How To Know If Police Are Investigating You For Drugs

How To Know If Police Are Investigating You For Drugs and If can you get in trouble for texting about drugs?

If you are among those that also need answers to these questions then you are at the right place.

There are some simple tricks that police do to investigate drug cases such as using undercover agents to collect information about you, using GPs, and wiretapping.

Generally, police or law enforcement agencies are responsible for initiating a drug investigation.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with some information on How To Know If Police Are Investigating You For Drugs.

How To Know If Police Are Investigating You For Drugs

Below are some signs that will let you know if the police are investigating you for drugs.

Visits From The Police 

There must be a reason a police officer will visit you in your home. Unless the officer is a family member or a close friend.

They may come to ask if you know any information about a current investigation, to formally interview you, or execute a search warrant.

Some of these reasons are more serious than others; if your home is searched, it’s a strong sign that you are under investigation.

Information About You Are Being Collected

One of the things the police will do when they are investigating you is to collect information about you both legal and illegal information included.

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For this, they use a detective or their very reliable informants. Police can also take help from undercover agents. They can do anything to collect all relevant information about you.

Drug investigation follows a series of observations and time. Because either the suspects buy drugs or sell them and get caught by the detective.

How To Know If Police Are Investigating You For Drugs

The Police May Contact Your Loved Ones

In other to get some information about you, your loved ones are the first they will contact. Because some information cannot be gotten without proper questions.

If your friend or family member tells you that the police called them and asked about you, contact a defense attorney immediately.

Tracking Your Location

Another sign of How To Know If Police Are Investigating You For Drugs is they track your every move.

They use GPS to track your location. Wiretapping is another popular way that the police gather information related to drug investigations.

It is generally done using a device that will usually be placed on someone’s car or place of work. It will then allow the police to listen in on their conversations and gather information about them.

The police may even use a secret recording tool to record what they are saying as well.

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Being Asked To Come To The Police Station For Questioning

If the police contact you and ask you to come to the station to give a statement or answer further questions, you should contact a defense attorney.

A defense attorney can help you prepare and inform you of your rights so you can protect yourself during a pending investigation.

Regular Search Operations On Suspected Places

When the police suspect any illegal drug activity by you they usually do a search operation on the defense attorney.

There are 90 to 95 percent chance to get the drug from the suspect’s house. You can never say when police will do this search operation but when they suspect something big only then do they take this step.

Not only your house, but they can also even do this search operation on your office, friend’s house, college, or any other place related to you.

Can You Get In Trouble For Texting About Drugs?

Everyone knows that it is illegal to sell drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, but most people are unaware that under the Crimes Code, using a cell phone or email to set up a drug deal constitutes a separate and distinct criminal offense, aside from the actual drug delivery.

Not only is it a felony to make drug deals through phone calls, text messages, FaceBook instant messages, or even old-fashioned snail mail, but it is also a surefire way to get caught.

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How To Know If Your Dealer Is A Cop

There are many ways to know if your dealer Is a cop. The best way is your gut feeling. Always follow your instincts.

Something will be off about them, either the way are dressed, their looks or mannerisms, and if they are new to the scene or if they have the street cred to their name.

It’s like they are trying too hard to fit into the scene. Just pay attention.

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With the above article on How To Know If Police Are Investigating You For Drugs, You now know if the police are investigating you for drugs or any other crime.

You can even solve the minor suspicion by doing a one-on-one talk to the police. So never question a police investigation because even if you are innocent this can increase their suspicion over you.

You can also get a defense attorney to help solve this puzzle of investigation faster.