Malcolm Tibbetts Net Worth | Career, Book, Wood Turning Work

Malcolm Tibbetts Net Worth

What is Malcolm Tibbetts Net Worth?

The overwhelming Malcolm Tibbetts net worth is evidence that you can stand out and amass a decent net worth for yourself if you gain mastery in any field of endeavor.

This is exactly the case with Malcolm Tibbetts as he has left his name in the sands of time in the Woodturning industry.

Malcolm Tibbetts net worth is $1 million.

Full Name Malcolm J. Tibbetts
Net worth $1 Million
Place Of Birth Northern New Hampshire
Known For Segmented woodturning
Nickname Worker Of Wood


Malcolm Tibbetts Early Life And Career

Malcolm Tibbetts was brought up in Northern New Hampshire where he grew up alongside his family and relatives who were all into the Ski industry.

Hence, due to the environment and the occupation of the people Malcolm Tibbetts grew up with, he developed a passion for Skiing.

According to Malcolm Tibbetts, he said that he moved to Tahoe after serving in the military in the 90s where he worked as a Ski patroller for the Military in Garmisch, Germany.

Thereafter, he found a job at the Heavenly Ski Resort.

Malcolm was later promoted to the post of Manager in the Heavenly Ski Resort due to his wealth of experience and professionalism in Skiing.

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Malcolm started his woodturning career in the 90s and was largely successful in the art due to his expertise in woodturning which made him sell a handful of his Woodturning works in the San Francisco gallery which boosted Malcolm Tibbetts’s net worth.

Malcolm Tibbetts has also won a couple of art competitions with his Woodturning artworks.

Later on, the management team in his place of work changed which made him resign after several failed negotiations between him and the management.

At this point, Malcolm Tibbetts decided to focus on his Wood Turning career which brought him to the limelight as a respected fellow in the woodturning industry for over two decades now.

Due to Malcolm’s passion for woodturning, he wrote a book titled “A Step By Step Guide To Segmented Wood Turning”.

This Malcolm Tibbetts book on woodturning was warmly accepted and read by artwork lovers globally which made him command authority in the Wood Turning world.

This Malcolm Tibbetts book also has a DVD.

Malcolm Tibbetts DVD is aimed at guiding his readers on how to turn woods into beautiful artworks just as the name of Malcolm Tibbetts book suggests.

Malcolm Tibbettts Net Worth

Although there’s no accurate figure available pertaining Malcolm Tibbettts net worth.

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However, from the sale of Malcolm Tibbetts book, DVD, and artworks, Malcolm Tibbetts’s net worth is $ 1 million in valuation.


Malcolm Tibbetts net worth has shown that with mastery which is a product of the dedication to any particular endeavor, success is assured.

More so, you can turn your skills into a cash machine and diversify your earnings and accumulate wealth on the go just as seen in Malcolm Tibbetts DVD, books, and the sale of his Wood Turning works which are the sources of Malcolm Tibbetts net worth.