How Many Jobs Are Available In Packaged Foods In 2023

The packaged food industry has many opportunities therefore the answer to the question “how many jobs are available in packaged foods” should not be far-fetched.

There are over 30,000 jobs available in this industry. If you desire or see yourself working in the food industry this article is definitely for you.

We all know that the packaged foods industry is a rapidly growing industry that houses many different sub-sectors of the industrial food sector.

It has many opportunities even in the future because it adds greatly to the economy. Continue reading to find out the best-paying jobs in the packaged food industry, the requirement for employment, and lots more.

Is Packaged Foods A Good Career Path?

Yes, packaged foods is a good career path because it has a wide range of opportunities for those that are passionate about packaging and processing foods.

It offers a wide range of jobs that can connect farms, livestock, other agricultural produce, and consumers. Packaged foods is turing into a vast industry, and more than half a million people here in the United States work in this sector.

And in all, it provides a competitive wage that will be enough to satisfy all your needs. Also, bear in mind that wages are dependent on the job.

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Educational Qualification And Skills Required In The Packaged Foods Industry

We read about how many jobs are available in this industry and we also know that it is a good career path. Now is the time to know the qualification needed to excel in the packaged food industry.

For most entry positions in this industry, you will only need a high school diploma or a certification in food packaging.

But if you want to step up your game or want to climb higher you will need a bachelor’s degree in food technology, food packaging, or engineering.

Skills Required

The skills and attitude of an employee are one of the most considered in an industry therefore skill is also considered important.

Below are some of the vital skills required in the packaged food industry;

  • Proficiency in working in a demanding and fast-paced environment
  • Good listening and comprehension skills
  • Aptitude and Mechanical skills
  • Good verbal and written communication
  • Ability to work with some heavy objects
  • Strong collaboration skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Knowledge of nutrition
  • Good marketing skills
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Best Paying Jobs In The Packaged Foods Industry

Since we have answered your question on how many jobs are available in packaged foods, we have also researched the best-paying jobs that will benefit you more in this industry.

Jobs in this industry come in different ways and as such needs different expertise in different jobs. While some will be in charge of managing inventories, some will be helping customers find what they want.

There are numerous jobs be it in the manufacturing part or sales part but there are still some that are better than others.

Below are some of the best-paying jobs in this industry and the amount they earn yearly;

Consumer Behavior Analyst

A consumer behavior analyst researches consumers and makes certain decisions on products.

They are in charge of using market research techniques to understand what motivates people to buy certain foods and their behavior after purchasing the said goods.

A consumer behavior analyst helps increase the sale of a product. They earn an average of $77,630 per year.

Packaging Technician

This is another one of the highest-paying jobs in the packaged foods industry. A packaging technician makes sure that packaged food is safely shipped or distributed to the consumer.

They are responsible for properly packaging food for distribution. They work hand in hand with the distribution team.

They earn an average of $32,680 per year.

Refrigeration Engineer

Refrigeration engineers are in charge of designing, building, and maintaining cooling systems for the company. In some cases, they focus mainly on air conditioning, mechanical ventilation, or both.

For this career path, you need a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field. They earn between $72,535 and $86,243 a year.

Quality Control Specialist

This is another one of the best-paying jobs in the packaged food industry. They make sure that packaged foods are properly processed before they are moved to stores for display.

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They ensure that foods that are processed meet the required nutrient, hygiene, and ingredient and also meet the required industry standard.

They earn bout $42,310 a year.

Food Scientist

A food scientist researches processed food to make sure they have the right chemical combination, nutritional value, and the food interaction with the human body.

Their main role is to carry out analysis on nutrition and safety of food. For this career path, you need a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate subject such as food science/technology, food/chemical engineering, biochemistry, nutrition, microbiology, or chemistry.

They earn about $78,565 a year.

Production Supervisor

Production Supervisor is the first line of management of a production team. They are primarily concerned with keeping the production line operational and also guiding and coaching employees٫ by monitoring their productivity.

In the packaged food industry, they are also in charge of overseeing the manufacturing process. For this career path, a bachelor’s degree in engineering or high technology is needed.

They are paid an average of $73,323 annually.


A flavorist is in charge of using their deep knowledge of essential oils, flavor aromas, botanical extracts, and essences to recreate and intensify flavors from nature.

They also create whole new flavors that people have only dreamed of. They are in so much demand in the packaged food industry because they are very important.

They usually has a graduate degree in chemistry, biology, or food science. They are paid an average of $115,511 per year.

Food Safety Manager

As the name implies, food safety managers ensure that packaged foods are healthy and safe to eat.

They are in charge of inspecting the surroundings of a packaged food company, the facilities, and equipment to make sure they meet the sanitation requirements.

The minimum education in this career path is a high school diploma or GED. They earn an estimated average salary of  $110,188 per year.

Food Inspector

This is another one of the best-paying jobs in packaged foods industry. Food inspectors are responsible for using their knowledge of nutrition and ingredients to determine if a packaged food is good for consumption.

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They look out for dirt, insect, or any mold that may be in the food, and they check the temperature of the food, and how sanitized the area of production is.

A food inspector must have a bachelor’s degree and 12 credit hours of biology, physical science, math, or agricultural science. They earn about $56,320 a year.


Still, have more questions on how many jobs are available in the packaged food industry? Ask any other one aside from the frequently asked questions that I have answered here in the comment section.

What Do People Working In The Packaged Food Industry Do?

Our society will always need food. Therefore the packaged food industry makes sure to provide consumers with the best consumable products that meet all rules and regulations.

What Are The Examples Of Packaged Foods?

Below are some examples of packaged foods;

  • Peanut butter.
  • Cheese sticks.
  • Raisin boxes.
  • Whole wheat mac and cheese.
  • Granola (lower sugar)
  • Applesauce pouches.
  • Larabars.
  • Canned tuna
  • Canned lentil soup
  • Beef jerky
  • Popcorn
  • Coconut chips
  • Salsa
  • Dried fruit (look for unsweetened)
  • Corn tortillas
  • Canned beans
  • 100% whole grain crackers
  • 100% whole grain bread, buns, pitas, and rolls
  • Jarred marinara sauce
  • Dry-roasted nuts
  • Brown rice cakes
  • Whole milk yogurt
  • Hummus etc.

Reasons For Entering The Packaged Foods Industry

The interest for every career should be passion. You considering being in the packaged food industry should be because you are passionate about this career path you choose.

You should be passionate about food, agriculture, or culinary industries. Working in this industry has so many perks.

Here you will learn new skills daily, meet new people, share what you like eating with others, and also have a steady salary that will meet your needs.


This article on how many jobs are available in packaged foods has made you realize that there are many opportunities out there in this industry ranging from a small family business to a large corporation.

If you are very passionate about food and also do your research well you will find out that there are a lot of opportunities out there that can fit you in.