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NASIMS Biometric Software Download – Npower Batch C Shortlisted Candidates

NASIMS Biometric Software: We bring you NASIMS Biometric Software For NPower Batch C Shortlisted Candidates. We are going to show you how to download and install the biometric software on your computer.

Are you among the NPower batch c shortlisted candidates about to enroll for the NASIMS biometric capture? The Npower Batch C recruitment has so far gotten to the verification stage where shortlisted applicants are to enroll for the fingerprints capture.

This software is designed only for the biometric capture and not for any other commercial purpose. All shortlisted candidates have to enroll for it as soon as possible.

Applicants who do not enroll for the fingerprints capture will automatically be disqualified.

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How to Download and Set Up NASIMS Biometric Software

We are going to guide you through on how to download the NASIMS biometric software and install on your computer. Follow the steps given below;

First you need to put on your internet connection and visit the NASIMS Biometric Enrollment Portal via and the following will appear on your screen;

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Module: NASIMS Biometric
Package Name: NASIMS Biometric Enrollment
Publisher: NASIMS (NPOWER)

This prerequisite below is required and should be installed separately before clicking the Install button:

  • Fingerprint reader Prerequisite for either 32 bit Installation or 64 bit Installation or General Installer

The following prerequisite is required for Biometric Client:

  • .NET Desktop Runtimes .NET Core Runtime 3.1 and
  • For some systems, you need both the .NET Core SDK and .NET Core Runtime, please donwload for .NET Core 3.1 here

If the Biometric Client components are already installed, you can launch the application now. Otherwise, click the button below to install the prerequisites and run the application.

Click on “Install” and the software will automatically be downloaded in to your computer. After download, find the file in your downloads, click and run as administrator.

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Your internet connect must still be on will installing the software. It will connect to NASIMS (NPOWER) server, and prompt the N-Power Batch C applicant to download the offline software, when successfully downloaded, the icon will appear on your computer interface.

You can now double click on the NASIMS Icon on his or her desktop and login with his or her APPLICATION ID NUMBER and PASSWORD for verification.

If you can not go through this process, we suggest you visit the nearest ICT center and seek for help.

FAQ About NASIMS Biometric Software

How do I download NASIMS biometric software?

Below are the procedures on how to download and install the NASIMS biometric software.
  1. Click on “Install” to install the NASIMS NPower Biometrics Prerequisite application on your computer.
  2. After the installation, click on “Launch” to start the application. Then follow the onscreen prompts (instructions) to capture your fingerprint.
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How do I apply for NASIMS biometrics?

Here is how to apply for NASIMS biometrics.
  1. Click on “Capture Your Fingerprint”
  2. Go to the new page “NASIMS (NPOWER) Biometric Client”
  3. Install the NASIMS NPower Biometrics Prerequisite application on your computer.
  4. After the installation, “Launch” to start the application.

How do I do biometrics with NPower?

Follow the steps below to do your biometrics with NPower.
Simply search for NASIMS biometric app download and you will find the official website provided by To make it easier for you, simply visit this NASIMS Portal link and login to the portal so you should be able to download and make use of the biometric verification software for Npower batch c applicants.

Can I do NPower biometric with my phone?

The NPower biometric installer won’t work on phone. You need a laptop or desktop computer to be able to install the software that aid the biometric fingerprint scanner to capture your finger print in the right format as approved by NASIMS.
Kindly stay glued to this page for more information about the NASIMS biometric software and other NASIMS recruitment news.


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