Best Paying Jobs In Energy – What Do Energy Jobs Pay?

Jobs For Renewable Energy Engineers

Best Paying Job In Energy – What Do Energy Jobs Pay?:  Energy jobs are some of the highest-paying, best-paying jobs in the country with incredible job growth.

The energy field has immensely contributed to the development of our world, converting fuels, wind, water, and sunlight to electricity is a really huge feat in the history of humankind.

The world also needs professionals who can excel with careers in energy. It needs people who understand the essential principles behind energy; how to take a raw resource and turn it into the movement of a car, heat for a house, or power for a school.

This has created a huge opportunity for employees to switch to services in the renewable sectors like solar and wind energy markets.

Best Paying Job In Energy

This list of the highest paying jobs in energy will give you an idea of what your options are if you’re thinking about pursuing a career in this industry

In this article, we will tell you about the best-paying jobs in the energy sector. But first, let’s take a look at the Education needed in the energy sector.

Education Needed In The Energy Sector

Careers in energy need a wide variety of professionals to fill numerous roles. There are many roles, which means the educations need to be just as diverse.

Below are some courses that you need before you can be eligible to enroll in any of the high paying jobs in energy;

Information Technology

Information technology can be used in a myriad of ways to create better results for energy use. Information technology can be applied in finding the most efficient or effective method for storing and moving energy, or it can help people communicate with other professionals working in offices or in the field.


For energy jobs, engineers are needed to build new equipment, create efficient methods for storing energy, and create better ways to move energy (such as electricity) from one location to another.


 10 careers in the power and energy industry

Which include Biology physics and chemistry has a great role to play in the energy sector.

Business And Management

Managers and business analysts will be needed for different departments since there are a lot of people working in the energy sector.


Lastly on our list of education needed in a career path in energy is mathematics. People with education in mathematical topics can be used to enhance energy performance, and they will also be needed to ensure energy companies and public works are economically viable.

Career In Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a clean and unlimited source of power or fuel harnessed from various sources such as wind, sunlight, water, and organic matter.

As a renewable energy engineer, you will be equipped with critical thinking and problem-solving skills to effectively use the principles of math and science to performing varieties of tasks in the renewable energy industry.

The coolest renewable energy jobs are determined by their pay and job security. Some of the Jobs for Renewable Energy Engineers include:

  1. Wind-Turbine installers: In 2029, these technicians are expected to see a 60.9% job growth rate and their pay increases, of course. This provides the stability and job security.
  2. Solar PV system installers: They are expected to see a 50.8% growth rate in 2029. This job growth rate is taking effect as more people are substituting fossil fuels and gases for solar.
  3. Service unit operators (oil, gas, and mining): This personnel is expected to see a 22.9% job growth rate before 2029.
  4. Software developers: These developers design and test operating system software. They are expected to see a 21.5% job growth rate by 2029 which has already started taking effect.
  5. Industrial machinery mechanic: For industrial machine mechanics, employment is expected to grow by 15.6% by 2029.
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Highest Paying Renewable Energy Companies

Do Renewable Energy Jobs Pay well?

I know some people also want to know if renewable energy jobs pay well. Then the answer is here for you.

Jobs in the renewable energy field pay from $76,000 a year to up to six-figure salaries.

Renewable Energy Jobs No Experience

Do know you can work in the renewable energy industry without work experience? Yes, you can. Here is a list of jobs in the renewable energy industry that does not require experience;

  • Talented Engineer
  • Traveling Construction Apprentice
  • Equipment Operator
  • Jacket Line Helper
  • Brand Ambassador Paid Training
  • Cable Locator
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Renewable Energy Financial Consultant
  • Public Utilities Economist
  • Wireman Apprentice
  • Cable Puller
  • Economist
  • Solar Technician

Highest Paying Solar Energy Jobs

Researchers found that solar energy jobs directly employed nearly 335,000 jobs in manufacturing, installation, distribution, and support services.

Therefore, here is the list of Highest paying solar energy jobs and the salary they are paid;

  1. Site assessor
    Average salary: $40,000
  2. Solar power plant constructer
    Average salary: $41,940
  3. Solar photovoltaic installer
    Average salary: $42,680
  4. Sales representative
    Average salary: $53,804
  5. Solar energy technician
    Average salary: $72,000
  6. Solar power engineer
    Average salary: $72,323
  7. Solar energy software developer
    Average salary: $72,976
  8. Scientific researcher
    Average salary: $77,173
  9. Solar power plant operator
    Average salary: $83,173
  10. Solar project developer
    Average salary: $84,130

12 Top Best Paying Jobs In Energy

This list of the best-paying jobs in energy will give you an idea of what your options are if you’re thinking about pursuing a career in this industry.

  • Wind Farm Site Manager
  • Civil Engineer
  • Geoscientist
  • Solar Power Plant Operator
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Atmospheric Scientist
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Solar Project Developer
  • Chemist
  • Solar Energy Software Developer
  • Materials Engineer

Let’s dive in;

Wind Farm Site Manager

Average salary: $104,970

The best paying job in energy is the Wind Farm Site Manager. Wind turbines require a lot of management activities, and the larger a wind farm is, the more management of employees and equipment is needed.

Site managers generally require a bachelor’s degree or higher in business and/or management with proven experience to maximize the productivity of both equipment and staff.

Civil Engineer

Most civil engineers base their interest on road construction, bridge, and house while being ignorant of greater opportunities the energy sector can bring to them.

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Here in the energy sector, civil engineers help with the planning, design, and supervision, and make sure projects move forward.

To become a civil engineer, you must have a bachelor’s degree. Once you have it, you can make around $ 87,060 a year. However, some get more than $ 144,560.


Jobs For Renewable Energy Engineers

Geoscientists are professionals who study the physical aspects of the earth and they are typically employed by energy-producing industries to help aid in the safe and efficient extraction of petroleum resources from the earth.

The profession is one of the best paying jobs in energy with an annual salary of $92,040 and to follow this career path, you’d need a bachelor’s degree but a master’s will land you a much higher position.

Solar Power Plant Operator

One of the highest paying jobs in renewable energy is the solar power plant operator. Contrary to popular belief, solar plants aren’t entirely self-sufficient.

Most require multiple operators to keep things running smoothly. This job is in high demand.

Most employers now require vocational training and proficiency in electrical systems. On average they earn up to $83,000 a year.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers are wanted nowadays because of the rising demands. This is also one of the good-paying jobs in energy.

The petroleum engineer helps in the oil and gas industry and helps to find use in that industry. It also includes designing, building, and constructing more efficient ways to extract, refine, or discover new oil and gas resources.

Petroleum engineers must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, preferably petroleum engineering. However, a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, or chemical engineering can meet your employer’s requirements.

Employers also value work experience, so a collaborative education program where students earn credits and gain work experience is also valuable. The salary is high, with an average salary of about $137,000.

Atmospheric Scientist

Average salary: $99,740

One of the high paying jobs in the energy industry is the atmospheric scientist. A meteorologist is only one type of atmospheric scientist, but they all deal with climate, weather, and pollution.

In energy, an atmospheric scientist might increase the efficiency of renewable energy installations or might audit the environmental impact of fossil fuels.

Atmospheric scientists can predict short-term atmospheric conditions and assess long-term environmental change.

Chemical Engineer

Median Salary: $108,770

Using the basic principles of chemistry, biology, math, and physics (among others), chemicals engineers solve problems that include many everyday products, including fuel.

From large-scale manufacturing to testing new methods, chemicals engineers are often at the forefront of energy advancement, and the careers can be considered oil and gas jobs or it can apply to renewable energy.

The top 10% in this career earn over $176,090 a year, making this one of the most attractive energy jobs. It certainly has its challenges and involves countless complex problems, but this is still one of the most interesting positions available

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Financial Analyst

The 8 highest paying jobs in the energy industry is the Financial Analyst. As a financial analyst, you can work for renewable energy companies and be responsible for the finance department, track energy spending, pay employees, and address future financial issues.

Their skills as financial analysts can help the company develop the right energy product in the right area, make more informed expansion decisions, and ensure that everything is being done to maximize profits.

Energy company financial analysts are some of the highest-paid in the industry, with an average salary of $ 85,439.

Solar Project Developer

Coolest Renewable Energy Jobs

Average salary: $84,130

This is another category with a lot of growth potential as there are growing numbers of small and large solar energy projects not only in the US but all over the world.

Every project requires careful planning for the purpose of obtaining the necessary permits and grid connections.

Solar project developers are also responsible for dealing with engineers, financial analysts, and lawyers to ensure the success of each project.


Are you a chemist that enjoys everything about chemistry? Then, becoming a chemist that works in the energy sector might be right up your alley. The average salary of a chemist in this field is about $70,000 annually.

But what do they do in the energy industry?

Chemists develop new lubricants, fuels, and other usable products for the oil and gas industry. However, even the shift towards green energy means this high-paying energy career is important.

Solar Energy Software Developer

A Solar Energy software developer is in charge of the production of large-scale solar energy, certain software is required to maintain and run the operators. And for that purpose, software developers are in high demand.

Software engineers who have in-hand experience in terms of industrial systems development can do very well in this job.

Materials Engineer

Average salary: $95,640

Do you want to know what a material engineer does? or What it means to engineer materials. A materials engineer is responsible for the selection, development, and testing of materials used in products.

In energy, a materials engineer might work on developing new solar cells or lighter-weight materials for wind turbines. They also work with manufacturers to ensure that products are reliable and meet safety standards.


Whether you want to venture in into another field or career path, you cannot afford to miss the Renewable or the energy industry as a whole.

Its pay is enormous compared to other categories. Imagine being able to pay off your student loan within a few months and still leave comfortable.

Using energy more efficiently is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs, and meet growing energy demands.

This means that in later days most technology will be based on the Energy sector.

Make the right decision and make the right pick in our list of Top 12 Best Paying Jobs In Energy today.