Sofia Franklyn Net Worth And Earnings

Sofia Franklyn Net Worth

Indeed, Sofia Franklyn net worth is yet another evidence that success is certain with persistence and hard work in the right direction.

This article discusses in detail all the important information about Sofia Franklyn, her age, her present relationship with her friend Alexandra Cooper, and her career journey so far.


Who is Sofia Franklyn?

Sofia Franklyn is a famous American-born and based blogger, podcaster, and media personality who rose to the limelight for cohosting the popular podcast called “Call Her Daddy”.

Sofia Franklyn net worth is $1.2 million to current statistics.

Full Name: Sofia Franklyn
Born: 21 July 1992
Place of Birth: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.65 m
Boyfriend • Partner: Peter Nelson (Suitman)
Occupation: Blogger • Media Personality
Net Worth: $1.2 million

Sofia Franklyn Early Life

The American media personality and blogger, Sofia Franklyn was born on 21st July 1992 in Salt Lake City, Utah, the United States of America.

Sofia graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Immediately after she graduated from college, she decided to pursue a career in Finance by working for a financial company.

Along the line, Sofia quit her finance job and moved to New York City in search of a more befitting job.

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Sofia Franklyn Career

After Sofia moved to New York City, she began working with a sports and pop culture blog called “Barstool Sports”.

While she was working with “Barstool Sports”, she gained massive recognition and a fanbase due to her unique way of writing and hence, decided to start a podcast.

Sofia took a bold step and started her own podcast called “Call Her Daddy” alongside her friend, Alexandra Cooper.

The podcast which focused mostly on sex education and sexual adventures was a huge success as it got the attention of the audience and won the podcaster huge fan bases.

Eventually, Sofia Franklyn decided to distance herself from the podcast due to the little revenue they generated from the podcast and other underlying unresolved issues with Alexander Cooper who is a co-host of the podcast.

However, Sofia started her own podcast called “Sofia With an F”, in October 2020 where she talks about a variety of topics ranging from raising a family, her childhood, and problems of modern women, among other interesting topics.

Sofia Franklyn Net Worth

The American media personality, Sofia Franklyn net worth is $1.2 million to current statistics.

How Does Sofia Franklyn Make Her Money?

Sofia Franklyn’s net worth is a cumulative average from her several sources of income.

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Sofia Franklyn makes her money in the following ways;

  • Revenue from her podcast
  • Brand influencing
  • Investments
  • Business, etc.

Sofia Franklyn Social Media Presence

Sofia Franklyn has a huge number of followers across her social media profiles.

Sofia has over 743,000 followers on her Instagram account.

In addition, Sofia also has over 177,000 followers on her Twitter profile.

Sofia Franklyn Relationship

Sofia Franklyn and Peter Nelson are currently in a relationship.

Sofia’s boyfriend, Peter Nelson, a former executive at HBO Sports.

Sofia Franklyn Age

Sofia Franklyn was born on 21st July 1992.

Presently, Sofia Franklyn is 30 years old.

Why Did Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn Fall Out?

Rumors have it that the reason for Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn’s fallout was that Alex went behind her back to negotiate with the executives to take more control over the podcast without her consent.

Sofia made this revelation on a live video on her Instagram profile.

Is Alexandra Cooper Rich?

Alexandra Cooper’s net worth is $60 million in estimation.

Before We Go

This article contains detailed information about Sofia Franklyn’s net worth, age, her partnership with Alexandra Cooper, her relationship with her boyfriend, Peter Nelson, and her career journey thus far.