How To Delete Account – A Step By Step Guide

Ostensibly, How To Delete Account is one of the most sought-after information by people who wish to discontinue using the services of for buying, selling, investing, and trading cryptocurrencies due to probably the app not working properly, incessant card decline during the purchase of crypto, and other possible reasons.

On the other hand, how to cancel card, how long does it take to terminate account, inactivity fee, how to contact customer service, registered documents that are required before you can terminate your account and so on would also be discussed in details in this guide.

Without much ado, here is a step-by-step guide on how to delete account.

How To Delete Account

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to delete account with the help of customer service.

Step 1: Withdraw Your Money | Coins From

The first step you should take in the process of closing your account is to withdraw all the money in your app because failure to do that would lead to the total loss of the money or coin in your wallet.

Ensure that the withdrawal process has been completed before proceeding to the next step of how to delete account.

Step 2: Clearly Write Your Name, Date, and On A Plain Sheet

In order for you to be able to delete your account, you must send an email to the customer service indicating that you want to delete your account.

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The customer service email address is [email protected]

The email you would send to the customer service would comprise a clear photo of yourself holding a plain sheet of paper that has your Name, Date, and “” boldly written on it.

Therefore, get a sheet of plain paper and boldly write your Name, Date, and on it.

Step 3. Take A Clear Photo Of Yourself Holding The Paper

After you’ve written your name, date, and on a plain sheet of paper, you now need to take a clear and bold picture of yourself holding the paper which has your name, Date, and written on it.

The picture is required to verify your identity before the customer service proceeds to close your account.

While taking the picture, you need to firmly hold the piece of paper using one hand in and take a clear photo of yourself.

Ensure that picture is bold and clearly visible so as to avoid rejection by the customer service.

Furthermore, your face, upper torso, and arm should be visible in the photo.

Step 4. Email The Photo Of Yourself To Customer Service

Now, you need to send the photo of yourself holding a paper that has your Name, Date, and boldly written on it to the customer service email address at [email protected].

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Note: You must send the email using your registered email address so that the customer service would be able to track and delete your account.

Here is the format you should use while sending the email requesting to delete your account to customer care.

a. Subject | Title of the Email: Use “Close Account” as the subject| title of the email address.

b. Body Of The Email: Use ” Hello, I wish to close my Account.  Attached below is a photo of myself holding a paper that has my Name, Date, and written on it as mandated”.

You are also free to make use of your choice of words in the body of the email but you must ensure that you clearly state the reason for the email.

c. Attachment: Now attach the photo of yourself holding the paper on the email and send the email to email address at [email protected].

After you’ve sent the email to the customer service requesting to delete your account, you would receive an email confirming that your account has been deleted if successful.

FAQ On How To Delete Account

Here are the frequently asked questions on how to delete account.

How Long Does It Take To Delete Account?

It takes a period of 24hrs to successfully delete your account after you’ve sent an email to customer care requesting to delete your account.

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How Do I Cancel My Card?

How to cancel card is relatively simple.

All you need to do is to contact customer service through their email address at [email protected] requesting to cancel your card.

The subject or title of the email should read “Close Card”.

Can I Have Two(2) Accounts?


You can have two Sub-accounts on

The Sub-accounts feature enables the Exchange users to set up multiple Sub-accounts under their existing primary account (“Master Account”).

This sub-account gives its users the flexibility to implement different strategies on the sub-accounts and also split their risk.

What is Inactivity Fee? charges an inactivity fee of $6.95 fee after 12 months of no card usage.

Final Words

if you carefully follow step by step guide on how to delete Card as outlined above, you would be able to close your account with ease.

There is a handful of complaints by people that terminated their account for no reason.

The fact is that cannot just close your account without any tangible reason.

The reason could possibly be as a result of suspected fraudulent activity or if you violate any of their rules.

If you find yourself in such a condition, all you have to do is send your registered document to the customer service for them to rectify the issue.