How Much Does A Hot Air Balloon Cost?

For many that enjoy heights, having a personal hot air balloon is like a dream come through.

While looking to purchase one, there are a lot of things that you might want to check out.

Hot air balloon prices differ because of variances in sizes, speeds, and features.

Buying a hot air balloon for personal use is quite expensive and the cost of maintenance is another thing.

So the first question you need to ask yourself is if the money is worth it.

This article is exclusively written to help you answer that question and many others relating to the cost of hot air balloons.

So let’s dive in!

How Much Does A Hot Air Balloon Cost?

A new hot air balloon that can carry an average of two persons costs about $25,000.

While a used one of the same size can be gotten for as low as $10,000.

There are so many ways of buying a hot air balloon. You can decide to buy the parts differently and then assemble them together.

You can even buy some parts of the balloon secondhand and then buy some new ones.

The feature and capability of the balloon also play an important role in the cost.

Let’s quickly look at the factors that determine the price of a hot air balloon.

Factors That Determine The Price Of A Hot Air Balloon

Purchasing a hot air balloon is similar to purchasing a car. The price of a car differs depending on the feature that it has.

The same goes for hot air balloons. Below are some of the components that need to be considered before purchase;


One of the main factors you need to consider is the size of the balloon.

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Bigger hot air balloons will carry more people and the price is also considerably higher than small ones.


This is the part of the balloon that carries the passengers and the pilot.

The shape of the basket can be a square, rectangle, or triangle. The material needs to be of fiberglass or aluminum to be considered strong.


The envelope is a very important component because it literally carries the hot air balloon.

And as such need to be strong. The envelope is the upper part of the hot air balloon that is connected to the basket via cables.

The main material for an envelope is fire-resistant nylon.

The Burner

This is typically used to generate heat in the hot balloon. They use propane gas tanks stored in the basket to generate heat.

The output of the burner depends on the size of the envelope.

Examples Of Hot Air Balloons With Prices

Now let’s quickly look at the prices of some hot air balloons;

FireFly 12B

The FireFly 12B is one of the largest balloons manufactured by FireFly Balloons.

It had an envelope capacity of 280 000 cubic feet, a total height of over 86 feet, and an approved gross weight of 3940 pounds.

The FireFly has an envelope that can carry 12 passengers and a pilot. Due to its large size, the price of FireFly 12B is around $70,000.

Lindstrand A Series

Lindstrand A Series is known for its quality, superb workmanship, and design engineering.

They make sure to keep their design simple, they have varieties of colors to choose from, their products are affordable, and their products are available for customization.

UltraMagic H Series

UltraMagic H Series is ideally suited to a student pilot as well as a more skillful pilot.

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Therefore, if you are a new pilot that is looking for a good hot air balloon to go for, then UltraMagic H Series is good for you.

It is rugged yet lightweight. This series is ideal for general sport ballooning, training, and syndicate use.

Kubicek Ballons Model E

The Kubicek Ballons Model E is one of the cheapest hot air balloons. The E in the model stands for easy and economical.

If you are new to hot air balloon purchasing, I will recommend you chose this because it is easy to assemble, transport, and fly.

It is small and can carry two passengers and a pilot. And as such, the price is cheaper.

Cameron Balloons A-Type

Cameroon Balloons is the king of hot air balloons and as such, the A-type is not different.

They are known for their unique strength because they can carry 5 to 18 passengers.

Other Examples Of Hot Air Balloons

They include;

  • UltraMagic M Series
  • Cameron Balloons N-Type
  • Kubicek Model Z
  • Cameron Balloons Concept
  • Lindstrand E Series
  • Kubicek Model P
  • Cameron Balloons Viva
  • FireFly 11B
  • UltraMagic S Series
  • UltraMagic V Series
  • Lindstrand X Series
  • Ultra Magic N Series
  • Ultra Magic Z Series
  • Kubicek eXtreme Racer
  • FireFly 10


Do you have more questions to ask or need more information?

Check out some of the frequently asked questions about hot air balloons below and the answers to them;

How Long Do Hot Air Balloons Last?

How long is the balloon life?

With appropriate and regular care, the envelope can last between 5 and 20 years or approximately 500 hours of effective flight.

While the burner and the basket can last longer when well cared for.

How Safe Is A Hot Air Balloon?

Hot air ballooning is one of the safest forms of aviation.

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Hot air balloon mishaps are relatively uncommon in the United States—the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reports that just 137 deaths have been related to hot air balloon incidents in the United States since they began collecting data in 1964.

How Far Can A Hot Air Balloon Travel?

How long and how far do balloons travel?

A hot air balloon flight usually lasts about an hour. In that time, the balloon can travel between two and eight miles depending on the wind speed.

Is There A Toilet On A Hot Air Balloon?

There are no bathroom facilities available on balloons! As flights can last over an hour, you need to make sure that you take a bathroom break before take-off.

Can A Hot Air Balloon Fail?

Bad weather conditions can cause hot air balloons to crash.

The good news is that most pilots pay close attention to the weather and only fly when there are calm winds and no rain.

Can A Hot Air Balloon Fly In The Rain?

Although fixed-wing aircraft can fly in the rain, hot air balloons don’t typically fly in the rain.

The rain isn’t great for the hot air balloon fabric, and the weather associated with rain isn’t safe to fly balloons in.


Is the money worth it?

For an average individual, it is probably not worth it. Purchasing and maintenance of hot air balloons are expensive.

But if you are genuinely passionate about owning a hot air balloon and you can take care of the cost then it is worth it.

Bear in mind that most of the costs are unavoidable if you want a quality balloon that will serve its purpose.