Card Declined – Reasons And Quick Solutions Card Declined

The card declined by the issuer bank is a recurrent challenge encountered by many people who want to activate their card so that they can be able to buy with their credit card.

Those who are new to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry mostly do not know how to use the card hence, find it very challenging to buy crypto with credit cards.

However, if at one point you find your debit card is not working again or you lost your card and you consulted your bank card issuer requesting for a new card so that you can buy crypto with your credit card and along the line, your card got declined during a transaction.

If you’ve ever encountered the above experience, you must have asked yourself these questions; What does a card decline by issuer mean? Why is my debit card not working? Why was my card declined?

The above questions and more are what we’re going to be discussing extensively in this article as well as proffer solutions that would permanently prevent your card from being declined again.

Before we proceed to the reasons for your card is being declined, let’s first have a quick look at what the website is all about.

What Is Website All About? is a leading cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy, sell and store your crypto assets for any period of time you wish to.

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Reasons And How To Fix Card Declined By Issuer

A lot of reasons could be responsible for why your debit card is not working anytime you want to buy crypto with a debit card.

Below are some of the possible reasons why you always receive a card declined error message.

1. Card Server Issue

Issues arising from the card server are one of the major reasons why debit card is declined anytime you want to buy crypto with your debit card.

It’s normal for card servers to experience downtime at intervals probably due to server maintenance which is usually resolved within a very short period of time.

This downtime period is when you’re likely to get the card declined error message if you attempt to buy crypto with a credit card.

More often than not, your money is likely going to be debited even if the transaction was not successful but do not panic as your money would be reversed back to your bank account or credited to your crypto wallet until the card server issue is resolved.

2. Incorrect Debit Or Credit Card Details

Incorrect debit or credit card details are one of the major reasons why your debit card is not working anytime you want to buy crypto with your credit card.

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Before you perform any transaction with your card, do ensure to thoroughly crosscheck and input your correct credit or debit details such as name, card number, expiration date, and credit or debit card code verification number (CVV) so as to avoid getting card declined error message during a transaction.

On the other hand, if you lost your card which you usually use to make payments and you wish to activate another card, ensure to correctly input the new card details before performing the transaction because most time your former card details would likely be pre-saved on your payment dashboard.

3. Insufficient Fund In Your Card Balance

Before you buy crypto with your credit or debit card, ensure you have an equivalent amount of money you wish to spend on your issuing card to avoid your card getting declined during the transaction due to insufficient funds.

4. Suspected Irregular Activity Or Fraud With The Debit Or Credit Card

Suspected fraudulent activity is one of the major reasons why most people’s credit card is declined while buying crypto with it.

This card decline during the purchase of crypto with your debit or debit card is done to protect the owner of the issuing card against unauthorized use of their card when they lose their card.

However, if the reason for your card decline is due to suspected irregular activity, you would most likely be subjected to more security scrutiny to ensure that you’re the real owner of the card.

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After the scrutiny and necessary security checks and they find out that you’re the real owner of the debit or debit card, you would be permitted to proceed to buy crypto with your debit card without hassle.

If you are encountering problems with your app, you can read our article on the crypto app not working and its quick fix, some of the issues stated there could also contribute to the reason your payment or transaction via your credit card didn’t go through.

FAQ About Card Declined Issue

Here’re the frequently asked questions about the card declined issue.

Does Allow Debit Cards?

Yes. allows its customers to use debit cards for buying cryptocurrencies on their exchange and website.

Does Not Accept MasterCard? allows its customers to purchase any cryptocurrency of their choice with MasterCard or Visa Card. However, all cardholders from the United States of America are subjected to a 2.99% commission fee with a minimum purchase of $20.


If you carefully read till this point, you must have known the possible reasons why your card declined error message appears anytime you want to buy crypto with your debit or credit card and also the possible solutions to it.