How To Start A Cleaning Service Business In Nigeria

When it comes to noble and profitable businesses In Nigeria, cleaning service is one of the best.

But do not be deceived by how easily most people make it seem. Just like every other business, starting up a cleaning service is not easy.

With several residences, churches, schools, companies, and factories in existence, the chances of soaring in the cleaning business are very high.

Busy bankers, businessmen, work addicts, companies, and others will always want people to clean their apartments or offices to reduce work.

Bear in mind that launching a cleaning service that will be creative and rewarding requires consistency, handwork, and commitment.

If you want to start one but do not have an idea of how to go about it, read this article carefully to understand how to start a successful cleaning service from scratch, if it is a lucrative business, and the types of cleaning services there are.

Types Of Cleaning Services

There are many types of cleaning services that one might want to venture into.

Below are the most lucrative ones;

Commercial And Industrial Cleaning Service

These are cleaning services carried out in areas like office space and commercial buildings.

For this type of cleaning service, you are required to mop floors, toilets, and furniture in these buildings.

Residential Cleaning Service

This is also known as household or domestic cleaning. For this type, you are to clean your client’s apartment.

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Depending on what is acceptable to your clients, you can either do this when the client is around or otherwise.

Laundry And Dry Cleaning Service

For this type, you are in charge of washing, drying, and ironing clothes with detergents and other cleaning agents.

This type of cleaning service is quite easy to start up as you can start solo or with a team.

Sanitization And Disinfection Cleaning Services

Although this service requires special training as they are in charge of disinfecting the environment with special disinfectants to avoid the wide spread of some rare diseases.

Medical Cleaning Service

As we all know, a healthcare facility is very prone to infection and as such should be neat to the core.

Terminal cleaning service takes care of all cleaning related to health care. This type of cleaning requires extensive training.

Is Cleaning Service Profitable?

Yes, it is profitable. With the dusty climate condition in Nigeria, the cleaning business is advantageous.

Due to this, many companies, cooperate organizations, and individuals need the service of some cleaning business it keeps the environment clean.

It is also very lucrative because many households have very demanding jobs but still need to keep their house in good condition.

Many organizations hire the services of cleaning services also because of the high rise in diseases and infections from toilets and bathrooms.

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How To Start A Profitable Cleaning Business

Since you now know how lucrative the cleaning business is and you also know what cleaning service is all about, let’s get down to how you can get started.

Follow the simple steps below in other to start up a cleaning service you will thrive in.

Identify Your Target Market

Make proper research to figure out the particular niche you think is best for you.

Do you want to target schools, companies, colleges, residential apartments, or commercial buildings?

These are some of the things you need to research first to know which is best for you.

Choose A Niche

Once you know the particular set of people you want to target, it is okay for you to be specific.

You can’t serve everybody. Therefore it is better you choose the cleaning you want to render not just the particular people.

Start with a niche that can accommodate others in the long run.

Chose A Location

Choosing a location should be the next step to take after deciding on a niche.

For example, if you choose to be of service to cooperate organizations, choose a location that is in the urban area.

Don’t take the location of your cleaning service to a very rural area as they won’t need those services because they will be doing most of the cleaning themselves.

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Register Your Company

This step can either come first or later after the business has kicked off.

Either way, it is important you legalize your business to avoid not being taken seriously or seen as an imposter.

Due to lots of insecurities in Nigeria and fraudulent activities, it is important that you make your potential clients trust you.

You can register your company with the cooperation affairs commission for a very small amount.

Market Your Business

The most important step after setting up your business is to get your business out there.

Without this step, your business is as good as being nonexistent. First, you need to start with word of mouth to increase your business interest.

You also need to utilize the service of social media when it comes to advertisement and also posting of content.

Next print fliers and pamphlets that will contain the services you render, your location, and your business name.

Share these cards and pamphlets with individuals and companies around your area.


Just as we have described above, a cleaning service can be a lucrative business if you adopt the right strategies and procedures.

The clean service has different niches, types, and areas to choose from. It is just left for you to do the right research to choose the most suitable one.