How To Make Money As A Writer In Nigeria (Full Guide)

Many writers in Nigeria are stuck on how to monetize their writing skills. For you to stumble on this page, I believe you’re also one of the many writers who are also confused that’s why I wrote this detailed guide on how to make money as a writer in Nigeria.

Due to the high demand from many writers, I deemed it for me to write about how to monetize my writing skill.

You can make money as a writer in Nigeria by writing a book, blogging, or by being a freelance writer.

A few years back, I was skeptical about monetizing my skill as a writer, I had the talent, zeal, and even the creativity but I couldn’t make money from it until I made a lot of research on how I could make money from writing, after my findings, I got different ideas, I put them to work and I was able to make up to 100K from writing within a year.

After making these discoveries, It will be unfair for me to keep these secrets to myself without sharing them with many writers who are not able to make money from writing.

Below are the ways you can make money as a writer. This is gonna be a long walk hence I advise you to grab a coffee or a box of chocolate before moving on.

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A freelancer is an independent writer who isn’t affiliated with any company, a freelancer work base on his own term.

As a writer, you can choose to make money by being a freelancer, this is one of the best means of monetizing your skill because it gives you the chance of having diverse work apart from being a writer and it also gives you the liberty of building your writing brand as you won’t be working under any company.

You’re probably confused about how you can make money as a freelancer because there’s no how you could barge into someone and tell them you are a writer and you’d like to write for them, you’ll like you’re crazy because they never told you they need writers.

The best way to connect to people who need writers is by registering on different freelance websites, on those websites you’d find diverse writing gigs that are willing to pay a substantial amount of money.

Websites That Pay Writers In Nigeria


Fiverr is one of the most used freelance websites in the world, on Fiverr you get the chance to set up your profile and qualifications.

You also get access to hundreds of writing gigs daily, the pay is good depending on your offer and the nature of what you’re writing about. Fiverr is believed to have over 3 million freelance gigs listed on the site.

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MediaBistro is another amazing freelance website with a lot of writing jobs available. MediaBistro isn’t your regular freelance website as it comes with advanced functionality that allows you to choose jobs based on location, ie you can choose to write for people who live only in your country.


WePayWriters is a Nigerian-owned website that pays #1/word which is a fair amount compared to what some people pay. You also stand a chance of getting paid a higher amount of money if you get to the level of Golden Writers


Upwork has over 1.5 million writing gigs and they pay well. Although it’s difficult for Nigerians to be verified on Upwork, you can buy an already verified Upwork account and start your work immediately.


iWriter is one of the lowest paying freelance websites I have come across because the competition is much and employers use it as liberty to pay miserable amounts of money.

Apart from the sites I’ve listed above, below are more websites that pay writers in Nigeria that you can join to monetize your writing skill

LinkedIn jobs
Fiver Up
Gig Bucks
SEO Clerks
Round Shelf
Dollar 3

There are also many Nigerian magazines that pay writers, you can make your research to find out which magazine company is currently hiring writers

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Write A Book

I know many people who have made fortunes from writing books. It may be novels, story books, religious books, and educational books such as textbooks. If you’re good at writing stories, but do not have the money to publish the book, you can write it as an eBook and publish it on different online book publishing platforms such as Okadabooks and Wattpad.


I found out I was good at resourcing content and writing them in a way people would understand. I also had a passion for helping a lot of people with the information they need in the comfort of their “phone”, I discovered one of the ways I could do this is by creating a blog.

Creating a blog gave me the liberty of expressing my writing to a wide range of audiences and also giving out information to a lot of people.

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