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How Much Do Teachers Make In Florida

Knowing how much Teachers make in Florida could be of great help in decision-making, especially for people who intend to move over to Florida to take up teaching jobs and those who’re planning to quit their current job to become teachers in Florida.

This article extensive discusses the amount teachers make in Florida, the starting salary of teachers in Florida, how much they make per hour, and other relevant information.

How Much Do Teachers Make In Florida?

Teachers in Florida make about $52,749 annually.

This put them on the bottom list of states with the best teacher salaries in the United States.

What Is The Starting Salary?

On average, the entry-level salary for teachers in Florida is about $40,361 to $46,875 according to recent statistics.

How Much Per Hour?

The amount teachers are paid per hour in Florida is dependent on their qualifications and years of experience.

However, teachers are paid $15.49 per hour in Florida according to a recent report.

The table below is a rundown of the salaries of teachers per hour in Florida based on their years of experience.

Years Of Experience Salary Per Hour
Less than 1 year $14.38
1 to 2 years $15.24
3 to 5 years $16.32
6 to 9 years 17.81
Over 10 years 19.68
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An Overview Of How Much Teachers Make In Florida In Recent Times

In the 2020-20221 school year, Florida ranked 26th in the country in the average starting salary for teachers with $40,000 annually.

According to recent data from the National Education Association (NEA), Florida ranked 47th in the 2021-2022 school year in the United States for average public school teacher pay, with an average annual salary of $52,749.

Furthermore, in 2021, the state government of Florida injected $800 million into the education sector specifically for the purpose of raising the minimum pay of teachers in Florida thus placing Florida in the 11th position of states with the highest teachers’ salary in the United States presently.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions.

Are Teachers paid well in Florida?

The state government of Florida recently injected $800 million into the education system specifically to ensure the increment in the salary of teachers in the state.

Obviously, Teachers are paid very well in Florida with an average annual salary of $52,749 as compared to the salaried teachers earn in other states of the nation.

Average Private School Teacher In Florida

The salary of private school teachers in Florida is not fixed as it’s solely based on the agreement between the teacher and the school management.

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However, the salary ranges between $20,000 to $30,000 annually on estimation.

Florida Teachers Salary Ranking

In Florida, Teachers are paid based on their level of qualification and years of experience.

The above is the reason why the salary of a teacher with a master’s degree is higher than the salary of a teacher with a lesser qualification in Florida.

However, below is the salary ranking for elementary teachers in Florida.

Rank Salary Per Hour Annual Salary
Top-Level Elementary School Teacher $38.42 $79,910
Senior-Level Elementary School Teacher $36.58 $76,090
Mid-Level Elementary School Teacher $29.17 $60,670
Junior-Level Elementary School Teacher $23.03 $47,910
Starting Level Elementary School Teacher $21.75 $45,250

Before We Go

Florida is on the button list of states with the highest teachers’ salaries in the United States with an annual salary of $52,749.

This article provides detailed information about how much teachers make in Florida, the starting salary, salary ranking, and the average private school teacher salary, among others.

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