Easy Playroom Ideas On A Budget (Creative Designs)

Playroom ideas on a budget that is of great creativity and of practical functionality can be difficult to get especially while working with a limited budget.

But it is still possible for you to make a cool place for your kids to play with your small budget.

Whether you want a room or a small space in your home, there are many ways to make use of creativity and items shopping to put together a playroom.

If the number of kids is much and of different genders, you can divide the segment of the space you want to develop into a playroom to house both the girl’s playroom and the boy’s playroom.

With this, none of them will feel left out. Here in this article, you will get to know what to put in a playroom, easy playroom ideas on a budget, and playroom storage ideas.

Playroom Must Have

Before we dabble down to the playroom ideas on a budget below, let’s list out what to put in a playroom;


No playroom is complete without storage space. A playroom needs at least 10 containers for storing toys.

These containers make clean-up easy in the playroom.

Comfortable Flooring

To avoid continually setting around your kids to prevent falls due to slippery floors, then you need to install comfortable floors around your home most especially your kid’s playroom.

You can go for hardwood, an area rug, or a super cushioned carpet. This will make you worry less about your kids falling and also allows you to do some other things while your kids are playing.

Hung Kids Artwork

This is a nice way of telling your kids that you are proud of them. It is a rapid confident boaster in kids. Therefore, it is a must-have in the playroom.

Table & Chair

It is very rare to have kids that don’t want anything to do with art at a very young age. Almost all kids want to color or paint.

Installing a table and chair with the necessary item they need is a good idea.

A Reading Space

Apart from playing, the playroom can also be used as a study center. Kids need to be also encouraged academically.

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Therefore the idea of a comfortable chair/bean bag in a corner with a bookshelf or floating shelves they can reach is needed.

The bookshelf should contain books with nice pictorial illustrations because that is what they need at that age.

Dress Up Cloth

Children especially girls love to dress up by themselves at a young age. To make it more fun, the dress-up clothes should have clothes of different categories.

There should be clothes for a doctor, nurse, engineer, and so on. This allows the kids to have a theme to add to their play.

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Easy Playroom Ideas On A  Budget

Below are some of the playroom ideas on a budget that you can choose from to build the perfect playroom for your kids or grandkids;

Create A Chalkboard Wall

You won’t have problems with kids writing on the wall if you install a chalkboard wall. Installing a chalkboard wall is one of the best and easy DIY playroom ideas on a budget.

Because it reduces the worry of parents about what happens to the wall of the kid’s playroom and allows the kids to do whatever they want on the wall.

This is a cute way of allowing your kids to decorate their playroom with you having peace of mind that the writing is not permanent.

Create Your Own Storage Space

To avoid toys and materials from clustering on the ground all the time, you need to create your own storage space to keep some play items.

We all know that kids are messy and storage space in your kid’s playroom is a must. Getting a cube carton box covered with paper or covered with fabrics is a nice idea that is less expensive for the storage of toys.

If the fabrics and paper wrap is not important to you, you can allow your kids to decorate them with markers, stickers, and paints.

Large plastic bins with wraps and shelves made from wood can be used as storage items too.

Combine The Playroom With The Bedroom

This is one of the best playroom ideas because it is budget-friendly and cost-effective. This is most times used when there is no space or you are on a very tight budget.

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Here a bunk can be placed in the room where the bed will be placed and below the bed, will be where play items will be placed.

With this, there will still be convenient space for a chair, table, mirror, and any other room item that is required for your kid.

Use Cheap Seating

Easy Playroom Ideas

You have a great advantage if you can fire up a sewing machine. You can make economical square floor chairs and pillows for kids to lounge in while playing.

But if you can’t fire up a sewing machine or don’t have time to do so, then you can shop for affordable fluffy floor seats and pillows at Esty or any other online discount shops.

Use Easy To Clean Flooring

There are many flooring ideas you can opt-in for that will be less costly and easy on your part in terms of cleaning.

Using wood or linoleum floors is a smart idea for playrooms since both flooring options are resistant to stains.

Foaming floor is another flooring idea that is not bank-breaking, easy to clean, requires less renovation, is fun to add colors or items, and is comfortable to use.

Use Furniture That Have Double Use

Installing furniture that is of double use is a great way of reducing costs while installing a playroom for your kids.

Imagine having a toy box that can be used as a seating area for kids or a rectangular toy box that has space for placing small foams.

This allows the kids to sleep or relax when they are tired of playing without lying down on the bare floor and also provides a place for you to tidy up the kid’s belongings.

Decorate The Walls

Your kids don’t have to be an artist or have an interest in art before the walls of the playroom is decorated.

There must be one or two things that the kids must have created in school or at home that is worth framing and this can be used to decorate the walls of the playroom.

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Personalizing the walls of the kid’s playroom will make the kids proud of their selves and thereby drawing the kids closer to the playroom.

Add Toys And Entertainment

This is the most costly aspect while using playroom ideas on a budget. But without toys, the playroom will not be complete.

While some parents will opt to buy new toys because they can afford them, some will want to go for lightly used toys for a cheaper price.

Since kids outgrow a toy easily, these toys can be resold at a cheaper price or even given away to accommodate new ones that will be bought.

Obtaining items second-hand is a great way to fill the playroom with lots of toys, games, and educational items and at the same time manage costs.

Another easy entertainment item that will help keep the kids occupied is the addition of television.

Here they will be able to watch a series of movies that have an impact on them educationally, family TV series, and poems too.

You can spice this up by bringing juice and popcorn while coming to check up on them.

Design A Craft Area

This is mostly for kids that have an interest in art and are crafty. To easily install this, set up a table and place different art tools in containers on top of the table.

Small jars, shoe boxes, washed jam containers, and the like of it can be used to put pencils, markers, paintbrushes, beads, gum, crayons, and glitters.

As mentioned above, all these items are obtainable without much cost.


One of the most important things to keep in mind while setting up a playroom for your kids is to install one that is comfortable and safe.

And with these playroom ideas on a budget, you will be able to achieve that. One more thing, the playroom should be created in a way that will help foster a kid’s imagination.