Best 50+ Prophetic New Month Declaration For April 2024

New Month Declaration: A new month is an opportunity to start everything new and full of energy. Not every month in our life offers us the same happiness and joy.

But even if one month happens to be not so good for us, we can always have a new month to cast away all our sadness and frustrations and look forward to achieving our goals with new plans and new ways to attain what we look for.

Are you looking for some new month declaration prayer points with scriptures, quotes, or messages for him, yourself for your love, or for a friend?

With these new month declaration prayers, you can make up some new month messages, or new month declaration quotes to wish them good luck for the new month.

Here are some extraordinary new month declaration prayer points with scriptures, quotes, and messages for yourself, a friend, love, him, Husband, or Wife.

Show them you care for them, love them, and wish the best for them. Inspire them to achieve their goals for the new month with these new month declaration prayers.

Would you prefer listening to the new month’s declaration? If so, listen to the audio below.

New Month Declaration For Myself

  1. Wishing myself a month full of new opportunities and good news!
  2. Happy New Month! May each day becomes a reason for happiness to me!
  3. I hope that this month comes as a blessing to me and my family.
  4. May the upcoming month bring new motivation into my life!
  5. May this upcoming month be full of happiness, peace, and prosperity. A happy new month to me.
  6. May the upcoming month makes me wiser, kinder, and happier!
  7. May God bless me with a new month filled with much love and success. May I have a good life!

New Month Prayer Points With Scriptures

Here are some new month declaration prayer points with scriptures

  1. I shall have prosperity in all things and endeavors; I shall remain in good health even as my soul prospers ( 3 John 1:3)
  2. The windows of heaven shall be opened and overflowing blessings shall be poured down unto me because I am faithful with my tithes and offerings (Malachi 3:10)
  3. I am blessed in the city and in all nations. My going out is blessed, my coming in is blessed. (Deuteronomy 28:3)
  4. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).
  5. The windows of heaven shall be opened and overflowing blessings shall be poured down unto me because I am faithful with my tithes and offerings (Malachi 3:10)
  6. The lord shall defeat all the enemies that rise against me. They shall come at me in one way and flee in seven ways (Deuteronomy 28:7)
  7. I am blessed in the city and in all nations. My going out is blessed, my coming in is blessed. (Deuteronomy 28:3)
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New Month Declaration Prayers

Here are some new month declaration prayers.

  1. I retrieve this month out of the hands of the evil ones; no satanic incantation shall work against me in this new month in the name of Jesus.
  2. I shall excel in everything I do in this new month in the name of Jesus; I command the favour of God to God before and after me this new month in the name of Jesus.
  3. My going out and coming in is blessed this new month and beyond in the name of Jesus
  4. I shall possess the gates of my enemy in this new month in the name of Jesus.
  5. Men shall favor me this new month in the name of Jesus
  6. No power of the enemy or evil one shall come against me or near my dwelling in this new month in the name of Jesus
  7. The sun shall not smite me by day and the moon by night in the name of Jesus.

New Month Messages

Here are some New Month Messages for him, a friend, love, etc

  1. It is a new month, a month full of hope. May the new month bring more joy, happiness, and laughter into your life. Happy New Month to you, my best friend!
  2. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, don’t panic. Just focus, aim, shoot your shots, keep shooting until you reach the stars. One day you will be successful no matter what.
  3. May your tomorrow be brighter, and May this new month be more successful, I wish this month brings more inspiration and love to your life, Happy new month.
  4. A new month is waiting on your door to embrace you with the warmth of love and the colors of a rainbow to decorate your life with all the best in this world.
  5. Dear, it’s time to wave goodbye to your empty pockets and exhausted soul. Welcome the new month with a new life full of energy and a big smile. Happy new month.
  6. Today is a new month. It’s time to do something new, something fresh, that will make you and everyone else around you happy!
  7. Happiness is a state of the mind that only you determine. Whatever you have or do not have cannot stop you from being happy. Only you can. So, take your chances in this new month.
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New Month Declaration To My Love

Here, we some new month declaration to my love, send it to your GF, BF, Wife, or Husband.

  1. In this new may you get everything you desire, my love. Happy new month, my love.
  2. I am going to celebrate yet another month with the person I love most in this world. Nothing makes me happier than this thought in my mind.
  3. A new month in our life means my love for you is up by one more level. So, let’s celebrate the achievement as the new month is almost knocking at the door.
  4. Celebrating another new month with you is everything I wish for. Happy new month, dear.
  5. The boundary of time cannot limit our love because the bond we share is eternal. Happy New Month, dear. Let’s step into the new month together, hand in hand!
  6. If you keep holding my hand, no change or challenge can weaken our love! Happy New Month to you! May the upcoming month mark our togetherness with eternity!
  7. Another month to be happy together, my love. May we be together this new month and forever, my love.

New Month Declaration Quotes

Here is the top new month declaration quotes.

  1. Drop the last month into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go. – Brooks Atkinson

  2. New Month’s Day is every man’s birthday. Charles Lamb

  3. January is the month for dreaming Jean Hersey

  4. Though February is short, it is filled with lots of love and sweet surprises – Charmaine J Forde

  5. March, when days are getting long, Let thy growing hours be strong to set right some wintry wrong.Caroline May

  6. May you be productive and successful this month. A happy new month to you.

  7. April is the cruelest month.T. S. Eliot

New Month Declaration For a Friend

Here is some new month declaration for a friend.

  1. Happy new month, dear friend. It is friends like you who make each month worth remembering.
  2. Dear friend, Happy New Month! May you get to spend every day with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart! Sending best wishes to you!
  3. Wishing you a wonderful month ahead, because you, my friend, deserve nothing but the best!
  4. May you have a wonderful month ahead, my new friend. I hope all your dreams come true.
  5. May God Almighty showers you with all the love and peace and keeps you and your family always close to him. I wish you all the best for the upcoming month.
  6. Hope the arrival of a new month brings you closer to your destination and fulfills all your dreams! Have a Happy New Month, my friend!
  7. Cheers to our friendship and the many more memories we are going to make together. Happy new month!

FAQ On New Month Declaration

Here are some frequently asked questions on the new month declaration being answered.

What the Bible says about new month?

This month shall be the beginning of months for you… – Exodus 12:2

What do you say when you start a new month?

I deserve happiness, joy, and blessing. I hope this new month offers me all that I deserve. I wish myself the best this month.

What do you pray for a new month?

I hope that this new month brings my heart closer to God and showers me with His blessings. May each day of the upcoming month bear the holy blessing of God and shelter me and my love once from all evil.

What are prophetic declarations?

Prophetic declarations are bold declarations based on the word of God. The word of God once declared in faith can frame your world and it becomes a world of success, poverty-free and progressive world. There is a lot of power in your tongue.

New month declarations are always a blessing to people. It offers hope of fresh starts, new beginnings, and a new season to many.

Using the above new month prayer points with scriptures, new month declaration prayers, new month messages, new month declaration for myself, new month declaration to my love, new month declaration quotes, and new month declaration for a friend, you can inspire others to take their chances and challenges in a new spirit and overcome their fear.