charge N0.89 per SMS for a volume of 1 to 9,999 and 0.73 for a minimum volume of 10,000,000 unit which is very low compared to other providers.
You can visit https://www.xwireless.net for more enquiries or to sign up.

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SMS Mobile 24

SMS Mobile 24 set specific units for different networks; 1.3 units/SMS 9mobile, while 1.8 units/SMS to airtel, glo and MTN. Their price for a unit is as low as 65 kobo per unit if you are buying over 99,999,999 units and a maximum of 97 kobo per unit if you are buying 500 to 999 units.
SMS mobile 24 offers a discount when you buy 500 units and above at the rate of 85 kobo. You can also become a VIP member om SMS Mobile 24 by paying the sum of N2,500 (one time payment).
You can visit their website https://smsmobilew24.com

Gold SMS 247

Gold SMS is considered to be one of the cheapest bulk sms provider since its inception as the charge only 82 kobo per sms if you are buying above 999,999 SMS and a maximum of 88 kobo per SMS for 100 to 2,999 SMS.
Their website is https://goldsms247.com

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Ebulk SMS

Ebulk SMS is one of the most popular bulk sms provider, Ebukk has made a name for itself because it has stood the test of time and have been used by notable companies. Their website has a very good interface and their SMS delivery time is excellent.

Ebulk SMS has a very responsive customer support in case you face any form issue while using their platform. The only downside of Ebulk sms is that they are expensive but i assure they are definitely worth every bit of the penny because of their advance features and quality service. You can sign up or make enquiries on their website by visiting https://ebulksms.com

SpeedWay SMS

Speedway SMS quality service can be dated back to 2016. One of their uniqueness is the provision of an easy payment system for their customers as they have a gateway where you can make payments using your debit card. As the name implies, the rate at which the speedily send SMS at a single send button click is top notch.
You can sign up on their website by visiting https://speedwaysms.com

best bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria

5Kobo Rapid SMS

5kobo rapid SMS is one of the cheapest bulk SMS provider i have come across, they charge as low as 1 SMS per unit. The price for a unit is 1.55 naira per SMS if you are buying over 4,999 units and a maximum of 1.90 per SMS if you are buying between 100 to 4,999 units. You can visit their website www.50kobo.com if you want to sign up or make enquiries.

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Bulk SMS Nigeria is a new bulk SMS service, they are doing a great work and I believe they are worth the try. The platform is been runned by Impactcentric Techniks limited. They also have a payment gateway that accepts debit cards to make the payment easy, although they also accept bank transfers. Bulksms.net.ng charges 1 unit flat rate across all Nigerian GSM networks(MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9Mobile). 1unit is charged at 2.50kobo while while they charge 3naira to deliver to DND numbers.

You can visit https://www.bulksms.net.ng/ to register


One thing I like about multitexter is that they have a mobile app which makes them standout from others.
Multitexter send 1 SMS per unit. They also charge as low as 1.35 naira per unit if you are buying over 499,999 units and a maximum of 1.90 naira per unit for 200 to 4,999 units. They have a very responsive customer support, their website is multitexter.com.

Other Recommended Bulk SMS Service Providers

Gold SMS 247

Gold SMS 247 charges 82 kobo per sms if you are buying above 999,999 and a maximum of 88 kobo per SMS to 100 to 2,999 SMS.

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Ara Text

Ara text sends SMS for as low as 1.80 naira per SMS for 99,000 to 500,000 units. They charge 2.50 naira if you are buying between 1,200 to 9,999 unit. They also give a negotiable discount if you are buying over 500,000 units. You’d have to call them for this.

Kull SMS

Kull SMS charges 1 SMS per unit. They offer a price as low as 1.40 naira if you are buying over 999,999 units and a maximum of 2.00 naira if you are buying between 1,000 to 9,999 units.

Smart SMS Solution

Smart SMS solution is worth trying. They charge as low as 1.35 naira per unit if you are buying over 99,999 and a maximum of 1.50 naira per unit if you are buying between 1 to 9,999 units.


Padisoft.org is considered to be one of the cheapest bulk SMS providers in Nigeria, their service is superb. They are one of the rarest bulk sms providers that charges 90 kobo per unit with fast delivery to MTN,  Airtel, 9mboile and Glo. Padisoft payment system is easy as they accept mobile transfer, cash deposit and debit cards as a mode of payment.



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