How Much Can You Make On Doordash In A Day?

How Much Can You Make On Doordash In A Day?

Doordash is one of the biggest food delivery gigs around that lets customers order food from nearby restaurants and grocery stores.

It is not only a food delivery company but also has software to link customers’ online orders with the restaurant and driver.

You can also make extra cash by answering surveys too. Working with them is an excellent side hustle.

While streaming through the internet, you will see that many want to know how much can be made in Doordash in a day, week, or month.

It is pretty normal to want to know the amount you can make from a job before venturing into the said job.

Therefore if you are interested in knowing the amount you can make at Doordash then read through to feed your curiosity.

In this article, we are going to break down facts collected from couriers and trusted salary review websites the amount you can make in Doordash in a week, a day, and even a month.

How Much Can You Make On Doordash In A Day?

You can make around $120-$200 per day on Doordash.

But this amount is only attainable if it is a full-time job and you work up to 8 hours a day.

A dasher who earns an average of  $15-$25/hour can make around $60-$100 if he/she worked up to 4 hours a day for this case, It is taken as a part-time job.

The amount you make is greatly dependent on the number of deliveries you make and the number of hours you are willing to work.

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As a Doordash driver, you are able to choose when you want to work and when you don’t want to. This means that Dashers have a flexible schedule.

How Much Can You Make On Doordash In A Week?

You can make around $777 a week if you’re paid $19/hour (the average Doordash delivery driver’s salary per hour).

However, your weekly earnings greatly vary from one driver to another. A driver that works 4 hours a day will not earn the same amount as one that works 8 hours.

And drivers are not responsible for the amount they earn as tips. It can vary from one driver to another.

How Much Can You Make On Doordash – According To Doordash

From research, we have come to understand that Doordash doesn’t exactly say the amount they pay their workers.

However, they are very transparent about how earnings are made in the company by drivers.

According to Doordash, they have different ways that a driver’s pay is determined. Below are some of them;

Base Pay

Every driver at Doordash is entitled to a base pay for every delivery. This is calculated based on the delivery time, distance, or how the order is desired.

That means for every driver and delivery it is different.

Plus Tips

According to Doordash, drivers get 100% of the tips they get from their customers. Customers can tip a driver the way they want.

Although most deliveries include tips, they vary from one customer to another.

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Plus Promotions

Promotions from Peak pay and challenges can help you earn more.

These challenges can be earnings from getting more and completing a specific number of deliveries at a said time.

Business Expenses Doordash Drivers Should Consider

Despite the amount you get paid hourly or daily, you still have some expenses that you make that you need to pay attention to.

Below are some of the expenses and costs that you should be aware of as you are working daily;

Distance, MPG, And Fuel Costs

You should know the estimated amount of gas you will use a week, a day, or a month depending on the distance you will know.

Since this is not static, you should know that it will fluctuate from time to time.

Vehicle Maintenance

Aside from the cost of gas, you should also be aware that from time to time, your vehicle, motorcycle to bicycle will need to be maintained.

You need to change the oil from time to time and also pay for anything that needs to be changed.

Pay Taxes

As a Doordash driver, you will need to pay federal, state, and local income tax on those earnings (unless you live in a state that doesn’t collect state tax).

Aside from that, you will also need to pay self-employment tax depending on the state.

When Does DoorDash Pay?

Doordash calculates all the deliveries you made from Monday through Sunday and makes payment on the Wednesday of the following week.

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They follow the weekly payment method and your base pay and total tips are all included.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions on how much you can make on Doordash in a day;

Can You Make 500 A Day At DoorDash?

Unless you get a voluminous amount of tips, you won’t make $500 a day that’s one crazy thing about jobs at DoorDash.

How Much Can You Make Doing DoorDash For 3 Hours?

Dasher who earns an average of  $15-$25/hour can make around $45-$75 in 3 hours.

Can You Make $300 A Day With DoorDash?

The $300/day number is entirely possible if you build your day around DoorDash deliveries.

You can do this by signing up for shifts at peak times, like lunch and dinner hours. You’ll have a better chance of getting more deliveries if you work in busy areas.


After all the research on the amount you can make on Doordash in a day, it is fair to say that you can make $60 – $120 a day.

If you value stability and flexibility at the workplace or want aside hustle to support your earnings, then Doordash is okay for you.

But remember that the amount you make depends on the area you are working from and the number of hours you work.

This article explains everything about Doordash payments and I hope it is to your liking.