Why Are Funerals So Expensive – Major Reasons

Planning a funeral can be very exhausting, tedious, and stressful all because funerals are expensive.

Although considering it as a way of paying your last respect or a final resting point for a loved one the cost is an essential factor.

Many perceive funerals as expensive and wish to know what factors make them that expensive.

In this article, we’d let you know about these factors and how to reduce costs.

Why Are Funerals So Expensive?

Below are some of the factors that influence the cost of funerals;

Casket And Urns

Caskets are among the most expensive purchase relating to funerals. Whether you purchase them online or in person, the cost is almost the same.

Although the prices of these caskets vary depending on the type you want to buy. And the kind you buy is determined by the person’s social status or the amount that is in the budget for it.

Bear in mind that caskets used in a funeral will not be seen again. Therefore know the cost you are willing to spare for just a casket.

Urns are mostly crafted from stone, glass, cloisonné, and a biodegradable mix, among other materials.

Their prices differ depending on the material used in making the urn. If you want to reduce cost, consider going for urns that are made from less expensive materials.

First Experience

Not many people have experience in planning a funeral and as such, the cost might be more for a first-timer.

With little or no experience you are likely to spend more. You will likely not know when the cost of something you are purchasing is higher than normal.

It should not be so in funeral homes but they most times take that as an advantage.


You are going to need an embalming fee if the corpse is going to last longer and if you are going to use an open casket.

The embalming fee also covers the makeup, dressing, and hair of the person. All these make the fee more expensive.

You have to make sure the payment covers all the necessary expenses that are required.

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The embalming cost is something that cannot be avoided or be done via DIY.

Funeral Home Chapel Charge

This cost is not applied to all as many people choose to have the funeral in the church than the funeral home chapel.

Funeral homes tend to charge higher for just a short period of time while the church charge lower.

Funeral plots

If you are arranging a funeral, the funeral plot is another cost that you are expected to add.

The cost of a funeral plot depends on the area you choose. Some of these plots are way higher than the cost of many planned vacations.

The funeral plot can be chosen before death or by a family member. You can spend less on them if you choose them months before the funeral.

If the burial is an urgent one, bear in mind spending thousands of dollars on just a small plot.

In other to spend less on a plot, try using a family plot.


When it comes to factors that make funerals expensive, headstones cannot be left out.

You cannot lay one to rest without adding a marker that goes on top of the body of the tomb.

The headstone contains the person’s name, date of birth, and date of death.

This is basically the final mark a person leaves behind. Some people spend lots of money on headstones by using very expensive materials to make them.

To reduce costs during funeral arrangements, the headstone can be added later at the gravesite.

Grave Digging

The cost of the funeral plot does not cover the cost of digging the grave. There is another fee set aside solely for the digging of the grave.

If the grave is not dug, the funeral cannot be completed. This also fosters the high cost of a funeral.


After all the mourning and crying at the graveyard, there is always a time for people to relax. If you have many people as invites you are likely to spend more.

Depending on what you want, some receptions are held at the deceased home while some are held at a catering facility.

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Normally, the funeral reception is most times very well attended by every representative at the funeral.

Most times the family might not have time to handle the activities of the reception, therefore they call a catering service to handle all. This also adds to the expense.

Transportation Of Family

Many families do not have that normal limo used to transport families to the funeral area.

They usually rent limos for this event. This will help gather all the family members to the different locations they will go to for the day.

Most of these vehicles carry many passengers and charge per hour. If you are looking to save money these are some of the costs you can look out to cut out.

Tips On Saving Money For Funerals

There are so many ways in which you can save money while still conducting the funeral the right way. Below are some of the ways;

Green Burial

With green burials, you can easily bury the deceased immediately after death. You can forgo embalming and other chemical processes.

With a direct funeral, you can easily go for a funeral or commence with cremation. With this, you don’t need to spend more on a casket as you can use any casket of your choice.

You can also forgo the expenses that come with transporting families to the location of the funeral.

Consider Using Cremation

Cremation will definitely reduce costs for you when it comes to funerals and the rites that follow.

The difference between considering using funerals and cremation is that with the latter, you can just cremate the body of the deceased instead of conducting a burial.

You can just cremate the body before the burial. You can save money for transportation of family members, funerals, casket, and body preparation.

Save On The Casket

If you want to save more when it comes to funerals one of the most important things you have to do is to keep the casket simple.

If you don’t plan on cremating the body of the deceased, you can opt to rent a casket for just a day.

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You may also consider purchasing a biodegradable, “green” casket. But make sure to understand the procedures involved in the funeral process from your director.

Shop Around

By shopping around,  you can save lots of costs. The price a funeral home might charge can be different from what a normal shop charges on a normal day.

Whether preparing for someone else funeral or not, you have to check out the price that is suitable for your budget.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions on the cost of funerals and answers to them;

What’s The Most Expensive Part Of A Funeral?

Caskets. For a “traditional” full-service funeral: A casket often is the single most expensive item you’ll buy if you plan a “traditional” full-service funeral.

Why Does It Cost So Much To Be Buried?

The mortician must go through an extensive process to prepare the body for embalming, as well as make the body presentable afterward.

They also sometimes add makeup. The casket, funeral plot, urns, etc needs to be bought. Grave digging, transportation, and many others will still cost more money.

What Is The Cheapest Funeral Cost?

A direct burial is the funeral director’s least expensive burial option. The cost will range depending on the funeral home, but it is fair to say that a direct burial can be arranged for in the region of $1,200 to $1,600.

What Is The Cheapest Alternative To A Funeral?

Cremation is far more affordable than a traditional funeral. Its costs are often 10% of what you’d expect to pay for a conventional burial.

That’s why over 53% of Americans now choose cremation. Cremation involves placing the deceased in a cremation container


Funerals are a necessity In finally laying the deceased to rest. With funerals, you are sure of paying your last respect to your loved one.

But just bear in mind that you will spend more if you have no alternatives while planning a funeral.

You might have in mind to make choices along the way but also know that the choices are very few when it comes to funerals.