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Top 20 Private Universities In Nigeria

Private universities in Nigeria have have gained a lot of recognition over the years, the comfort and conducive environment they offer to their student is top notch and has made a lot of students to be interested in gaining admission into one of these prestigious institutions.

One of the reasons why students tend to choose private universities over the public universities is because of their reliability towards ensuring that the students graduate at the appropriate time without experiencing any obstruction such as strike.

Without wasting time, let’s take a look at the the list.

List Of Private Universities In Nigeria

Below are the list of NUC accredited private universities in Nigeria

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Covenant University

Covenant university is a NUC accredited university and is considered as one of the best private university in Nigeria. It was founded by Living Faith Church in 2002. Located in Ota, Ogun state it has about 6000-7000 enrolment range.

Covenant university offers admission for undergraduate, post-graduate and foreign students, she is known for impacting morals into her students.

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Ajayi Crowther University

Ajayi Crowther university is a NUC accredited university founded in 2005.
Located in Oyo state, Ajayi Crowther University and offers pre-bachelor, bachelor, masters and doctorate degree across different course of study.


Caritas University

Caritas university is a profit base institution located in Enugu state, it is affiliated with the Catholic church.
Caritas university offers a bachelor’s degree awarding course in science and technology.

Edwin Clark University

Edwin Clark university was founded in 2015, it is recognized by the National University Commission (NUC). As a new university, it has proofed to many that it can stand the test of time by graduating a set of good students in their various field of study. Gaining admission into Edwin Clark university is easy as long as you meet their requirements.

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Crescent University

Crescent university is a non-profit university located in in Abeokuta, Ogun.

It was formerly affiliated with the Islamic religion, hence most of its students are Muslims. It offers a bachelor’s degree across different courses such as law, computer science, microbiology, architecture and social science courses.


American University Of Nigeria

American university of Nigeria is a non-profit higher education institution located in Yola, Adamawa state.

It was founded in 2003 by the former vice president of Nigeria; Atiku Abubakar. It is a NUC regocnized university and offers a pre-bachelor, bachelor, masters and doctorate degree across diverse faculties.


Wellspring University

Located in Benin City, Edo State. Wellspring university offers a bachelor’s degree in computer science, chemistry, biology, political science, economics etc.
The tuition fee is quite affordable and has standard infrastructures for its students.

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Bingham University

Founded in 2005, Bingham university is a profit base private university located in Nasarawa state Nigeria.

Bingham university is owned by the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), it is a NUC accredited institution and offers a bachelor’s degree programme into courses like medicine, social science.
Admission into the university is a little bit competitive, the institution accepts foreign students.


Salem University

Located in Kogi State north-Central Nigeria, Salem university was founded in 2007 as a Christian university. It is a NUC accredited institution and has waxed stronger since its inception. The university offers a degree awarding certificate in Agriculture, social science, arts etc.

Hallmark University

Hallmark university is a private university with a population range of 50,000-249,999 inhabitants. It is located in Ogun State. Hallmark university isn’t affiliated with any religion hence it doesn’t limit its admission to any religion or ethnicity. The university offers a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, sciences and other fields of study.

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Coal City University

Coal city university is a tertiary institution in Enugu state, it was founded in 2016.

Coal city university is a new institution hence it only offers a bachelor’s degree. The university is recognized by the national university commission, it also has a standard hostel for its students.


Achievers University

Achievers university was founded in 2007 in Ondo state. It was pioneered by The Achievers Group of Education and Training organization.

Gaining admission into Achievers university isn’t very competitive, the university doesn’t offer a master or doctorate degree, it only offers a pre bachelor’s and bachelors degree.
The university has a conducive environment for its students, it also has a standard library and accommodation. Achievers university offers a wide range of courses also.

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Fountain University

Founded in 2007, Fountain university is a profit based tertiary institution located in Oshogbo, Osun state.

It was founded by the Nasrul-lahi-li Fatih Society of the Islamic faith hence most of the students are Muslims, the university offers a bachelors and masters degree in diverse courses such as microbiology, biochemistry, sociology, mass communication and other fields of study.


Pan-Atlantic University

Located in Lagos State, Pan-Antlatic university is a higher education institution founded in 2002. Its tuition fee is quite expensive, the institution provides accommodation for the students and has a conducive environment for learning.
Pan-Atlantic university offers a degree awarding programmes across diverse courses in sciences and social sciences.


Benson Idahosa University

Benson Idahosa university is a private higher education institution located in Benin City. it is a non-profit university, recognized by the National University commission.
The university offers a pre-bachelor, bachelor and post-graduate degree awarding programmes into diverse field of study.

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