Why Are Kayaks So Expensive – Major Reasons

Why Are Kayaks So Expensive

The reasons why Kayaks are so expensive cut across so many factors such as the material used in making the kayak, the type of kayak, and the brand that produced the kayak, among other factors which we’re going to discuss in detail in this article.

The kayak is a small, narrow watercraft that is typically propelled by means of a double-bladed paddle.

Additionally, a kayak is a small and slim boatlike machine that is propelled by a double-bladed paddle and carries a limited number of persons at a time, usually one person at a time.

The reasons why kayaks are so expensive, the purpose of kayaks, how likely it is to flip a kayak, and if kayaking is good for weight loss, among other factors shall all be discussed in detail in this article.

Why Are Kayaks So Expensive?

Below are the major reasons why Kayaks are so expensive;

1) Type Of Kayak

There’re different types of kayaks and each of them is produced to serve different purposes.

The purpose each type of kayak serve is largely responsible for the price of that particular kayak.

Some kayaks are designed for beginners while others are designed for experts.

We have kayaks that are specifically designed for adventure purposes in deep seas while some are designed strictly for lakes.

Additionally, some kayaks are made to carry two persons or more while some are specifically designed to carry only one person.

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Furthermore, some kayaks are designed to enable you to sit inside the kayak while some are designed to allow you to sit on top of the kayak.

These different designs and the purposes they serve respectively contribute a great deal to the reason why kayaks are so expensive.

2) Material Used In Making The Kayak

Most kayaks are made from plastic however, some kayaks are made from materials like fiberglass.

Kayaks made with fiberglass materials are much more expensive than kayaks made from plastic materials.

Also, kayaks made from fiberglass materials are lighter in weight and have the capacity to withstand a wide range of sea and weather conditions.

Generally, the purpose for which a kayak is designed determines the price and also the type of material that’d be used in producing the kayak.

3) Features Of The Kayak

The features of a particular kayak greatly influence the price of the kayak.

There’re many types of kayaks designed for different purposes with each having distinct features.

Some kayaks have many sits while some have only a sit.

Some kayaks are specially made for fishing, and such kayaks come with rod holders.

There are some kayaks that have a front roll bar or a wheel to help you drag the kayak along on your way to the launch.

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Some kayaks are better at staying on the course than others, and they use different shaping and technology to help the kayak stay on track.

You should bear in mind that the features a kayak carries greatly influence the price of the kayak.

4) Where You Purchased The Kayak

You can either purchase a kayak in a local store around you or order a kayak in an online store and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Buying a kayak from an online store is going to be more expensive than purchasing from a local store because shipping fees, tax, and other charges would be included in the selling price of the kayak.

5) Accessories

One of the major reasons why kayaks are so expensive is because of the accessories that come with the kayak.

Some kayaks come with accessories such as a paddle and such types of kayaks are more expensive than kayaks that don’t come with such accessories.

On the other hand, if you’re not financially buoyant to purchase a kayak that has accessories, you can also buy the one without accessories and then add accessories that suites your taste.

Is Kayaking Good For Weight Loss?

Yes. Kayaking is very good and effective for weight loss.
A series of experiments have proven that kayaking for three hours can burn up to 1200 calories.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Kayak?

Kayaks are used for the following purposes; fishing, excursions in oceans, complex maneuvering in fast-moving whitewater, easy and slow touring of placid water, racing, and weight loss exercise, among other purposes.

How Likely Is It To Flip A Kayak?

Kayaks hardly tip over and are safe to use.

However, the risk of a kayak tipping depends on the sort of kayak and the type of water where you are paddling.

Is A Sit On or Sit In Kayak Better?

Generally, sit-on-top kayak designs are better for paddling far from shore, because they won’t be filled with water if you capsize and they’re also easy to climb back if you fall off.

On the other hand, sit-inside recreational kayaks usually limited floatation and also have large cockpits.

Take Away

Kayak is a small, narrow watercraft that is typically propelled by means of a double-bladed paddle.

Kayaks are majorly made with either plastic or fiberglass material and kayaks made with fiberglass materials are more expensive than the ones made with plastic materials.

There’re many types of kayaks designed for various purposes and the type of material used in producing the kayak and the purpose for which the kayak are some of the factors that are responsible for the price of the kayak.