How Much Does After School Kids Care Program Cost?

Before and after school kids care programs are places that give an opportunity for children to continue learning before or after normal school time.

The main purpose of this program is to allow parents who work overtime to have time for extra time while making sure that their kids are in good hands.

Before and after-school care programs can be held within the school environment or any other place in the community.

If you are interested in keeping your child safe while you work longer hours, it is normal that you want to know the cost of the program before giving it a try.

This article gives you a comprehensive breakdown of how much after-school kids’ care programs cost.

How Much Does the After School Kids Care Program Cost?

After school, kids care programs cost around $90 to $600 a month.

The cost can differ depending on some factors like location, hours of operation, family income, and activities provided by the program.

Let’s use the YMCA South Texas after-school program as a case study. They charge a none refundable registration fee of $30 for a single child and $50 for multiple children.

Club members pay $50 for the first child and $45 for each additional child while non-members pay $60 for the first child and $55 for each additional child weekly.

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Therefore club members pay $200 monthly for a single child and non-members pay $240 for a single child.

Overview Of Before And After School Program

Most before and after-school programs are supervised by a staff member and will either operate as a daycare service, specialized activities like sports, games, projects, music or movies, or both.

The scheduled time depends on the one you choose.

Most after-school programs last 1 to 4 hours while before-school programs may last 1 hour.

Some before and after school programs start operations from 6 am down to 6 pm.

Additional Costs

As I stated earlier, there is a one-time registration fee that is paid beginning of the session for most programs.

Some programs may also provide transportation to and from the location of the child to the location of the program.

You may also be charged a late fee if you are to pick up your child but did not come at the designated time.

For example, Charter School Maria Montessori in Rocklin, CA, charges $1 for every minute after 6 pm.

Some programs might also charge $10-$25 as a cancellation fee if notice of absence is not given before the child misses the program for a day.

Childcare Subsidy

Fortunately, child care subsidy can help in paying before and after child care programs if you meet the criteria and you apply.

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This helps families gain access to before and after-school care and also eases their minds about juggling kids and work.

There are some requirements you need to meet up with before you are eligible to apply. Some of these requirements are;

  • The child must be under the age of 13
  • The child meets immunization requirements
  • You are responsible for paying fees
  • You meet the residency requirements


You don’t need to juggle between making sure your kids are in safe hands and your job while trying to make ends meet if you enroll them in an after-school program.

While reading through, you will see that the article has explained how much an after-school program costs, additional costs, and an overview of before and after-school programs.