How To Get My Teacher Fired

How To Get My Teacher Fired

You are here because you want to know how to get your teacher fired without causing a lot of ruckuses.

Firing a teacher because of unacceptable behaviors that are not pleasing to you or incompetence to duty can be very difficult.

I have been in that position, and it was a hard decision for me to make. My teacher was one that placed duct tape on her table to threaten us to keep quiet.

She sometimes uses a wooden ruler to hit students and also swears at us on many occasions.

The worst part is that she behaves differently in the presence of other teachers and it is difficult explaining such things to my parents.

Having such a teacher can be very disturbing to a student, and such a teacher needs to be reported.

Remember that teachers need to be treated justly and have the right to due process. Therefore, the steps below on how to get your teacher fired will be legal and lawful.

Things To Do Before Getting Your Teacher Fired

Like I said earlier the right of a teacher should be respected and should be treated a certain way even though the teacher is not good or incompetent.

Below are the things I did first before reporting my teacher to the school authority;

Talk To The Teacher

The first and the best thing to do if a teacher is mistreating you is to talk to the said teacher directly.

Calmly explain to the teacher what the teacher is doing to you that is inappropriate this should be done after class any day you are comfortable.

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Memorize what you want to say and if the misconduct is too intense and you don’t feel comfortable talking to the teacher about it then don’t do it.

Also, ensure you are not disrespecting or talking to the teacher rudely during class to avoid having anything that will make the teacher justify his or her actions.

Make Sure Your Complaints Are Valid

Do not just make assumptions while making your reports and don’t just report someone because you hate them.

Make sure that the complaints fall under what the school regarded as misconduct.

Keep Track Of All Incident Of Misconduct

Make sure you keep track of the time and day a particular incident occurs. Don’t be partial with your evaluation.

All evaluations should be written truthfully. If there are witnesses at the scene, write their names down to avoid forgetting.

Another thing that helped us during our time is that we were able to record a video of a certain incident.

These are proofs that can actually help you convince those in authority that what you are saying is true.

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How To Get My Teacher Fired

Getting a teacher fired can take a long time with a lot of processes. Starting as soon as you notice this misconduct is encouraged.

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Below are the steps that can help you get your teacher fired legally;

Talk To Your Parents

Your parents might not believe you at first but with evidence, they surely will be by your side. No parent will be happy with their child being harassed.

Once they report this issue to the school authority, it will facilitate the process of dismissal of the teacher.

Present Your Report To The School Authority

Reporting your teacher to the principal or board of directors is one of the first things that needs to be done.

It is advisable to go with a friend, your parents, or your legal guardian while going to report this case.

Calmly explain to them truthfully what happened. Also, bring proof or any other evidence you must have gathered.

If you tried to talk to the teacher about this in the past make sure you mention this in your statement. Remember to keep your proof privately and keep a copy of them.

Find Out What Happens Next

After presenting everything to them, ask what happens next. Get to know the steps that will be taken on the misconduct.

Know that it is possible the teacher will not be fired if this is the first time the teacher is been reported for misconduct.

It is likely they will monitor the teacher first before any action will be taken against them. You don’t need to endure all the misconduct anymore if the board is still investigating.

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Ask to be placed in another class and request that your report remains anonymous.

FAQ On Getting Your Teacher Sacked

As I said earlier, dismissing a teacher can be very difficult. But that does not mean you have to endure all misconduct.

Below are some frequently asked questions that you might also want to ask and answers to them;

How Easily Can A Teacher Be Fired?

Not too easy, especially in public schools. But with due process, it can be done legally without being partial.

Things That Can Get A Teacher Fired

You cannot get a teacher fired if the teacher didn’t cause any harm to you. There are some behaviors that can cause a teacher’s termination.

Some of these behaviors are immoral behavior, incompetence, neglect of duty, significant violation of school policies, the conviction of a crime, insubordination, fraud, or misrepresentation.

Are Teachers Ever Terminated?

Yes, of course! Teachers who earn tenure are exceedingly challenging to dismiss, regardless of the offenses committed in the classroom they can actually be terminated if the necessary procedures are followed.


Before you report a teacher make sure you obey all rules and regulations of the school and also respect the teacher.

In this article on how to get my teacher fried, I believe the steps carefully detailed for you above will help you stop that teacher from doing more harm to you and others.