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How To Get A Drivers License In Nigeria (Full Guide)

Driver’s license is an official document issued by the government that grants a specific individual the right to operate one or more types of vehicles which may include motorcycles, buses, cars, trucks or a public road.

In this article, we’d be looking at how to register for a drivers license in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Drivers license is officially issued by the Federal Road Safety commission to achieve this effect.

The federal government of Nigeria set out this commission with the sole intent of making highways and motorsble paths safe for pedestrians, motorists and other road users.

This is done by recommending works and devices to the federal and state government, works which are Ultimately geared at eliminating or intently reducing the rate of accidents on highways.

They are also set out to ensure discipline on the highway and also inspect drivers to fish out those who ply the road without legal permits.

Hence, making it an essential duty for every driver.

This guide leads you through how to get your drivers license or probably renew your old one which was probably expired , lost or replaced.

How To Apply For Driver’s License

There are processes you no to go through before getting a drivers license in Nigeria, this processes and requirements aren’t complex. They are outlined below:

  • Get enrolled into a driver’s training course (for intending drivers). This must be done in accredited school according to FRSC standards.
  • Upon completion of course, the school will refer you for a driving test to be supervised by a vehicle inspection officer(VIO).
  • Obtain your Certificate of proficiency from the VIO’s after passing the test.
  • Apply for your drivers license application form, this can be done in two ways; Offline or online. For the offline application, you will need to locate any driver’s license centre(DLC) around your neighborhood, Google maps can help you easily achieve this.At the DLC, the officer will ask for your driving school certificate and learner’s permit with your birth certificate so as to confirm your age before giving out the form.Upon completion of the form,  pay the license application fee at any of the approved banks and make sure you go along with a copy of your driver’s license form as they will need your driver’s license application ID to authenticate your payment.

How Much Is A Drivers License In Nigeria

The pr)#ice for getting a drivers license is ₦10,450 (Renewal after 5 years) and ₦6,350(Renewal after 3 years), additional charges might apply.

How To Apply For Drivers License Online

  1. Visit FRSC’s official website
  2. Click a DL application
  3. Choose ‘New driver’s license’ for Intending Drivers.
  4. Type in your driver’s test certificate number and click validate.
  5. Upon Validation, Complete the online form provided.
  6. Make your payments online and print acknowledgement slip.
  7. Proceed to any FRSC/DL office yourself with your slip and some other documents.

Requirements For Getting A Drivers License In Nigeria

Below are the documents you need in getting a drivers license in Nigeria

    1. Payment Slip
    2. Application form (if done offline)
    3. Learner’s permit
    4. Certificate from driving school
    5. Certificate of VIO test
    6. Certificate of Eye Test
    7. Birth Certificate

Upon provision and confirmation of these documents, a biometric capture containing all your information (age, name, address and thumb prints) will be done on you.

You will be issued a temporary license while you wait for your license to be out within 60 days of application.

How To Renew A Drivers License

For renewal or reissuance of lost, expired or replaced driver’s license. you can do this by reporting to any FRSC/DL office or you do to this online by applying for replacement/renewal.

      1. Proceed to the official website.
      2. Click on ‘reissue/renewal of driver’s license as your case may be
      3. Enter your driver’s license and date of birth (DOB)
      4. Click on search and complete all forms and then click submit.

The procedure is also used to confirm if your driver’s license is genuine or not. If upon filling in your driver’s license number and date of birth  and your details doesn’t show after clicking search, then you’ll need to report immediately as you might have been offered a fake license.

The price for renewal is same as the price of issuance 3 years or 5 years as you might prefer.

      1. Make your payment only as there might be no extra charges.
      2. Upon confirmation of payment, your slip will be loaded up, copy out your application ID.
      3. Click print to print your acknowledgement slip.
      4. Go back to navigation and click on Track DL application status.
      5. Enter your application ID and date of birth and put one copy of your payment confirmation slip.
      6. You now have to go to a FRSC/DL office with these documents;
        1. Two recent passports
        2. Your DL acknowledgement slip
        3. Payment Confirmation slip
        4. A copy of your current driver’s license


As you can see, registering for a drivers license in Nigeria isn’t as hard as you think, the thing is you should be up to 18 years and have the required documents then you’re good to go. You can drop any question you have concerning applying for a drivers license in the comment box below.

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