How To Start A Digital Marketing Business In Nigeria

Are you planning on starting a digital career in Nigeria? Read this article thoroughly.

Digital marketing, like every other business, is not as easy as everyone thinks.

It follows a gradual process of starting from nothing till you have a steady business that has lots of digital assets and customers.

To fully start a digital business in Nigeria, you need to have a full grasp of what the industry is talking about.

In this article, you will get a full guide that will direct you on how to start successful digital marketing in Nigeria.

What Is Digital Marketing?

This is the act of using the computer or any other technology through the internet to market, advertise or sell goods and services.

Digital marketing offers different services such as search engine optimization writing (SEO), content creation, and social media management.

As a digital marketer, you do not need much. You just need a computer (which can be a phone or laptop), an internet connection, and marketing skills.

There are so many opportunities open in digital marketing. You can either choose a specific niche or as many niches as possible.

Knowing all these is still not enough for one to venture into digital marketing.

It is very important to approach it with a clear understanding of what the business is all about.

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How To Start a Digital Marketing Business In Nigeria

Below are the basic steps to start a digital market in Nigeria;


It is very crucial that you educate yourself on what you are about to venture into.

Explore all the pros and cons involved in digital marketing. Know what others are doing to be successful.

Know your target clients, the potential competition in that area, and the lapses that others have failed to cover.

Create A Business Plan

Create a business plan that will contain the clear objectives of the business.

One that will contain the business’s aim, vision, and mission, the list of resources you will need, the equipment needed to start the business, and the total cost needed.

Get All The Equipment Needed

There are some tools or equipment you must have before you can start a digital marketing business.

As mentioned above, you need to have an electronic gadget such as a smartphone, laptop, or computer.

You also need to have an unlimited data subscription since you need to be online at all times.

Acquire And Learn Digital Marketing Skills

The next step is to learn and acquire digital marketing skills. These skills are very easy to acquire.

You can learn these skills on marketing blogs, and free digital videos on Youtube channels.

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Clearly, everything is online now. If you feel the free materials are not enough, there are so many paid materials that will give you what you need.

There are so many topics to be thought it is left for you to choose what you really want.

You don’t just acquire these skills and leave them thinking you know them at the tip of your fingers.

You need to practice what you have learned. The more you practice, the better you can become at whatever you are doing.

Register Your Business Name

The next step is to register your business name so that it will be recognized and trusted.

While registering your business name with CAC, remember that you need a unique name to make your business stand out.

You are required to give a physical address you can be traced to, a passport, and some other important documents.

During the process of registration, you will also get to decide whether you want to run your business fully online, offline, or both.

Market Your Business

Whether you are operating online or offline, you need to get your business out there.

Building a simple website is an easy way. People can easily locate your business catalog with your contact information.

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With a working website that is carefully linked to your social media account, you can run ads to promote your business.


Since you are just starting, partnering with other top competitors might be the best option for you.

For the starting stage, you might think it is not very beneficial to you, but it will be in the long run.


For you to reap the benefits of any business, you must be ready to face the ups and downs that come with it.

Digital marketing is a very lucrative business that does not require much expense to be made.

It is very beneficial to stay-at-home mums because you can run the business from anywhere in the world.

Read thoroughly to fully grasp and utilize the information above.