How To Stop Cat From Climbing On TV/TV Stand Permanently

How to stop a cat from climbing your TV

How To Stop Cat From Climbing On TV might be a challenge to most people. The cat might be causing a nuisance without even knowing.

Whether turning up inside the kitchen cupboards or lounging on top of your door like a tiny panther, cats seem to like to be in places that make you wonder just how they managed to get there.

As cats’ eyes can discern different hues, particularly yellow and green tones, television might appear to be a focus of their interest.

It is logical to think that television is excellent entertainment for the cat, they can even get on the TV, regardless of its dimensions, since their bodies are designed to be agile, strong, and to maintain balance without problems even in tight spaces.

In this article, you’ll learn how to stop cats from climbing on TV to avoid destroying things or falling on the TV mistakenly.

How To Stop Cats From Climbing On TV

There are so many ways of stoping your cats from climbing on your TV or TV stand below are some of them;

Control The Space

Cats love to watch what is happening around them by staying afar to observe their surroundings.

So it is very possible that your cat is getting on the TV because he seeks this position, sometimes all your cat wants is to have a better view of the environment.

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Therefore, the best way to stop your cat from climbing the Tv is to do it when he or she is still small. You will find it easier to teach a kitten new things than an adult cat.

Any time your kitten attempt to climb the Tv calming decline by saying a firm NO without shouting. You also move him or her to a new place that is similar then you reward the kitten afterward.

You can just lay small bits of cellophane tape around your TV, so when your cat steps on it, it gets sticky and acts as a warning sign to it.

Lastly, you can place an adhesive, aluminum foil on the TV or surface, in general, cats do not like to walk on these textures.

Cat Scratch Tv

Indulge Your Cat Everyday

Another thing to do how to stop your cat from jumping on TV is by playing or indulging your cats in different activities on a daily basis.

Take several minutes a day to play with him. Better still, have specific games for cats at home so that the cat exercises.

Build a scratching tree for him and hang objects or toys that he can hit and it will produce noise that will keep him distracted most of the time.

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Remember one of the best ways to stop your cat from climbing on TV is by keeping him or her occupied most of the time.

Mount Your TV On The Wall

Another interesting way to stop cats from jumping on tv or tv stand is to mount the television on the wall if your cat tries to jump at it and injure himself.

It is reasonable to assume that television is fantastic amusement for cats; they can even go on the television, regardless of its size, because their bodies are intended to be elegant, and powerful, and keep balance without difficulty even in cramped situations.

Control Your Cat’s Diet

One of the reasons your cat may be climbing your TV frequently may be because they are looking for food.

This may mean that you are not paying enough attention to their food preferences, on the other hand, your cat may be finding food debris in these spaces.

Get him used to a small amount of food several times a day or just respect his routine and feed him two times.

Last Words

If your cat has begun to jump onto your TV stand or other furniture and knock stuff over, there are several things you can do to keep them away.

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We hope with our article on How To Stop Cat From Climbing On TV, you will be able to solve this problem with ease.

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