Top 11 Best Paying Jobs In Public Utilities

Best paying jobs in public utilities

Although there are a lot of opportunities in the public utility sector due to how broad the industry is, searching for the best-paying jobs in public utilities is also a good start.

This will allow you to know how many jobs are available in this sector and the most sought-after ones that pay well too.

The public utility sector does not only pay well but also gives you an opportunity to start afresh in the business world.

Continue reading to know what public utilities are all about, the basic requirement needed to work in this sector, if the career path is a good one, and the best-paying jobs in public utilities with salaries of each job.

What Is Public Utilities?

Public utilities are those services that are most important and essential to the day-to-day life of people. These services are the like of supply of electricity and gas or the train network.

They cover a wide range of jobs and services like transportation, cable television, oil, natural gas, and telecommunications as well as water and wastewater treatment, solid waste collection, and disposal.

They are regarded as public because they are mostly provided by the government or state and private firms or institutions.

For example, an electrician makes sure that the electricity connection in our homes is steady whether he is working in a private firm or a government one.

Is Public Utilities A Good Career Path?

Yes, it is a good career path because it does not just offer services but also provides a salary that is very much above average.

If you are an ambitious person that is looking for a job that pays above the average median salary and provides health insurance and other amenities, then a career in public utilities should be among your options.

The public utility sector provides countless services such as engineering, administration, marketing, technicians, and customer service agents.

Therefore there is no doubt that a career in public utilities is worth trying today.

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Public Utility Job Requirements

Every job has there own requirements. But there are basic things that are required of a public utility worker. Below are some of them;

  • You must have a High school diploma or GED.
  • Previous experience as a utility worker or training as one.
  • Ability to read and interpret written work orders.
  • Must know how to handle mechanical landscaping equipment.
  • Be able to stand, crouch, and kneel for extended periods.
  • Be ready and experienced with working with heavy chemicals.
  • Knowledge of cleaning equipment and techniques.
  • Conversant with basic mechanical equipment.
  • Ability to lift and manipulate heavy equipment.
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How Much Do Public Utility Jobs Pay?

What is the need of working full time if the payment can not do as much as feed you daily? 90% of workers, work for a particular firm due to the pay.

They work tirelessly because their earnings at work can cover their basic needs. There are many best-paying jobs in public utility.

But before we go further, you get to know the juicy part that you have been waiting for. An average worker in the public utilities is paid $82,171 yearly among other allowances.(1), (2)

But also bear in mind that this pay varies depending on your job experience, education, and position in the utility industry.

Top 11 Best Paying Jobs In Public Utilities

Public utilities perform many services that are important to society and most of the workers are paid according to their qualifications and experience.

Therefore, as a beginner in this field, you will need to work hard. Below I have explained the best-paying jobs in public utilities and the salaries they are paid;

Nuclear Criticality Safety Engineer

This is one of the highest-paying jobs in public utilities. A Nuclear Criticality Safety Engineer is in charge of transporting, handling, conducting research, and storage of nuclear fuel to prevent unexpected incidents.

They also identify areas that may be violating nuclear regulations and identify potential hazards of these nuclear fuels.

They earn about $73,500-$172,000 per year.(2)

Renewable Energy Managers

Most homes now prefer renewable energy as a source of power for their appliances. That is why the demand for renewable energy managers is also increasing.

They are in charge of developing ideas and strategies that will help make wind, water, and solar a sustainable source of energy.

They are paid about $72,051 to $98,074 a year.(3)

Pipeline Inspector

In our world today, pipeline inspectors are very popular and we all know that they are among the high-demand jobs in public utilities.

The main duty of a pipeline inspector is to make sure that the pipeline is safe and functioning well. They also inspect pipelines for leaks, corrosion, and other hazards.

Although some employers may require a certification from American Petroleum Institute, a high school diploma is also valid for a job as a pipeline inspector.

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They earn about  $77,345 a year.(4)

Nuclear Licensing Engineer

A nuclear licensing engineer is in charge of making sure that a nuclear energy plant gains license and complies with the rules and regulations that are guiding them.

They also work with Nuclear Regulatory Commission experts and regulation experts to make sure that the functionality of the system is top-notch.

They prepare a license report and self-analysis report and conduct regulatory research. An average Nuclear licensing engineer is paid $120,814.(5)

Project Managers

Another one of the best-paying jobs in public utilities is project manager. They are described by BLS as the heart of today’s growth in the economy.

A project manager should have expertise in working with different types of stakeholders, oversee the execution of complex projects, and also track record of company goals within the budget.

They are paid almost 50% higher than average according to BLS. Their salary a year is about $98,000.(6)

Power Engineer

The main duty of a Power Engineer is to monitor utility equipment in an industrial or commercial firm. They are in charge of performing equipment repairs, maintenance of facilities, and adhering to safety operating rules.

They are in charge of handling all electrical facilities like lighting, air conditioning, water treatment, and all other power generation systems in public utilities.

They are paid between $87,500-$135,000 per year.(7)

Radiation Engineer

A Radiation Engineer runs tests or experiments to check the effects of radiation on different settings. They also give a theoretical report of the outcome of the experiment.

After presenting these reports, a radiation manager may suggest layouts, parts, and designs that meet the requirements of working in that radiation setting.

They earn about $73,000-$123,500 per year. (8)

Transmission Engineer

A transmission engineer is also another job in public utilities that is popular and also sought-after. The first type of transmission engineer work with broadcasting combines and makes sure that transmission is in order.

While the other type works for power and utility companies. They mainly design and test systems to generate energy for customers.

It is a type of electrical engineering. An example of this type of transmission engineer is those that set up wind turbines for an energy source.

They are paid about $81,000-$111,500 per year.(9)

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Water Engineers

A water engineer is in charge of designing, constructing, and maintaining water supply and wastewater treatment facilities.

They mostly need a degree or training in civil engineering because they also plan and manage water resources. An average water engineer is paid $62,510 a year.(10)

Hydro-Meteorological Technicians

This is another one of the highest paying jobs without a degree but experience in public utilities.

They are in charge of investigating atmospheric phenomena and interpreting meteorological data collected from surface and air stations, radar, and satellites.

They also provide reports whether written or oral for documentation for future use. They earn about $51,200 a year.(11)

Petroleum Engineer

A petroleum engineer takes care of designing, operating, building, and maintaining oil and gas wells. To get a job as a petroleum engineer, you must be very good with mathematics and physics.

And also ready to work in sparsely developed areas. You also need a degree in electrical, chemical, or mechanical engineering.

They are paid about $114,285 a year. (12, 13)

Summary Of The Best Paying Jobs In Utilities

Below is a tabled summary of the highest paying jobs in public utilities, their average salary, and minimum education;

Public Utility Jobs

Average Salary

Minimum Education

Nuclear Criticality Safety Engineer $100,000 Bachelor’s Degree in nuclear engineering
Renewable Energy Managers $80,000 Bachelor’s Degree in physics, engineering, or a related discipline
Pipeline Inspector $70,000 High School Diploma or GED
Nuclear Licensing Engineer $120,000 Bachelor’s Degree in nuclear engineering
Project Managers $80,000 Bachelor’s Degree in related discipline
Power Engineer $78,000 Bachelor’s Degree in chemical, electrical, or nuclear engineering
Radiation Engineer $90,000 Bachelor’s Degree in physics, engineering, or a related discipline
Transmission Engineers $90,000 Bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering
Water Engineers $58,000 High School Diploma or GED
Hydro-Meteorological Technicians $51,000 High School Diploma or GED
Petroleum Engineer $110,000 Bachelor’s Degree in electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering


There are lots of other best-paying jobs in public utilities. The ball still remains in your court on which you choose to go.

The public utility sector is in high demand due to the constant need for the generation of energy from other natural sources.

Also, the public utilities pay hugely because of the risk of working at a plant site is very high. But in all make in-depth research before choosing any of the jobs because it is your career that we are talking about.