Access Bank Code to Check Balance & Transfer Money

Access Bank Code to Check Balance

Did you know there is an Access bank code to check your balance, transfer money, buy airtime/recharge, and even pay for a DStv subscription?

It’s true!

Now we’ve provided a detailed outline of these codes and how you can make the most of them to enjoy all that mobile banking offers.

The Access bank code to check balance and or transfer money is *901#

It, therefore, follows that you can do so much more than just using the shortcode to check your account balance in Access Bank.

On the other hand, you’ll be making use of the same codes if Diamond Access is your actual account.

The reason lies in the merger between Diamond and Access Bank. which transferred the management of Diamond Bank services to Access Bank.

Ready? Let’s get you started.

Code to Check Account Balance in Access Bank

The USSD code to check the account balance in Access Bank is *901#.

Here’s how to use the code above:

  • Dial *901# from the phone number linked to your Access bank account
  • Type 1 to Approve a ₦6.98 fee deduction for the transaction
  • Type 1 to choose the option “Check Balance.”

Choose the account whose balance you want to check if you have more than one Access or Diamond account linked to the same line.

Access Bank Code to Check Balance

You’ll get the message “Retrieving Balance…An SMS will be sent to you shortly” after confirming your selection.

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A text message containing your account balance will be sent to you within seconds.

But if you don’t receive the message immediately, it could be due to network problems from your service provider or the bank itself.

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Note that you’ll be charged ₦10.75 each time you use the USSD code to check your balance.

Thus, multiple inquiries will lead to more deductions on your account.

Why Use the Access Bank Short Code to Check Balance?

Here are top reasons why you should use the Access bank code for checking your account balance:

1. Confirm Credit and Debit Alerts:

Often times we wait for our bank to send text messages to alert us of a transaction on our account.

There are times such messages are received hours and even days after a transaction has been made.

Therefore, if you’re a business owner who needs to confirm payments instantly, the USSD code is a must-use.

Your customers won’t be kept on hold until when you can finally confirm receipt of funds.

2. Alternative Way to Check Balance:

The Access Bank mobile app is quite fast and user-friendly.

However, there are times when upgrades are carried out on the app and there could be slight difficulties to access your account.

When that happens, you need an alternative method to check how much money is in your account.

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The shortcode will come in handy during such occasions.

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It does not require that you use the internet, which means being in a region with a poor network won’t hinder your ability to tell what’s in your account.

Access Bank Code for Transfer of Money

The Access bank code for the transfer of money is *901*Amount*Recipient’s Account Number#.

If it’s your first time sending money with USSD, you’ll be asked to enter the last six numbers of your debit card or date of birth and account number.

You’ll also be asked to create a pin that will be used for the authentication of transactions.

Proceed to register by entering the required details and also create a pin.

On the other hand, dialing *901# will also enable you to send money to Diamond, Zenith, Ecobank, GTB, UBA, Fidelity, Kuda, Union, and other top banks in Nigeria.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Dial *901#
  • Type 2 to select the option ‘Transfers
  • Choose the account you want to send money from
  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • Enter the recipient’s account number and bank name
  • Enter your four-digit Access bank transfer pin
  • Finally, confirm the transaction

Keep in mind that you can use the same code (dial *901#, then select option 7 for XtraCash Loan) to access loans from this financial institution.

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Access Bank Code to Buy Airtime

Would you like to recharge your Glo, MTN, Airtel, or 9mobile line from the comfort of your home or office?

Then try the Access bank code to buy airtime which is *901*amount#.

Note that the code above will automatically load the airtime to the number that is linked to your Access bank.

As such, use *901*Amount*Phone Number# if you’ll rather recharge another line.

For example:


How to Reset Access Bank Pin for USSD Transfers

You can easily reset your Access bank pin for USSD transfers if you’ve forgotten it or someone else knows it.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Dial *901#
  • Accept the prompt for a ₦6.98 charge on your account for the transaction
  • Type 4 to select ‘Other services
  • Type 5 to select ‘Reset Pin’

what is the code use in checking access bank account balance

  • Enter your date of birth and click on send


Your pin will be reset if you’ve entered the same date of birth that is registered on your Access bank account.


You’ve got the Access bank code to check your account balance, transfer money, and even buy airtime at your fingertips.

Therefore, use these codes to transact seamlessly and easily.

The USSD codes will serve as a good alternative to the official Access mobile application you may have already installed on your phone.

Who knows, you may need these codes when you least expect it.