Willie Falcon Net Worth | Career, Kids, House, Arrest

Willie Falcon Net Worth

What if I tell you that Willie Falcon’s Net Worth is over $100 million?

Let’s find out.

In this article, we’ll discuss in entirety Willie Falcon’s Net Worth, Age, Wife, Son, When he was released, his house, Netflix documentaries, where, when, and why Willie Falcon was deported, and much other pertinent information about Willie Falcon Net Worth.

Real Name Augusto Guillermo “Willie” Falcon
Birth Date September 1, 1955
Age 67 years old
Birth Place Cuba
Nationality Cuban
Profession Former drug dealer
Religion Unknown
Net Worth $120 million

Who Is Willie Falcon?

Willie Falcon is a notorious former drug lord who was a party to the group behind the largest cocaine smuggling cartel that smuggled cocaine from Colombia to the United States which generated over $2 billion for them.

Willie Falcon’s net worth is $120 million.

Due to the formidable organization of the drug cartel which Willie Falcon was an integral part of before their eventual arrest, his story was documented by Netflix and was titled “Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami”.

Willie Falcon Early Life

The notorious drug cartel Willie Falcon was born on September 1st, 1955, in Cuba, and his family later migrated to Miami, Florida while he was still tender.

Willie started getting involved in drug smuggling at a very tender age which made him not to secure American citizenship.

Willie Falcon’s and his drug-smuggling partner, Sal Magluta attended high school together at Miami Senior High College, where they started venturing into selling marijuana to their classmates until they finally dropped out when the business started to bring in substantial cash for them.

Willie Falcon is best described as a street-smart person with dreams of money and power.
Willie’s conviction power made it easy for him to get people involved in his illicit drug business.

As the drug business was flourishing, Falcon onboarded Sal Magluta who also have the same business orientation and drive as him into the business.

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Willie Falcon and Sal Magluta began selling small quantities of cocaine until a big drug lord was caught, which opened the possibility of taking over his territory for them.

Falcon was formerly an active member of the Cuban American community, a group that helped him build connections that were very instrumental in his drug business.

Willie Falcon Career

You cannot mention notorious drug cartels in Columbia without mentioning Willie Falcon.

Willie Falcon’s net worth is from the proceeds he made from his drug smuggling business.

Falcon was one of the biggest sellers of Colombian cocaine in the United States of America between 1978 and 1991.

He is the co-founder of the drug smuggling group called “Cocaine Cowboys” which was based in Miami, Florida.

There’s always a jinx breaker in everyone’s career and Willie Falcon’s career is not an exemption.

Willie Falcon alongside his business counterpart Sal Magluta started commanding authority in the illicit drug business after they helped Jorge Valdes, a drug lord, dispose of over 30 kilos of cocaine.

This single deal was the foundation of the whooping Willie Falcon’s net worth.

Thereafter, Jorge Valdes was arrested and detained by the relevant authorities.

During Jorge Valdes’s detention, he trespassed the business of Falcon and Magluta, with the condition to give him his cut once he was freed.

Jorge Valdes was later released in 1982 and Falcon and Magluta told him that they had left the drug business, which Valdes believed to be true.

Thereafter, Willie and Magluta started operations with a Colombian drug cartel, which is in charge of smuggling cocaine from South America to Miami, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, etc.

Ten years after they started with their deals, the Cocaine Cowboys were known as the “Kings of Miami”.

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Willie Falcon and Sal Magluta built a very solid drug cartel which made them operate for quite a long time before they were eventually arrested.

There was a division of labor between both partners in the business.

Willie Falcon was at the forefront of getting contracts, while his business partner, Sal Magulta was in charge of the deal negotiation.

Furthermore, Willie’s brother named Gustavo Falcon was also an active member of the Cocaine Cowboys.

Aside from these three people who are at the forefront of the business, many of Willie Falcon’s friends from the Cuban American community were also part of his deals.

It was common that different people would participate by transporting drugs to the Bahamas.

However, the partners of this drug business and Willie Falcon disguised as boat racing lovers to smuggle drugs although they sometimes used Planes for the transportation of the drugs.

Reports have it that the Cocaine Cowboys smuggled over 78 tons of cocaine into the country before they were eventually arrested in April of 1991 with over $2.2 billion in cash during the course of a drug deal orchestrated by the federal agents.

Unknowing the Cocaine Cowboys they were on the watch list of the Federal Agents that are in charge of drug traffickers, the federal agents created an operation to hunt down; Cocaine Cowboys.

The Federal Agents were able to successfully apprehend the Cocaine Cowboys through the help of Sal Magulta’s girlfriend named Marilyn Bonachea, who agreed to testify and collaborate with the authorities after they discovered she was an accomplice of the business.

About 17 counts of charges of smuggling drugs were leveled against the Cocaine Cowboys in October 1991.

The trial of the Cocaine Cowboys lasted from 1991 to 1996 and Willie Falcon was released in 1996 alongside his business partners because three of the witnesses were mysteriously murdered, and there was not enough evidence against them.

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Jorge Valdes was one of the witnesses who declared that they had left the drug business, which helped their release.

It was later discovered that they had also bribed the jury.

They were later charged again in 1999, but this time around, they were accused of murder, bribing, and money laundering.

Willie Falcon finally pleaded guilty in 2003 to charges of smuggling drugs, after which he was sentenced to 20 years.

Willie Falcon was later released in June 2017.

Willie Falcon was immediately taken into custody by ICE immediately after he was discharged in June 2017.

Willie Falcon was thereafter deported to the Dominican Republic at a request by his lawyers as he feared for his life if he was relocated to Cuba.

Other accomplices of the Cocaine Cowboys drug cartel were also arrested and convicted accordingly.

How many kids does Willie Falcon have?

Willie Falcon was allegedly married to Alina Rossique.

They had three children together; two daughters and a son.

The names of Willie Falcon’s kids are: Aileen Martinez, Jessica Falcon, and William Falcon

Where was Willie Falcon born?

Willie Falcon was born in Cuba

Where is Willie Falcon’s Wikipedia?

Willie Falcon was tried in 2003 and he pleaded guilty to the count charges leveled against him and he was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

Willie Falcon was finally released in 2017.

After the release, Willie Falcon was deported to the Dominican Republic.

Currently, Willie Falcon is In Dominican Republic.

Willie Falcon Net Worth

Willie Falcon’s Net Worth is $120 million.

Willie Falcon’s net worth afforded him assets and houses worth billions of dollars from his drug business.


This article about Willie Falcon’s net worth is an example that there’s no dignity in crime and the end product is always fatal.