Nigeria Drivers License – Application, Verification, Renewal

Possession of a Nigerian driver’s license is compulsory for every individual that drives a car in Nigeria.

No matter the type of vehicle you are riding, be it a motorcycle, bus, truck, tricycle you must obey the traffic laws serving as an identification of drivers education.

The federal government of Nigeria set out this commission with the sole intent of making highways and motorable paths safe for pedestrians, motorists, and other road users.

This is done by recommending works and devices to the federal and state government, which are Ultimately geared at eliminating or intently reducing the rate of highway accidents.

Here is a well-prepared article that explains in detail all you need to know about Nigeria’s driver’s license. Just keep on reading to get this important information.

Nigeria Drivers License

Nigeria’s drivers’ license is a form of authorization to make use of cars and other vehicles in Nigeria. It is normally in the form of a plastic ID card.

It may take up to 60 days to process your Nigeria’s drivers license.

Classes Of Nigeria’s Drivers License

All driver’s licenses are not the same. so, you need to apply for the most relevant to you. According to the Federal Road Safety Commission, there are about 10 classes of Nigeria’s drivers’ licenses.

  • Class A: Motorcycle
  • Class B: Motor vehicle of fewer than 3 tones gross weight other than a motorcycle, taxi, Omnibus which means any motor vehicle that carries more than six persons excluding the driver, and Stage carriage which is an omnibus used for hire or cab in which a fee is charged.
  • Class C: A motor vehicle of fewer than 3 tones gross weight, that is not a motorcycle
  • Class D: Motor vehicle that is not a motorcycle, taxi, stage carriage, or omnibus excluding an articulated vehicle or vehicle drawing a trailer.
  • Class E: Motor vehicle other than a motorcycle or articulated vehicle
  • Class F: Agricultural machines and tractors
  • Class G: Articulated vehicles ( For people who drive vehicles with semi-permanent or permanent pivoting joints.)
  • Class H: Earthmoving vehicles (For drivers who have to operate heavy equipment that is often designed for construction operations).
  • Class J: For physically handicapped persons.
  • Class V: Convoy driving.

Nigeria Drivers License Sample

Have you been looking for a picture of this driver’s license? And you don’t know how it loos like. no need to worry much. Here is a typical example of the Nigerian driver’s license sample.

Nigeria Drivers License Sample

Some Driving Test Questions

Your theoretical knowledge is of great importance in preparation for the driving test. This shows that you know the theory just before taking the practical test.

This is a helpful guide to help you answer and prepare for the driving test.

  1. When can I overtake on the left?
  2. Why is driving on an expressway different from driving on an ordinary street?

Vehicles tend to go at a faster pace on an expressway. Therefore, you must think fast and handle your vehicle more effectively.

  1. What does the flashing yellow light on the traffic sign mean?Traffic light
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Proceed with caution

  1. If the traffic signal is green and a traffic officer tells you to stop, you should?

Obey the officer and stop

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  1. To pass other vehicles you must know if?

There are solid broken lane marking

Solid Broken Lane

  1. What does a solid white line at the center of the road mean?

You must not cross the lane unless it is for emergency and you must stay at the left

  1. When driving when should you dip your beam light?

When being stopped by an officer, in lit roads, and when following closely behind a vehicle.

  1. What are the restrictions of a car horn?

Do not use a car horn in a built-up area between 11.30 pm & 7.00 am unless there is an emergency.

  1. Overtaking is not allowed where?
  • Near a bend, a taxi rank
  • The brow of a hill
  • A humpback bridge
  • A continuous white line
  • Where your vehicle would obstruct a sign
  • At an entrance or opposite another vehicle on a narrow road
  1. What is the sequence of the traffic lights?

Red, amber, green

Traffic Light

  1. What do the white zig-zag lines at a zebra crossing mean?

No overtaking or parking.

12. What are the speed limits in built-up areas?

Usually, 50km/h unless special speed limits apply to designated roads and zones. Special speed limits are generally 30km/h or 60km/h.

Nigeria Drivers License Back And Front View

The front view of the Nigeria driver’s license contains the:

  • Issue Date
  • Issue state
  • Name
  • Address
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Height
  • Expiry date

The back view shows you the:

  • The classes of driver’s license
  • Index
  • And other information In detail

Nigeria Drivers License Back and Front View

How To Get A Drivers License In Nigeria

There are some things that are needed before these driver’s licenses will be issued to you. They include:

  • Driving school certificate
  • Learner’s permit
  • VIO Test certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Eye Test certificate from FRSC approved clinics
  • Evidence of driver’s permit payment
  • National Identification Number(NIN)

The following are the steps to take if you are getting your Nigeria drivers license for the first time online

  1. Visit the FRSC Nigeria drivers license pageDL Application
  2. Fill the driving license application form presented to you
  3. Click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page after filling in your details
  4. Click the PRINT button to print out a copy for yourself. (Record your driver’s license application ID number in the form in a safe place).
  5. Click the PAY NOW button
  6. Click the Proceed To Pay button after reviewing the amount you’ve been billed. You will be taken to the pay4me website for payment completion
  7. Visit your chosen FRSC photo capture center to ask for the capture date

Offline Application

  1. Fill within Nigeria’s driver’s license form at any Driver’s License Centre.
  2. Pay the license application fee at the participated banks or online. Once planning to the bank to create a payment, you must have a copy of the driver’s license type
  3. You are to go in person to the DLC office. Do not send another person no matter how busy you are.
  4. Submit the necessary forms to the BIR (Board of Internal Revenue) and VIO at the DLC for endorsement. These forms include payment slip, form, learners allow, a certificate from school, certificate of VIO check, certificate of eye check, certification.
  5. Get biometric information captured and present it to the FRSC officer at the DLC
  6. Take a short-lived license whereas looking forward to the office to be issued. This temporary version can expire as explained by the officer.
  7. After sixty days of your application, come back to the BIR workplace to choose your official driver’s license.
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How To Renew A Drivers License

For renewal or reissue if lost, expired, or replaced driver’s license. you can do this by reporting to any FRSC/DL office or you do this online by applying for replacement/renewal.

Proceed to the official website.

  1. Click on ‘reissue/renewal of driver’s license as your case may be
  2. Enter your driver’s license number or application IDNigeria Drivers License
  3. Click on search and complete all forms and then click submit

Note: The price for renewal is the same as the price of issuance 3 years or 5 years as you might prefer.

  1. Make your payment only as there might be no extra charges.
  2. Upon confirmation of payment, your slip will be loaded up, copy out your application ID.
  3. Click print to print your acknowledgment slip.
  4. Go back to navigation and click on Track DL application status.
  5. Enter your application ID and date of birth and put one copy of your payment confirmation slip.

You now have to go to an FRSC/DL office with these documents;

  1. Two recent passports
  2. Your DL acknowledgment slip
  3. Payment Confirmation slip
  4. A copy of your current driver’s license to get the new one.

How To Verify The Genuiness of Your Nigeria’s Drivers License

It has been revealed that many of these driver’s licenses are not genuine even though they were obtained by the official agency.

These happen due to some agencies working with so-called ‘agents’ luring those seeking Nigeria’s Drivers License with the promise of stress-free application with a larger amount of money.

While with the fake Nigeria driver’s license you may be arrested by the FRSC or VIO inspection body.

Here is how to verify if your DL is genuine

  • Click on DL ApplicationDL Application
  • Click on Re-Issue of Driver’s Licence from the drop-down
  • Supply Driver’s Licence Number and Date of Birth in the box that opens
  • Then enter
  • Click Ok from the pop-up box, after confirming the DL to be correct
  • This will pull up your information as supplied when you registered the New Driver’s License
  • If it does not pull up your data, it simply means your New Driver’s Licence is Fake and is not in FRSC DataBase
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How To Track Nigeria’s Drivers License

You can always track the status of your driver’s license online. Life made easy. I will give you very detailed but simple steps to follow.

  1. In your URL enter Nigeria’s Drivers
  2. Proceed to track application statusNigeria Drivers License
  3. Input your application ID details or drivers license numberNigeria Drivers License
  4. Click search and the status of your Nigeria driver’s license will appear.

How To Check If Your Nigeria’s Drivers License Is Ready By Phone code

The Federal Road Safety Commission has provided a very convenient way to check if your Nigeria’s drivers license is ready. You can now check it easily with a cell phone or smartphone.

Type ‘NDL STATUS License number‘ and send it to 33811. This is available for all networks providers in Nigeria. Wait for a few minutes to receive all the necessary details relating to your driver’s license.

Note: This costs 50 Naira per text you send.

Nigeria’s Drivers License Acknowledgement Slip

To get or print the acknowledgment slip, follow the steps below

Step-1: First visit

Step-2: Click on the print acknowledgment slipNigeria Drivers License

Step-3: Enter the Application ID.

Step-4: Select the Date of Birth (or) Enter the Validation Number

Step-5: Lastly click on the Search button to print the slip.

Note: If you entered incorrectly, just click on the reset button and repeat the steps again which are given above.

Nigeria’s Drivers License Template


How Much is Driver’s License in Nigeria 2021?

  • Driving school certificate: N8,000
  • VIO test certificate: N1000
  • Eye test certificate: N500
  • 3-year driver’s license: N6,350
  • 5-year driver’s license: N10,450
  • Total cost: N26,300

How Long Does Drivers License Last?

Depending on the one you applied for, there are options for three years and five years

How Long Does It To Get a Driver License in Nigeria?

On the day of issue, a temporary one will be given to you to use while you wait for the original which will take up to 6months.

Can I Renew My Drivers License Online?

Yes, you can and it is very simple just follow the steps above on how to renew your driver’s license.

Can I Use Nigeria’s Drivers License In The UK?

International license holders visiting the UK can drive with their valid foreign license for up to 12 months from when they become residents. After this period you can now exchange your international drivers’ license for a UK driver’s license.

We hope this article helped you learn how to apply for Nigeria’s drivers’ license, how to track it, verify and renew it. If you have any further questions, you can comment below, and don’t forget to share this article using the social media button below.