How Much Do Disney Princesses Make 2023?

How much do Disney princesses make? You are curious to know, aren’t you? You have searched and visited so many sites for this answer.

Do not worry much again because the answer is right here. You might be among those children that actually thought of becoming a princess when they are older.

In the world today, you can satisfy your fantasy. Being a professional Disney princess is the ideal thing.

It is even easier being a professional Disney princess at Disney World or any Disney park than actually marrying a prince from a royal family in the actual world.

Although being a Disney princess requires many things from you, the requirements of becoming one are not many.

In this article about how much do Disney princesses make? we will not only talk about their salaries, we will also talk about the requirements and roles.

Just seat calm and walk with me to get all the juicy details you are here for.

Who Is A Professional Disney Princess?

Originally, Disney Princess is a media franchise and toy line owned by The Walt Disney Company that has princesses as cartoon characters.

But in today’s world, you can see these princesses alive in Disney parks for kids and adults to have fun.

Being a Disney princess is not easy as they are required to go around the park, interact and present gifts to children while dressed in a costume that matches the princess they are representing.

And you need to be the same or close to the size of the character you are representing.

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Requirements Needed To Be A Disney Princess

As is said earlier the requirements or qualifications are not much. Below I will list the most compulsory ones;

  1. Height: The height requirement should be around 5’4 and 5’7 to match the character and costume.
  2. Sizing: The largest size of a Disney princess is size 10.
  3. Age: How old do you need to be to be a Disney princess? You must be at least 18 years and at most 23 years.
  4. Training: Disney will make sure to give you training for up to five days so that you will be able to master the character you are portraying and the way the character speaks.

Some Other Strange requirements to be a Disney Princess

  1. They must know the characters inside and out.
  2. They Must Point to The Disney Way.
  3. They Have A Quota.
  4. They Must Pick Up Trash.
  5. They Must Attend Autograph Training.
  6. No Sitting Allowed.
  7. They Need To Look Like The Act.

Note: Disney princesses are not allowed to discuss the character they are portraying. You cannot post on social media about it and you cannot tell anyone.

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How Is The Disney Training Like?

Like I said in the requirements, Disney will give you extensive training of 5 days. In these five days, you will practice the role of the character you are portraying.

You will not just learn the accent of the character, but you will be learning how the person that recorded the voice spoke.

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You will also watch Disney movies to learn and imitate the gestures of the princess you are depicting.

You will also get to interact with other contemporary Disney princesses so that they will give you a rundown of the facts you need to succeed.

How Is Audition For Disney Princess Like?

Before I continue with your question how much do Disney princesses make? I will let you know what an audition for Disney princess is like.

From the research and questions asked, auditions for Disney princesses are pretty intense.

As a princess, you have to audition for your roles first before you are selected. These roles might include a dancing or a singing role.

You are judged mainly on how you portray the character and gestures of the princess you are portraying.

A Disney former cast member said that auditioning for the cast is pretty hard for the princess audition process.

You are chosen according to how well you acted in your role and how well you fit in the princess costume, height and face.

How Much Do Disney Princesses Make?

At the time of this article, the average annual pay for a Disney Princess in the United States is $60,450 a year.

In case you are asking how much do Disney Princesses make in an hour?  A Disney princess makes $29.06 per hour.  

And an equivalent of $1,162/week and $5,037/month.

How Much Do Disney Princesses Weigh?

To become a Disney Princess, you don’t need to have a specific weight or weigh a particular ton.

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But you need to have dress size ranges of 4 to 10. To understand more check out pictures of some Disney princesses.

Highest Paid Disney Cast Member

Are you also curious about this? Sig Hansen is the highest-paid captain pocketing between $500,000 and $1,000,000 per year.

The other highest-paid cast members are Wild Bill Wichrowski, Jake Anderson, Keith Colburn, and Steve Davidson.

FAQ On How Much Do Disney Princesses Make?

Below are some frequently asked questions, some other related questions, and answers to them;

Who Is The Richest Princess In Disney?

In the world of Disney, Snow White may be the fairest of them all, but Princess Anastasia is most certainly the richest.

How Much Do Disney Characters Get Paid?

Perhaps the best-known cast members, the infamous Disney character performers say they earn an average of $26 per hour.

How Do I Become A Disney Princess?

Becoming a Disney princess is surprisingly easy. The steps below will do the trick for you.

  • Visit
  • Select the audition: “ONLINE SUBMISSIONS: Disney Character Look-alikes”
  • Take your selfie to complete the submission process.
  • You’re all set. There is no need to submit more than once.


This article on how much Disney Princess make has not only disclosed the salaries of a Disney princess but has also simplified the requirement and also answered some other questions.

Although the salary of a Disney princess is not very high, with time and practice it will get better.