Andy Hildebrand Net Worth: Auto-Tune Creator Biography, Age, Wikipedia

Andy Hildebrand net worth is estimated at $20 million (2023).
Dr. Andy Hildebrand is the inventor of Auto-Tune which is pitch-correcting software. This was thought to be impossible until his invention on September 19, 1997.

Andy Hildebrand Net Worth & Wiki

andy hildebrand net worth
Birth name Harold Andy Hildebrand
Birth 12th May 1954 (CoronadoCaliforniaUnited States) 
Nationality American
Spouse Georganna Hildebrand
  • University of Michigan ( Bachelor of Systems science)
  • The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ( Master of Electrical Engineering; until 1972)
  • The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ( Doc. Electrical Engineering; until 1976)
  • Shepherd School of Music ( Musical composition; since 1989) 
Occupation Engineer, Inventor, Entrepreneur
Known for develop geophysical prospecting techniques and invent Auto-tune
  • United States Naval Research Laboratory
  • ExxonMobil 
Known for Auto-Tune 
Distinctions Cecil Green Enterprise Award (1999)

Hildebrand’s Early Life

Andy Hildebrand was born in California, United States, and went to the Shepherd School of Music.

After completing his graduate degree, Hildebrand got his Ph.D. in the field of electrical engineering with a focus on signal processing. He also attended Shepard School of Music at Rice University.

Career as Inventor

Before inventing auto-tune, Hildebrand drilled for oil for 17 years for Exxon even though the music was his first passion.

He has played the flute since age 13 and attended the University of Illinois on a music scholarship, but got his degree in electrical engineering.

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He invented an oil-finding machine that measured the frequency of oil and sent back a certain pitch. Based on that pitch, he could determine the location of the oil.

This invention saved Exxon millions of dollars. At age 40 he left Exxon and founded Antares Audio Technologies. Their first invention was called “Infinity.”

This was a program that allowed different samples of music to be looped over the top of each other. Another invention of his was the Microphone Modeller.

This allowed anyone to mimic the sounds of any microphone. This led to the development of vintage vector microphones and bluesy harmonica microphones.

Hildebrand later thought that since he could determine the pitch of oil, why couldn’t he tweek an out-of-tune signer? which brings about the birth of Auto-Tune.

Personal Life

Andy is married to Georganna Hildebrand. Andy has been actively helping the community nowadays with him and his wife recently donating equipment worth $80,000 to the Santa Cruz County Career Technical Education Partnership (CTEP) programs.

He lives in a redwood forest near Felton, California.

Andy Hildebrand Age & Birthday

Andy Hildebrand is 69 years old.  He was born on 12th May 1954.

Andy Hildebrand Net Worth

Andy Hildebrand net worth is estimated at $20million (2023). Being the inventor of several software and machines, he enjoys proceeds from his inventions. He invented Multiband Dynamics Tool (MDT), which was followed by two more Pro Tools plug-ins, JVP and SST. He is also an Entrepreneur.

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