How To Get Someone Fired

There are a lot of reasons that might compel you to want to know how to get someone fired.

It might be for an act of revenge or incompetence from a co-worker. It can also be for a colleague that poses a threat to you and maybe your co-workers or one that can harm or destroy workplace morale.

This can be harmful if the person gets to know you are the one that got him fired. Therefore the best way to get someone fired is by handling it anonymously.

Read this article carefully to know how to deal with this inconvenient situation.

How To Get Someone Fired?

Below are the steps and the things you need to do before you get someone fired;

Check If It Is Worth It

Remember it is only legal to fire someone for a legitimate reason. Just hating someone’s guts is not enough reason to want to fire the person.

Also, remember that the individual has family and friends that are depending on him or her. Therefore you should be very certain that this step is worth it.

Instead of having them kicked out if the person is only infuriating you character-wise, have the person redeployed if you can or ignore the behavior.

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You must have a strong case before you fire someone. Some of these cases may include;

  • Interfering with someone else’s or your ability to work
  • Stealing from the company
  • Creating a counterproductive or hostile work environment
  • Physically, verbally or sexually harassing you or others

Make Your Case Valid

Your case can also be considered valid if you have support from other co-workers. Therefore seek support from other colleagues that have encountered the same problem from the said employee.

You can find other supportive colleagues by asking questions about what they think about the employee to know their own views.

If you find two or more people that have the same view as you, then proceed on asking them if they will support you to file a formal complaint.

Keep Tabs On This Employee

You need to have solid evidence before you make a formal complaint because, without that, your complaint will not be valid.

Pay attention to your co-worker’s behavior at work in other to keep documentation of your co-workers behavior.

Keep clear documentation of the time, date, and detailed description of what happened and how it happened.

Make sure that what you are writing about are a serious matter and not a minor infraction.

Make A Formal Complaint

After you have gathered evidence, you can now schedule a formal complaint to your manager, supervisor, or head of a department.

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In this meeting, you need to present your written complaint alongside any other co-worker that wishes to support or also lay a complaint.

Try as much as possible to plead for your complaint to remain anonymous to avoid revenge or hatred.

Make sure your complaints are in person rather than by email or phone call because it will keep a trail of what you want to avoid the most.

Plan what you want to say and recite properly to avoid making you seem that you are blowing the matter out of proportion.

Don’t directly say you want the employee to be fired. But make suggestions on your preference on the matter.

Allow Your Superior to Handle The Situation

Once you have made an official complaint to your superior, allow him or her to deal with the situation.

It is no longer your call to continue keeping taps on the person or trying to get them fired. The manager will take it from there.

Try as much as possible to avoid the problems of the said coworker till everything is rectified.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions on how to get someone fired and answers to them;

What Is The Easiest Way To Get Fired?

Below are some of the easiest ways to get yourself fired at your place of work;

  • Lying on your job application or resume.
  • Being indiscreet about your job hunt.
  • Gossiping.
  • Taking too many personal calls.
  • Drinking at work.
  • Excessive Internet use.
  • Becoming romantically involved with the boss.
  • Forgetting to double-check your figures.
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How Do You Get Rid Of Someone At Work?

Below are some of the ways an employer can get an employee fired;

  • Lower pay.
  • Dock an exempt employee’s PTO for everything.
  • Micromanage.
  • Give contradictory instructions.
  • Ignore the office bullies.
  • Play favorites.
  • Change the rules.
  • Be a slacker yourself.

How Do You Get Rid Of Toxic Colleagues?

Read the post on how to deal with fake coworkers professionally.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to get someone fired, make sure you follow the right procedures to avoid feeling guilty about taking away someone’s livelihood.

Getting someone fired can be a very difficult task, but with proper preparation and practice, it can be successfully done.