How To Write a Letter To The President

How To Write a Letter To The President. Are you a student, and you were assigned to write a letter to the President? or an individual who wants to ask for help?

We will make sure to see you through with our article. You will get your questions answered.

It can be a bit overwhelming thinking about writing a letter to your President who holds the highest position in your country. It is something you can do.

Moreover, there is an official correspondence that is responsible for receiving and replying to letters and other parity submitted to the President.

Writing to the President can be an effective way to influence policy decisions and have your voice heard.

You can use our steps and sample to achieve this.

Tips For Writing To The President

Despite the ease of communication today,  writers should carefully time their effort to increase impact.

Writing to the President does not guarantee 100% success. You need to be successful in your creative process to increase your rate of success.

Also, remember that the president always has a disparate range of responsibilities and obligations to take care of.

Only urgent matters should be written to the president. Things that will impact or benefit the country. Not personal issues.

If you want to be confident in writing to the president, the following tips will help you in knowing how to write to the president with more confidence:

  • Matters that impact the country should only be written to the president
  • The content of the letter should be a see-through
  • The letter should be straight to the point, brief, and simple
  • The contact details of the writer should be mentioned in the letter in other to be easily contacted.
  • Have live examples to explain your issueLetters to the President from students

How To Write a Letter To The President

All letters addressed to the President must be in a formal pattern.

If you are sending through an email, make sure to find your country’s Government House electronic mail(email) to avoid the letter not being sent to the right destination.

Here is step by step by step guide on how to write a letter to the president, using the US for illustration:

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1. Where to send a letter to the president

According to the White House, letters that are written to the president are addressed as follows:

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Try and add your email to the letter and envelope to facilitate your reply. The following is an email format to use:

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

SUBJECT: Violation of the COVID-19 protocol at the White House.

2. How To Format Your Letter To The President

It is of essence you know how to format a letter to the president before you see an example of how to write a letter to the president.

Here is a detailed format you need to follow:

  • Letters to be submitted to the president should be on a standard paper of 8.5″ X 11″
  • Typing is the best. But if you see yourself in a situation you can not type, then use ink (pen) not pencils or other writing material
  • The greeting should either be”Dear President[Last Name],” or ” Dear [Mr. Or Ms.] President,”
  • In the body of the letter, briefly introduce yourself. Remember to add your name and address so that your letter will be replied to.
  • Briefly explain why you are writing this letter. Maybe you have a request, opinion, question, or criticism of the president. Or perhaps you want to send a congratulatory message.
  • Write your letter and first proofread it carefully to make sure it is free of error and conveys the letter’s intended purpose.
  • Ask for a reply. End the letter with a statement encouraging a reply eg. ” I look forward to your reply on this matter”
  • Conclude your letter with “Most Respectfully”. This indicates that the letter has been concluded
  • Print your name and sign after concluding.
  • Make sure first-class class postage is on the envelope (put the stamp on the upper right-hand corner of the envelope).

Writing a Letter To The President (example)


Prakash Kumar,
25, Garden Road,
Lal Bagh,



The President,
New Delhi

Subject: To resolve the increasing menace of stray dogs in the country

Dear Madam/Sir,

My name is Prakash Kumar and I stay in Lalbagh colony of Bangalore. For the last three years, our colony residents are facing the problem of stray dog menace. This problem is increasing every day as one of the ladies who reside in the colony gives them food. So these dogs do not go anywhere. We told the lady not to give food but she would not listen. Several casualties happened because of these dogs. I understand that several colonies in the city have the same problem. We have written to the civil authorities but there is no response from them.

The residents of our colony have come up with one solution, and we should get your approval so that government officials involved can extend their services. There is a plot of unused land which can be given in the name of the President. All the dogs can be kept here. Some caretakers can be hired to help to feed and look after the dogs.

In case you approve, we can implement this plan all over the city. We can ensure the safety of the residents. We can discuss the details of the cost of the project with your office. We request you to please allow some time for us so that we can discuss and implement the plan.

We hope to receive a positive response from you.

Most Respectfully,

Prakash Kumar,
Colony Secretary

Sample Letter To President Duterte (open letter)

Dear President Rodrigo Duterte,

Good day! We would like to thank you, as there have been many changes and progress during your administration. We applaud you for the cleanup of Boracay and Manila Bay. In a world where our environment is no longer valued, thank you for taking steps to protect and preserve the beauty of the Philippines. We also admire that you have been a proactive president in achieving your vision of a new and improved Philippines.

However, it was disheartening to read an article in which you talked ill about the priests of the Catholic faith, which more than 80% of Filipinos belong to. As you are the leader of the country, you are also the representative of our nation – a bridge between the people and the government. How can you insult the faith that more than half the nation belongs to?

We recognize that you were hurt by the Catholic Church in your youth and we cannot imagine the traumatic effect this must have had on you. We sincerely apologize on behalf of the Church and pray for your healing. Despite this, we believe that in dealing with the Church, as well as our priests, respect should be given to them, as they serve as instruments of Christ.

As our president, you must be able to deal with each religion respectfully, despite the doubts that you may have regarding them. You are not obligated to follow Catholic teachings, but to insult the leaders of the Catholic Church would be to demoralize the vast number of Catholic Filipinos. In line with your recent words regarding Catholicism, we wish to enlighten you on the faith and explain the stands of the Catholic Church.

The first and foremost responsibility of a priest is to preach the Faith by word and example. This includes proclaiming what is objectively true, regardless of the risk of persecution and criticism. Please try to understand that the priests of the Church are in no way trying to attack you, as they are only trying to fulfill their moral duty to respond clearly and strongly to erroneous fallacies and actions against the teachings of the Catholic Church. Just as you take seriously your duty to protect the country, priests are earnestly committed to defending the Word of God. Regarding original sin, even if you may not have committed the sin of Adam and Eve, all human beings are inherently weak due to their limited powers of reason.

As a student, if you were given the assignment to write to the president, then I am sure this article was very helpful.

Or an advocate, politician, or human rights activist that wants to know how to write to the president, use these guidelines and you won’t regret it.