100+ Questions To Ask A Virgin

There are so many questions to ask a virgin that will help turn her on if you wish to enter into an intimate relationship.

Also, some of these questions to ask a virgin can also help initiate adult discussions among friends which is additional fun.

It is always amazing when you ask your boyfriend or girlfriend the right questions to which you need answers or some of those which are important before marriage.

Moreover asking the right question can help you understand what the person thinks of when it comes to being together.

Some of the questions to ask a virgin that is listed here may sound lame, stupid, or romantic. But it will help you understand your naive girlfriend or boyfriend’s needs more.

We have carefully prepared a list of questions to ask a virgin. And also with this list of romantic questions, you will also be able to start an intimate conversation with your friend.

Most of these flirty questions we have written below and sexting ideas for long-distance relationships work together to spice up some distance relationships.

Do not sleep on the opportunity when you have so many things to explore, you must not waste a moment and take a dive straight into the list of questions to ask a virgin.

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Whether we admit it or not we are turned on by different things. Feel free to take these adult questions to ask a girl below and alter them to fit your unique relationship.

Romantic Questions To Ask A Virgin (Girl)

Most questions to ask a virgin come with kinky ideas, there are also some real romantic questions to ask a girl;

  1. What do you think about our adult life? Do you think we can work on some areas?
  2. What was your first impression when we first met?
  3. Do you still feel for your ex?
  4. If I have to move to another location for many years, would you still wait for me?
  5. How do you feel about distance relationships?
  6. Who was your first boyfriend?
  7. How would you feel if I choose to date someone else?

Freaky Questions To Ask A Virgin

If you really want to turn her on and make her beg for it without being forceful then this is for you;

Question To Ask Your Boyfriend

You can equally spice up your life as a woman. Who said it is only meant for the guys?

Our list of questions to ask a guy will definitely set him in the mood without much effort. And it will also help you know your partner better.

  1. What would be your finest reason to break up with me?
  2. Would you still love me if you discover I have a deadly disease?
  3. At what age do you plan to get married?
  4. Who was your first girlfriend?
  5. How would you react If I ask for a breakup?
  6. Tell me what you don’t like about me.
  7. What do you feel when hooking a lady?
  8. What are your goals in life?
  9. Would you marry a disabled person?
  10. What do you think about evolution?
  11. How would you feel if you are the last person on earth?
  12. What makes you go this far for me?
  13. What is your own opinion about secret dating?
  14. Do you discuss your relationships with your friends?
  15. Do you love informing your parents about your relationship?
  16. Do you recall the former things in a relationship?
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Questions To Ask A Virgin

With our list of questions to ask a virgin, you can set the mood and also understand what your virgin girlfriend wants.

  1. How do you feel when your boyfriend and your best female friend are walking together?
  2. Do you have a crush?
  3. Are there some of your fantasies that you would like me to fulfill?

Dirty Question To Ask Friends When Bored

Dirty Questions To Ask Your Crush?

Throwing in a few dirty questions to ask your crush while texting or in a face-to-face conversation will help you achieve your goals with ease. Below are some dirty questions to ask your crush

  1. What do you consider a big NO when it comes to dating and relationships?
  2. What information do you feel is bad to share when dating?
  3. How likely will you make out with a guy on the second date?


I believe that list of questions to ask a virgin will give you a much-needed dose of fun.

Now that you have some good ideas for dirty questions to ask a girl, it’s time to work your charm and get her to participate!

Check out how to toast a girl and make her fall deeply in love with you and step up your game in wooing this special girl.

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Don’t be a boring friend, make your friends enjoy special hangouts and sleepovers with you. The comment section is free for your questions and opinions.