How Much Is An Axolotl – Detailed Price Breakdown

How Much Is An Axolotl

Knowing how much is an axolotl has been a topic of great interest among pet lovers who are interested to buy this exotic amphibian animal, axolotl which is also known as the Mexican walking fish.

Axolotl has different colors thus; black, blue, purple, and white, among other colors, and how much an axolotl cost is largely dependent on the color of the axolotl you wish to buy among other factors.

This article gives you a price breakdown of axolotls, the different colors of axolotls, if an axolotl is a good pet to rear, and how long axolotls live, among other information about this exotic pet, axolotl.

How Much Is An Axolotl?

An exotic axolotl costs between $130 to $700 while a standard axolotl costs between $40 to $90.

Additionally, a baby axolotl cost between $20 to $40 while an adult axolotl costs above $100.

Furthermore, there’re unique and rare colors of an axolotl that are caused by mutation of the color pigment.

These rare colors are; Piebald, mosaic, and chimera and they’re usually very expensive and cost over $1,000.

Generally, axolotls with common colors are comparatively cheaper than axolotls with uncommon axolotls because they’re always readily available in the market.

The table below explains in detail the different colors of axolotls and their prices.

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Color/Type Average Price Availability
Wild Axolotl $40 Common
White Albino Axolotl $40 Common
Leucistic Axolotl $45 Common
Speckled Leucistic Axolotl $50 Common
Golden Albino Axolotl $50 Uncommon
Green Fluorescent Protein Axolotl $55 Uncommon
Black Melanoid Axolotl $65 Uncommon
Heavily-Marked Melanoid Axolotl $75 Uncommon
Copper Axolotl $100 Uncommon
Lavender Axolotl $115 Rare
Firefly Axolotl $250 Rare
Piebald Axolotl $300 Rare
Enigma Axolotl $1,500 Rare
Mosaic Axolotl Not sold Rare
Chimera Axolotl Not sold Rare

Factors That Affect The Price Of Axolotls

There’re a lot of factors responsible for the different price axolotls which are discussed in detail below.

1) Rarity of Color

As stated above, the price of axolotls is largely dependent on color.

Axolotls with common colors are cheaper and readily available in pet stores compared to axolotls with uncommon or rare colors which are expensive and very rare to find.

2) Age

The age of an axolotl also plays a great role in how much the axolotl cost.

Baby axolotls are cheaper than adult axolotls because mature axolotls are easy to care for and friendly.

3) Brand Of The Seller

Just as with other commodities, big and reputable brands tend to sell their goods and services at higher prices than regular sellers.

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Therefore, the prices of an axolotl are likely to more expensive in big brand stores than in regular stores.

4) Health Conditions

If you’ve ever gone for axolotl window shopping in a pet store, you’d notice that sometimes, two axolotls of the same morph would be put at different selling prices.

The reason is likely because of their health conditions.

A healthy axolotl would cost more than an unhealthy axolotl.

Are Axolotls Good Pets?

Yes. Axolotls are good and friendly pets to keep.

Axolotls are easy to feed and look after, and they’re always in a happy mood as much as they’re properly fed, housed, and taken care of.

How Long Do Axolotls Live?

Axolotls have a lifespan of 9-16 years.

Is It Ok To Touch Axolotl?

Yes. It’s okay to touch axolotls but only when necessary because their body is made up of cartilage.

Additionally, axolotls have soft and delicate bodies with permeable skin and therefore should be touched only when necessary.

How Much Does A Blue Axolotl Cost?

On average, a blue axolotl costs between $30 to $130.

Blue axolotls are part of the melanoid species and are not actually blue in color.


Axolotls are amphibians however, they spend most of their time in the water.

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Axolotls have two major classifications based on their coloration thus; common and uncommon axolotls.

The common axolotls are cheap to purchase because their colors are easily and readily available in pet stores.

On the other hand, uncommon axolotls are considered exotic axolotls because they’re very expensive because they’re very rare to find.

On average, the price of a common axolotl is between $40 to $90 while the price of an exotic or uncommon axolotl is between $130 to $700 and can even cost more depending on how rare the particular axolotl specie is.