About Us

Founded in 2019, The Insurance Menu  is on a mission to expose to people different information on which they have been denied access to for a while now. We are trying our best on enlightening the masses on different niches in life.

The site was not built on a profit motivated motive, but as a platform to reach out to the masses quality and rich information concerning different issues in life. We want to make sure everyone is taken on this great ride with time and that we all advance with the world, which is rapidly going digital and advancing in technology.

We are providing quality and well researched information to our readers on a free-of-charge basis.


Our Vision

Among all, our vision is to create a platform where people can log in on a daily basis to get answers to every question they can ever think of. We wish to talk about everything in life, so that people wouldn’t be deprived of rich and quality information again.

Our Mission

To provide the our readers rich and quality information which other sources have actually deliberately or in deliberately skipped giving them access to.