Free Online Courses In Canada With Certificate

Free Online Courses In Canada With Certificate: Are you really Interested to do Certification from Canada but cannot afford to go there? Distance shouldn’t be an excuse or limitation in studying outside.

Distance education has clearly become one of the most popular higher learning alternatives in recent times.

Online courses can be viewed as career boosters as they add to what a person already knows or serve as a source of new knowledge.

Do you know that A recent study conducted by SRI International (on behalf of the U.S. Department of Education) proves that “on average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction?”

Distance learning is also a great solution for people that already have a job, and still want or need further education.

If you are looking for free online courses in Canada with certificates then there is no need to look further. Guidecrest has put together some of the best online courses in several areas and fields of study in Canada for domestic and international students.

Why Choose Canada For Online Courses?

Most international students come to Canada for one academic pursuit or the other every year. Canada is very popular amongst international students.

Other candidates who didn’t get the opportunity to go to Canada to study may find studying online to get certificates a welcome idea.

Distance learning allows students to communicate with the faculty and other students via e-mail, electronic forums, videoconferencing, social media chat rooms, and other forms of computer-based interaction.

That’s not all. Online learning provides you with time and space to go deep and master a new skill. It allows you to go all in without limitation.

The online program provides a variety of programs and courses. As a student, you can also earn every academic degree online, from a career certificate to a doctorate without considering distance or any other problem factor.

Online education proves a more affordable option than traditional schools; There are no commuting costs, and sometimes required course materials, such as textbooks, are available online at no cost.

Students can take online courses and even complete entire degrees while working, while part-time jobs; This helps improve career advancement and also helps you to be financially free at an early age.

Free Online Courses In Canada

Universities In Canada That Offer Free Online Courses

There are so many Universities in Canada that offers online courses to both international and Canadian candidates.

But universities that offer free online courses are limited. If you are looking for universities that offer free online courses in Canada then these picks should be your first search;

  • University of Alberta
  • Queen’s University
  • University of Toronto
  • McMaster University

Are All Online Courses In Canada Free?

As I said earlier they are hardly all free. Although, many online courses in Canada are free, however, certificates may be an additional cost.

This means you may watch video lectures, participate in discussion forums, and read course materials for free. There are government-free online courses with certificates also available in Canada.

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Many online certificate courses in Canada are available on a monthly subscription basis, ranging from $39 to $79 per month.

Most provide a free trial period of seven days, after which you will be charged. You will not be charged if you cancel within the free trial period.

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What Is The Duration For Online Courses?

This varies according to the course you are learning. Some might say takes about 8 weeks while some may be as little as four weeks.

You have to understand that the duration of your online courses lies in your power. For instance, most instructors post assignments at the beginning of the program, so, if a course is said to last eight to nine weeks, you can complete the work and submit it as you choose.

How Do I Learn Online Free Online Courses With Certificates?

Answer: Online free courses with certificates are delivered through video lectures that you can watch anytime, anywhere. You can also participate in tests and quizzes and download reading material for free.

List Of Free Online Courses In Canada With Certificate

We Have compiled a list of some free online courses in Canada that will also offer certificates.

we will list them here but as you read further you will get detailed information about them.

  • Software Engineering – Introduction, Certificate
  • Competency in Structural Design for Non-Structural Engineers, Certificate
  • How to Code – Simple Data, Certificate
  • Software Development Capstone Project, Certificate
  • Human Resource Management Program
  • Object-Oriented Design
  • Software Construction – Object-Oriented Design, Certificate
  • Software Construction – Data Abstraction, Certificate
  • How to Code – Complex Data, Certificate
  • Professional LLM in Labour Relations and Employment Law
  • Competency in Structural Design for Non-Structural Engineers, Certificate
  • Sample-based Learning Methods
  • Prediction and Control with Function Approximation
  • Paleontology: Early Vertebrate Evolution
  • Dinosaur Paleobiology

Free Online Healthcare Courses With Certificate In Canada

Free Online Courses In Canada

Below is the list of 9 free online courses in Canada that you can apply for.

1. Object-Oriented Design

Object-Oriented Design is number one on this list of free online courses with certificates in Canada. The University of Alberta, in collaboration with Coursera, offers a free online certification course in Object-Oriented Design. It’s the first course on software architecture and design.

This course is primarily for students who have a basic understanding of Java object-oriented programming and are interested in software engineering.

Learners will be able to construct reusable, flexible, and testable software applications and systems by applying design concepts, patterns, and architectures.

2. Software Engineering Courses

Offered by: University of British Columbia, Canada

This course is part of the MicroMasters Program in Software Development. It explains how teams create, test, and maintain multi-version software systems.

You’ll learn how to apply software engineering concepts to a wide range of large-scale software systems. Agile development, REST and Async programming, software specification, design, refactoring, and information are all covered in this course.

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3. Professional LLM In Labour Relations And Employment Law

This is a 12 months course that will give you a deeper understanding of the theory, policies, and principles that underlie Labour and employment law.

The course requires the completion of 36 credits obtained through coursework and a Major Research Paper, or coursework only. Your progress and performance are evaluated through papers, presentations, and take-home assignments.

4. Behavioural Economics In Action

Institution: University_of_TorontoX
Subject: Business & Management
Level: Introductory
Language: English
Video Transcript: English

Here you will learn to use principles and methods of behavioral economics to change behaviors, improve welfare and make better products and policies.

Develop an understanding of the philosophy and the principles underlying the field of behavioral economics
Understand the differences between choice architecture/nudging and other approaches to behavior change.

Understand the key elements of an experiment, differentiate between three basic types of experimental designs, and gain insight into ANOVA and regression techniques for analyzing data.

Use a prescribed process for designing your own nudges, and identify specific resources and tools you will need to execute a nudging strategy.

5. Software Construction

Nest of this list of free online courses with certificates in Canada is Software Construction. The University of British Columbia – UBCx offers another free online course with Certificates in Canada. It’s a six-week course.

The MicroMaster degree in software development includes a course called Software Construction. It offers new abstraction techniques and design patterns, as well as covers the fundamentals of object-oriented design.

This method will assist you in creating an application that utilizes popular internet services and APIs.

6. How To Code – Simple Data, Certificate

This is a 7-week tuition-free online learning platform in collaboration with the University of British Columbia – UBCx.

EdX features the How to Code – Simple Data Program. You will learn the secret to writing well-tested and easy-to-improve programs, that will set you up to master any programming language. To be eligible to apply for EdX online certification, you must know how to speak English.

7. How To Code – Complex Data, Certificate

How to Code – Complex Data is a 6 weeks online certification course provided by the University of British Columbia.

This course will expose you to the simple additions to the design method that make it easy to write well-structured and well-tested code that is easy to maintain.

To apply for this course, we recommend you first learn the How to Code: Simple Data option to master the basics.

Coursework covers the following topics;

  • Identification of commonalities in data definitions and functions
  • How to avoid repetition using abstraction
  • How to design functions that operate on graphs
  • Design programs that search a given problem space to find a valid solution
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8. Quantum Machine Learning

The goal of this course is to show what benefits current and future quantum technologies can provide to machine learning, focusing on algorithms that are challenging with classical digital computers.

Institution: University_of_TorontoX
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Distinguish between quantum computing paradigms relevant to machine learning
  • Assess expectations for quantum devices on various time scales
  • Identify opportunities in machine learning for using quantum resources
  • Implement learning algorithms on quantum computers in Python

8. Data Abstraction

Another great course on this list of free online courses with certificates in Canada. This is the third course in the MicroMasters program in Software Development.

In six weeks, you’ll learn how to use the Java programming language to create larger and more complicated software systems.

A topic of data abstraction is covered throughout the course, from specification to implementation.

Free Online Healthcare Courses With Certificate In Canada

9. Advanced Skills For The Use Of Biosimilars And Biologics

This course aims to provide education and training, as well as advanced knowledge and skills, for health care professionals on the topic of biosimilars, a class of biological drugs or medical therapies that are highly similar to an existing originator medication that is off-patent.

Institution: University_of_TorontoX
Subject: Medicine
Level: Advanced
Language: English
Video Transcript: English

You will be thought the following in the free online class in Canada;

  • Improve knowledge of biologic and biosimilar medicines
  • Understand scientific and clinical evidence to support the appropriate cost-effective application of biosimilars across oncology, rheumatology, gastrointestinal disease, and other medical conditions
  • Address misconceptions regarding the use of biosimilars
  • Identify the benefits and significance of biosimilar use in clinical practice and across jurisdictions
  • Discuss implications of biosimilar use for clinical practice and patient education to optimize patient care and wellness

10. Dinosaur Paleobiology

Offered by: University of Alberta, Canada

Dinosaur 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology is a 12-lesson course that gives students a thorough understanding of non-avian dinosaurs.

Anatomy, feeding, movement, growth, environmental and behavioral adaptations, origins, and extinction are among the topics discussed. Museums, fossil-preparation labs, and dig sites all provide lessons.

Benefits Of Learning Online

Below are some advantages of learning free online;

  • The most significant benefit of online certification is that it may be obtained from the comfort of your own home.
  • You may use online certificates to boost your resume.
  • New Learning Technologies will be introduced to you through online education
  • When compared to on-campus learning, online certification costs less.


These free online courses in Canada with certificates will equip you with the relevant skillset and equip you to take your career to the next level.

So, enroll in the best free online courses with certificates that interest you. You can even make an online course comparison to choose the best one and land a successful career in your desired field.