How Much Do Local News Anchors Make?

The amount local news anchors makes have been a topic of huge interest among many people especially those who are intending to be newscasters with local news.

This article brings you up to speed with an up to date information about how much local news anchors make in New York, California, Florida, and across other states and cities in the United States.

How Much Do Local News Anchors Make?

Local News anchors make $46,951 annually. 

This is the average annual salary according to the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics.

However, the salary of local news anchors varies depending on several factors which include;

  • Years of experience
  • Specific Job title
  • Location, among other factors.

What Is The Work Of News Anchors?

A news anchor is a radio or television broadcaster who reports live news from a radio station or Television studio.

News anchors broadcast news live from an already developed script, prerecorded videos or audios, interview other journalists and special guests in television and radio programs, and develop scripts for news.

They also research current happenings around the world and interview people regarding the events if need be.

How To Become A Local News Anchor

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to become a local news anchor;

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a. Obtain A Bachelor’s Degree

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is the first step to becoming a local news anchor.

This would help you to get equipped with quality communication skills, ethics of journalism, and other rudimentary aspects of journalism.

b. Endeavor To Gain Work Experience

Gaining news anchoring and journalism work experience would increase your chances of landing a news anchoring job because employers prefer to employ people with work experience over those with little or no experience.

One of the ways to gain work experience in news casting is through freelancing.

You may apply to be a freelancer for as many media firms as you can handle so as to gain relevant work experience in the field of journalism while pursuing a degree in news anchoring.

Another way to gain experience in news anchoring and journalism is by volunteering to work with any media establishment.

c. Apply For News Anchoring Job

After you have acquired the relevant work experience in news anchoring and obtained the required academic qualifications, you should proceed to apply for a news anchoring job in any media establishment.

In order to increase your chances of landing a news anchoring job, you should endeavor to create a compelling resume that should contain your academic qualifications, work experiences, and other information that would increase your chances of securing the job.

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Local News Anchor’s Salary By States

Here’s an overview of how much local news anchors are paid annually on average by different states in the United States.

  • Alabama: $39,731 per year

  • Alaska: $48,410 per year

  • Arizona: $29,397 per year

  • Arkansas: $32,612 per year

  • California: $46,822 per year

  • Colorado: $37,947 per year

  • Connecticut: $36,593 per year

  • Delaware: $37,181 per year

  • District of Columbia: $59,181 per year

  • Florida: $28,944 per year

  • Georgia: $36,531 per year

  • Hawaii: $36,958 per year

  • Idaho: $24,957 per year

  • Illinois: $32,338 per year

  • Indiana: $37,203 per year

  • Iowa: $25,777 per year

  • Kansas: $37,703 per year

  • Kentucky: $26,486 per year

  • Louisiana: $32,531 per year

  • Maine: $44,625 per year

  • Maryland: $45,467 per year

  • Massachusetts: $40,553 per year

  • Michigan: $30,133 per year

  • Minnesota: $41,127 per year

  • Mississippi: $30,866 per year

  • Missouri: $37,004 per year

  • Montana: $33,083 per year

  • Nebraska: $39,517 per year

  • Nevada: $27,234 per year

  • New Hampshire: $36,596 per year

  • New Jersey: $29,716 per year

  • New Mexico: $34,174 per year

  • New York: $43,919 per year

  • North Carolina: $32,673 per year

  • North Dakota: $33,654 per year

  • Ohio: $28,455 per year

  • Oklahoma: $35,205 per year

  • Oregon: $33,064 per year

  • Pennsylvania: $30,384 per year

  • Rhode Island: $51,972 per year

  • South Carolina: $26,472 per year

  • South Dakota: $47,685 per year

  • Tennessee: $33,235 per year

  • Texas: $40,495 per year

  • Utah: $35,797 per year

  • Vermont: $35,216 per year

  • Virginia: $60,600 per year

  • Washington: $41,173 per year

  • West Virginia: $27,733 per year

  • Wisconsin: $30,086 per year

  • Wyoming: $34,964 per year

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Local news anchoring job is arguably one of the most sought-after jobs in the United States perhaps due to its huge annual pay and the noble nature of the profession.

This article gives detailed information on how much local news anchors make annually on average in different states in the United States and also includes a step-by-step guide on how to secure a news anchoring job.