Flow La Movie Net Worth | Biography, Real Name, Wife, Funeral, House

What is Flow La Movie Net Worth?

Have you ever wondered what Flow La Movie’s net worth is?

In this article, we’re going to extensively discuss Flow La Movie’s net worth, real name, artists, biography, house, wife, funeral, nationality, and much other relevant information about Flow La Movie’s net worth.

Flow La Movie’s net worth is $35 million as of the time of his death.

Name Flow La Movie
Real Name Jose Angel Hernandez
Nationality Puerto Rica
December 15, 2021
Date of birth 1983
Occupation(s) Record Producer
Net Worth $35 million

Who is Flow La Movie?

Flow La Movie whose real name is Jose Angel Hernandez was a successful and popular Puerto Rican music producer who mostly produced American and Latin American songs.

Flow La Movie came to the limelight by collaborating with popular artists such as Ozuna and Bad Bunny.

He also owned and managed a record label company that housed many top artists during his lifetime.

Unfortunately, Flow La Movie met his tragic death after the Gulfstream IV Private Jet which he boarded alongside other passengers crashed while he was en route to Miami.

All the passengers onboard the Gulfstream IV Private Jet lost their lives including Flow La Movie’s wife, his four years old son, and eight (8) other passengers.

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As of the time of this publication, not much information is available about Flow La Movie’s funeral.

Flow La Movie Biography

Let’s briefly look into Flow La Movie’s biography before we continue.

Flow La Movie whose real name is Jose Angel Hernandez was born on 1st August 1983 in The Dominican Republic.

He attended his primary and high school education in a local high school in Puerto Rica after which he moved to Florida to obtain a bachelor’s degree and at the same time pursue his dream music career.

Flow La Movie is a Puerto Rican by nationality and a Christian by faith.

Flow was married and the marriage was blessed with a son.

The name of Flow La Movie’s wife is Debbie Jimenez.

Flow was a music producer, a singer, a social media influencer, a serial entrepreneur, and a songwriter.

Flow La Movie eventually died on the 15th of December, 2021 as a result of a plane crash of the Gulfstream IV Private Jet he boarded alongside his wife, son, and other passengers en route to Miami.

Flow La Movie Career

Flow La Movie kicked off his musical career immediately after he rounded off his college degree.

Ever since then, Flow had produced and written many hit tracks such as Te Bote which he wrote alongside the popular Bad Bunny and Ozuna.

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The song recorded huge success as it remain on Billboard’s Hot Latin song list for about 14 weeks straight.

During his career, Flow worked as an ex-producer for various movies and also an investor most times.

He was also part of various hot music albums some of which include La Babe and La Japeeta.

During his career, Flow collaborated with many popular and top international artists and he also worked as an exproducer for various movies.

Flow La Movie was also a social media influencer where he used his Twitter and Instagram social media handles to influence products for many top brands and the revenue he generated from his social media influence constituted a good portion of Flow La Movie’s net worth.

Flow La Movie Net Worth

Flow La Movie’s Net worth is $35 million as of the time of his death in 2021.

Flow La Movie’s net worth came as a result of his music production, record label revenue, and his collaborations with many top international artists.

Flow La Movie Wife and Personal Life

Flow La Movie was happily married to his wife, Debbie Jimenez, who was a serial entrepreneur and founder of the popular fashion brand named “Stilo by Debbie”.

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The marriage between Flow La Movie and his wife produced a son named Jayden Hernandez who was 4 years old at the time of their tragic death.

Not much is known about Flow La Movie’s personal life and family as he kept most of his personal life away from the public domain.

A couple of months before their tragic death, Flow La Movie’s wife, Debbie Jimenez took to their Instagram handle for the celebration of their 7th year anniversary.

During his lifetime, he was very active on his Instagram and Twitter accounts and has mammoth followers across all his social media handles.

Final Words

Flow La Movie’s net worth is $35 million as of the time of his death.

Flow La Movie died in 2021 at the age of 38 years.

Flow La Movie’s real name is Jose Angel Hernandez and he’s a Puerto Rican by nationality.

During his lifetime, he collaborated with many international artists to produce write and produce songs.

Aside from being a songwriter and producer, he also owned a record label that housed many great artists.
Flow eventually died in 2021 alongside his wife, son, and other eight passengers in a plane crash while heading to Miami in a Gulfstream IV private jet.