100+ Good Night Messages To My Love

Good night messages to my love are powerful tools in the hands of a loving person. At the end of the day, it will be lovely to receive a romantic good night message from your lover.

Nights can be long and lonely, but it is always wonderful for someone to feel loved and know that the last person he/she has spoken to for the day is his/her true love.

Sending a good night message to your love is a great way to put a smile on the face of your boyfriend, wife, husband, and girlfriend.Good Night Messages To Sweetheart

Sometimes, sending a good night message to your love may evoke even more emotions than just kissing him/her good night.

Check out below to find unique and romantic good night messages to my love. Pick some, send them to your loved ones and make them smile throughout the night.

Good Night Message To My Love

If you find yourself in a situation you cannot wish your love good night personally, do not worry too much.Good Night Message To My Love

Here are very short and romantic good night messages to my love that you can send to your lover to put a smile on their face.

  • May the angels protect my queen when she falls asleep. Good night, sweetheart.
  • You are the world to me, sweetheart. Good night, beautiful lady. Sweet dreams.
  • Every night when I think of you, it reminds me how lucky I’m to have you! Good night, love.
  • My love for you has no end, no boundary. It’s a blessing to have you. Good night, my dear.
  • No matter how dark the night is, the moon of my life will always be shining with the light of a million stars. Good night my love!
  • We may be far away from each other, but our souls are always connected with love, darling. Have a good night.
  • Let my love be the one to warm your heart tonight. Sleep well, baby.
  • If I could list all the things I am grateful for today, you will be at the very top. Have a good night, my precious!
  • My heart misses you too much right now, so please go to sleep early and meet me in my dreams! Sweet dreams I love you!
  • I’m so in love with you that I don’t know anymore when my nights end and when my days begin. Good night sweet dreams my love!
  • I’m not afraid of turning my lights off as long as you keep coming back in my dreams every night. Goodnight dear!
  • Good night my love! I wish to be with you even in my dreams. Because you make them colorful for me!
  • I think of you every day and every night because you are the one for me. I love you so much! Good Night!
  • You’re the only thing I think about before I fall asleep and when I wake up. Sweet dreams, honey.
  • I’m so thankful to you that you choose me and love me unconditionally. Good night, love.
  • Before you go to sleep, know that there’s someone who loves you like crazy. Good night, sweetheart.
  • To the sweetest girl in the world who is lying in bed and reading this message: I hope that this good night message for her will make her smile. Good night my love!
  • Even the stars of the sky know how much I dream of you. Have a good night, my love!

  • May your dreams turn prettier than flowers and sweeter than honey! Good Night!

  • May you sleep peacefully, leaving all tensions behind, my love. Good night and sleep well.

  • It’s so hard being without you. I can’t wait for tomorrow to hug you tightly. Good night, dear.

  • Thank you for making my day. Now, close your eyes and sleep peacefully, dear. I love you.

  • Good night, baby. I wish I could be with you. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

  • All I wish in life is to be able to wake up next to you one day. Till then, my love will accompany you. Good night and sweet dreams my love!

Good Message For My Love Faraway

At the end of the day, it will be lovely to receive a romantic good night message from your lover even though you guys are distant apart.

The distance shouldn’t be a barrier to not wishing your sweetheart a good night after a long day without them.

Here are some simple ideas for a good night message to my love. How to start, samples, and examples you can use to put a smile on their face before they sleep.

  1. Good night my love!! I just want to be next to you…make sweet dreams, I miss you so much!
  2. Good night baby, don’t worry I’ll be there for you. All is fair in love and war. Love is all I have for you. Sleep now, my baby girl.
  3. My head is filled with thoughts of you, your smile makes my heart skip a beat, and every touch makes me weak. I miss you so much, I can’t wait to see you again soon. I love you so much, good night my sweet angel.
  4. Oh, darling, I’m looking at the stars and they look very different tonight. They seem to be twinkling a lot more than usual and I can’t help but smile because of that. No matter where you are, I’ll be able to see the stars and they will make me feel like you’re here with me. sleep, tight love!
  5. You are my everything, my reason for living. I love you with all my heart sweetie pie. I can’t wait to see you soon, but until then I will be counting stars and looking at the moon thinking of you! Good night my world.
  6. I think of you every night before I fall asleep. I hope you think of me too. There is nothing I would want more than to remain wrapped up in your arms and drift off to the land of dreams, but we aren’t always able to be together like we want. Deep down inside I know we will always love each other and hope that is enough for the both of us. Good night my sweetheart!
  7. I thought of you all day. I can’t wait to go to bed. I know once I get there, I will picture you in my arms, and dream of us together. You are everything to me, and sweet dreams beautiful!
  8. I hope you had a nice day. I’m just writing this before I have to go. I hope that your dreams are full of happiness and they bring lots of smiles to that cute face of yours. I love you so much sweetie, always remember that. Good night my love!
  9. With every breath I take I hope this reassuring message will get to you that I love you. Just remember that no matter where I am there is only one place in the world where my heart belongs, with you. Goodnight my sunshine, don’t worry about anything when you are sleeping, because I am by your side dreaming of the day when we are together again.
  10. I know I’m going to sound like a broken record, but. I love you! I never want to lose you. Goodnight my love.
  11. I often stare into space wondering if you are looking at the same star I am. My mind wonders about the pictures of your adorable face, and I can’t help but smile at all the memories we share. I know many miles separate us, but you are always in my heart. Night has fallen and it is time for me to rest. Sleep tight, my love!
  12. I can’t wait to fall asleep so I can dream about you. I need you tonight, your kisses, your hugs, just you. I can’t wait to sleep next to you again, you are the only thing that could ever put me at ease. Goodnight baby.
  13. I can’t wait to go to sleep so I can dream about you. I love you and will see you in my dreams!
  14. Goodnight baby. I wish you were here with me right now. I’m looking at the clock counting down the minutes until I get to hold you again. I will spend forever in love with you, baby. Have sweet dreams tonight.
  15. One of these days I’m going to tell you good night, and when I do I want you to really know how much I love you. I want you to feel my words wash over you in a wave of emotion. I want you to feel the security and comfort I’m wishing upon you as we say good night. every time we chat every time, we’re apart you’re just on my mind, I wish I could just spend the day with you.
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Hot Good Night Message For My Girlfriend

Just before she closes her eyes, let her know that she is all you think about during the day. And the best way to end the day is by sending a good night message to your better half before she sleeps off. Romantic Good Night Message For Girlfriend

Make her feel loved with these hot goodnight messages for my girlfriend and good night messages to my love.

  1. Dearest girlfriend, may peace and love fill your heart as you lay down your head to sleep tonight and always. Good night and sweet dreams to you, my hot baby. Remember, I love you completely beyond these messages I always send.
  2. Thinking about you is opening my heart to a peaceful and relaxing good night’s sleep. I love you so much and I wish you have a good night’s rest. Goodnight and sleep tight, damsel.
  3. I wish that all your dreams are as beautiful and sweet as you are and I love you to the moon and back. Goodnight and sweet dreams to you, sunshine, and I love you more than love itself.
  4. Goodnight to you, my dearest girlfriend and the queen of my heart. I wish you have a wonderful night’s sleep and pleasant dreams. I love you beyond the stars.
  5. You light up my world and life with your unconditional love and as you hit the bed, I wish you have a lovely night’s sleep. Goodnight!
  6. The nighttime is way too long to be downcast; free your mind from every worry and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Goodnight and sweet dreams, pumpkin.
  7. You’re my heartthrob and a day with you is always amazing and filled with unforgettable moments. Goodnight to you, my princess.
  8. I miss you so much as the nighttime draws near and I wish you have a beautiful night’s sleep. Goodnight and sweet dreams, jellybean.
  9. May your nighttime be filled with pleasant dreams and a lovely night’s sleep. You know I love you, right? Well, I do. Goodnight to you, sweetie pie.
  10. I wish I could be with you as you lay down your head to sleep. I miss you so much and I love you beyond words. Goodnight!
  11. Whenever I reminisce about you, my heart is always filled with bliss and gratitude. Thanks for everything and I love you more. Goodnight and sweet dreams, dear.
  12. All I can think of as I lay down my head to sleep is you, my beautiful girlfriend and I wish you a wonderful night’s sleep. Goodnight!
  13. Here’s wishing you a calm and peaceful night’s sleep full of pleasant dreams. Goodnight and sleep tight, sweetheart.
  14. As you go to bed tonight, I want you to know that I will be here dreaming about you all night long. Goodnight to you, my darling girlfriend.
  15. Sweet dreams and a beautiful good night’s sleep are my heartfelt wishes for you tonight and always. Goodnight, my beautiful girlfriend.
  16. Here’s to you having a wonderful night’s rest and sweet dreams. I love you so much, damsel. Goodnight to you, girlfriend.
  17. I wish I could be there with you and watch you fall asleep to the world around you. Goodnight and sweet dreams, my love.
  18. Because it’s a beautiful night, I wish you a good night’s sleep and the sweetest dreams ever. Goodnight to you, my one and only.
  19. Here’s to hoping you would have a wonderful night’s sleep full of bliss and pleasant dreams tonight and always. I love you deeply, my love. Goodnight and sleep tight, girlfriend.
  20. My love for you is eternal while the nighttime is just for a moment. Do have a beautiful night’s rest and pleasant dreams. You know I love you, right? Well, I do. Goodnight!
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Romantic Good Night Message For Him

For your boyfriend, husband, or that special man in your life, wish him a night full of sweet dreams. Your man will be very happy if he gets these sweet good night messages from you.Romantic-good-night-messages-for-him

Knowing you are thinking about him, gives him a new level of happiness throughout the night.

Below are romantic good-night messages for him. You can also select good night messages to my love to make him extremely happy before he sleeps.

  • You are always the man of my wildest dreams. Have a tight sleep. Goodnight.
  • Sleep well now so that your tomorrow goes better than today. I wish you were here. Good night, my love.
  • It is not just that you are a great man, but you look so innocent when you sleep. Have a tight sleep so that I can see that cute face tomorrow.
  • You’re a kind and caring person. I am so lucky that I have met you and fallen in love! I couldn’t ask for a better partner than you. Good night my man.
  • Good night to the love of my life. My feelings are so deep for you. Your presence in my life has made me the happiest girl in the world.
  • Have a good night’s sleep and get yourself prepared for a brilliant day. Good night my sweetheart.
  • Give your body and mind some rest. Goodnight my love. Make sure I am in your dreams.
  • Your warm hugs always make my night wonderful. Make sure you sleep tight and get yourself ready for a busy day tomorrow. Good night.
  • Can not resist kissing you while you’re asleep. You know, when I see your sleepy face, I get all the joy in the world. Good night my prince.
  • Before I go to sleep, I need your kisses and hugs because they make my day complete. Good night dear.

  • Our relationship may not be the perfect one. But it doesn’t matter to me as long as you stick with me forever. Good night babe.

  • I sleep peacefully at night, knowing that I will see my handsome hunk tomorrow again. May you get rid of all the fatigue and have a peaceful sleep. I’m always there for you.

  • The nights seem long without you; it feels tiring. The desire to see you keeps me alive, comforts me. Good night and sleep well, dear.

  • You are not here, yet I hear the sound of your voice echo in my dreams. Dreams seem real then, and I wish not to wake up anymore. Good night, sweetheart.

  • Wishing the peaceful sleep of the world to the most amazing boyfriend in the world. Sleep well, dear.

  • I am so blessed to have you as my lover and best friend. I wouldn’t exchange you even for all the treasures around the world. You are so precious. Good night and sleep tight, love.

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Good Night Message To Make Her Fall In Love With You

If you want to impress a girl you just met or then send her good night messages to make her fall in love with you.

Good Night Honey I love You

In this chapter, we are sharing with you good night messages to my love to make her fall in love with you.

Below is an example of them:

  1. Hey, dear, I can’t stop thinking about the first night that we will spend together. That will be the best night of my life. I am so excited thinking about that. I am sending all the beautiful wishes and love for you, good night.
  2. Words are not enough to explain how much I love you. You are the most beautiful part of my life. Good night, queen.
  3. The most beautiful feeling of my life is when I see you. I feel like I am looking at the most beautiful scene in this world, good night, dear.
  4. Hey, honey, I hope you had an amazing day. I am sending all the good wishes for sweet sleep and a fantastic morning, good night, honey.
  5. Hey, honey, I hope you will have a sweet dream with lots of beautiful dreams, good night. I love you so much that I can’t wait to see you morning.
  6. The night is getting darker and I am thinking about you. You know what? This is the most beautiful time for me, good night, dear.
  7. I can look at your face when you are sleeping for the entire night, good night, honey.
  8. Hey sweet, I just want to let you know that I was thinking about you all day long. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. I am sending lots of good wishes to you, good night, and have a beautiful sleep.
  9. Good night, darling, may you have all the beautiful dreams come to you tonight.
  10. I am sending all the beautiful wishes and love to you so that you have all the sweet dreams to your sleep, good night, honey.
  11. I am so lucky that I am dating the most beautiful girl in the world, I am sending all the beautiful wishes and blessings for you, honey, good night.
  12. May you have a beautiful sleep and sweet dreams tonight, that’s my wish, good night to you, honey.
  13. When I think you are with me, it’s the best feeling for me, good night, honey.
  14. You are the person who changed my thinking about love and always inspired me to do something big. I have been a successful person just because of you, good night, honey I am wishing for a good sleep with beautiful dreams.
  15. I hope you have spent a good day and a beautiful morning is waiting for you, honey, good night, and have sweet sleep.
  16. I am sending all the beautiful wishes and blessings for you on this beautiful night, I hope you will find peace and happiness in your life, good night.



Before going to bed, send that special man and woman in your life a text message to let him/her know you’ve been thinking (and hopefully dreaming) about him/her with a good night message to my love.

It could be the perfect way to end his/her day and your day.Good Night Message For Him

It is such a nice gesture to send a goodnight message to your love with these good night messages to my love, making them feel loved and happy.

Pick one of these good night messages to my love, romantic messages to him, good night messages to my love far away, hot good night messages to my girlfriend, and make them feel excited for the night ahead.