Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design (Small Salon Ideas)

Are you looking for a way to optimize your beauty salon and need low-budget beauty salon interior design ideas?

Then this write-up is for you. You don’t necessarily need to start big if you are opening a salon for the first time.

It would help if you also put a lot of thought while starting up your salon whether it is a renovation or a new one.

There are many styles to choose from in these our low-budget beauty salon interior design ideas: contemporary, rustic, glam, or any other style you want.

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Tips On Designing A Salon

Setting up your salon is supposed to be fun. In this article on low-budget beauty salon design, we will also give you tips on how to design a perfect salon.

Brand Your Salon

The first thing to do when starting up a business is to brand your business. If you don’t brand your salon and just add up every other thing to it, it will make your business tacky and unfashionable.

Branding your business also involves choosing a theme for your brand. This theme is now what will help in designing your salon.

It will look great and unique if the salon describes the whole business scenario without explaining to people what the business is about.

Lean Into The Space

Instead of starting from the beginning or from scratch in designing your salon, why not maintain the look of the space?

If the floor of the space is concrete, you can give your salon a modern look but if it is ductwork you can go for a rustic vibe.

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This will help you reduce costs.

Set The Perfect Mirror

Every client that walks in will like to see the reflection of himself or herself. Therefore using the perfect mirror gives your clients satisfaction.

While choosing your mirror, remember to place them at the right corners to avoid blinding lights to the eye.

There is a lot to choose from via the kind of mirror to use. Using multi-station mirrors will make your space bigger, while framed mirrors will give a homier aesthetic, and naked mirrors will give a sleeker look.

Create The Perfect Lightening

While looking for ideas for a low-budget beauty salon interior design, lighting should be among the most important features.

Although natural light is most preferred, not all building is blessed with the gift of natural designs and big windows to accommodate sunlight.

Getting flattering light is a piece of cake. Just choose warm bulbs instead of cool ones. While placing your lamps make sure that your lamps do not overlap where your clients will be seating.

Also consider if you want behind-the-mirror lights, if you want to have overhead lighting only, or standing lamps.

Expand Your Designs

While designing the space you have chosen, don’t just think about the standard walls. Include your floors and ceilings.

For your clients to have what to look at while their hair is been washed, add white designs that are attractive to your ceiling.

If you have a bland wall that is free and void of any design, try adding a statement that is, a bold artwork that is eye catchy.

This will be the center of attraction and also perform the trick.

Final Glance

The last thing to consider in the tips for low-budget beauty salon interior design is to have the final glance and feel the flow from the client’s point of view.

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You have to make sure the waiting area, the salon layout, the decoration, and the space you need are in other.

This is also where you get to decide the space between the chairs, the space between the stylist to avoid bumping into one another, and the clients’ personal space.

Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design

Small Salon Design Ideas Pictures

Here, we’ll cover the different types of small salons, low-budget salon design ideas, and how you can maximize your low-budget salon floor plan.

Below are some of the ideas for your small salon that you can choose from that are budget friendly;

Having A Home Salon

If you are on a tight budget but have a vacant room or office it can be converted into a small beauty salon.

You can add an additional spare room in other to be able to divide the salon into sections. The office can be the hair salon while the spare room can be the nail treatment salon.

Creativity and loft conversions can lead to incredible home beauty salon ideas.

Give It A Natural Look

Making your salon look natural is one of the best designs for low-budget beauty salons. And a natural look tops the look of what is trending in small salon design ideas.

Most clients prefer beauty salons with an eco-friendly background and it also does well in benefiting the planet.

Mobile Salon

If you are on a very tight budget but want to start a salon then you can go for a mobile salon.

A mobile salon can either be a self-contained mobile unit (like in a converted motorhome) or a nail technician who travels with all her salon necessities to perform in clients’ homes or offices.

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So you can just buy some items that will be efficient for your work and use them to start up a beauty salon.

Studio Salon

This is a perfect low-budget beauty salon interior design idea for a start-up salon. It can have multiple chairs depending on the size of the space.

But can still accommodate everything you will need in the salon. With the right planning, a studio salon will be perfect.

Classic Salon Design

Even with a small space, a classic salon will give you a luxurious feel.

There are some of the things that you can add which include gilded detailed mirrors, subdued hues of beige color, and wood floors.

For the shades, you may consider laminate as it is much easier to clean up color stains, antiques spread, sideboards can be used as stations or for displaying, and chandelier.

How Do You Make A Small Salon Look Bigger?

Below are some of the things that will make a small salon look bigger;

  • Dark colors make space seem small, so keep things light.
  • Use transparent furniture and accessories; they trick the brain into thinking the space is bigger than it is.
  • Never underestimate the power of mirrors. They reflect light and make interiors appear larger than they are.


It is called low-budget beauty salon designs for a reason. It doesn’t need to cost you a fortune to get yourself a gorgeous and eye-catchy salon.

Once you are thrifty and creative you can make it worthwhile and budget-friendly. Always remember that no space is too small.

Relieve unnecessary junk from your space in other to be able to add some salon equipment you might need.