12 Best Universities In Istanbul Turkey

12 Best Universities in Istanbul Turkey: You will easily find all information about the best universities in Istanbul that are obsessed with attaining educational excellence in one educational field or the other.

Get all info about the various study options for the best Universities in Istanbul Turkey and compare the tuition fees and length of study.

This article will make it easier for you to make your choice and offer solutions to different questions about the best universities in Istanbul Turkey.

About Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul is a magical composition of two continents. Aside from being the largest and most popular city of Turkey, Istanbul is also the biggest cultural and financial center of Turkey.

Istanbul is considered to be the bridge that links Asia with Europe from a cultural and geographical standpoint.

Istanbul is located partly in Asia and the other part in Europe. Its geographical position, as well as its rich history, are responsible for a fascinating melting pot of cultures.

Tourists are flocking to experience this magical city full of contrasts for themselves, making it the 5th most popular tourist destination in the world.

Istanbul offers an unforgettable experience for its travelers, with its colorful daily city life and dynamic nightlife.

And the skyline covers monumental minarets with skyscrapers and plazas. And especially the Historical Peninsula and the Bosphorus will make you deeply fall in love with the city.

Istanbul is also one of the most lively metropolises in the world (having more than 15 million residents) that offers a variety of intercontinental events, international film, music and theater festivals, international biennials, and more than 80 museums and many art galleries showcase all the culture, arts, and history; including painting, sculpture, photography and more.

Istanbul is known for its delicious meals of Turkish cuisine, from spicy and hot Anatolian and Aegean dishes freshly cooked with olive oil. Istanbul offers a wide range of Turkish cuisine at a variety of well-established, good, and luxury Istanbul restaurants.Top 10 Best Universities In Istanbul

The nightlife in Istanbul has really come alive in recent years and the locals will all tell you that the nightlife spreads out in all directions throughout the city.

Istanbul provides a variety of the traditional and modern products offered at the Ottoman’s originated historical bazaars and modern shopping malls making the city an attraction center for shopping lovers.

The world-famous Grand Bazaar (Kapalicarsi) is one of the greatest historical malls in the world, with more than 4000 shops.

The Egyptian Spice Bazaar (Misir Carsisi) is also very popular where you can enjoy the scenery of the various spices, dried fruits, basketry, jewelry, drapery, and haberdashery.

And most importantly it is where the best universities in Turkey are located.

Why Study In Istanbul Turkey

Do you need convincing or want to have reason to back up your decision on studying in your dream university? There are a thousand and one reasons why should study in Istanbul.

Here is some reason you should consider studying in Istanbul Turkey.

  • Top-ranked and Internationally accredited Universities
  • Cost-efficient (For students)
  • Well connected Cosmopolitan (Public Transport)
  • Turkish Culture
  • Diversity
  • Student city
  • Festivals And Concerts
  • Proximity to Europe and Asia
  • Job prospects
  • Investment opportunities
  • Opportunity to learn a new language

Top-Ranked And Internationally Accredited Universities

Istanbul is home to 12 of the highest-ranking universities in Turkey. Istanbul is a great start to pursue a degree in what you want, because of the sheer number of options offered in these best universities in Turkey.

Istanbul universities have a high-ranked academic staff and after graduation, certificates are recognized in Turkey and beyond.

2. Cost-efficient (For Students)

Istanbul is one of the most affordable metropolitan cities in the world.  Starting from extremely cheap access to all the public transport, to museum entries, discounts on restaurants, and almost any other store you could try your luck on.

3. Well Connected Cosmopolitan (Public Transport)

The municipality of Istanbul (Istanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi) has done a great job connecting the numerous cities in Istanbul.

There are over 10 metro lines, ferries, and an underwater train crossing right through the Bosphorus sea, that allows you to cross over from Asia to Europe in 2 minutes.

As a student, all of this takes less than 3 Liras ($0.50) per ride or you could take the monthly student package which makes each ride cost as low as 0.2 Liras ($0.02).

4. Turkish Culture

Turkish Culture is uniquely beautiful and consists of traditions from hundreds of years of Ottoman history. From Turkish Hamams to the Evil Eye (Nazar) hanging everywhere in Turkey.

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Turkish hospitality is likely the most remarkable aspect of the culture, where Turkish people frequently wish to treat you to a cup of tea, food, or offer you a place to stay.

As a student studying in one of the best Universities in Istanbul Turkey, it is extremely fun to constantly discover the beauty of this culture, and appreciate the diversity within Turkey itself.

5. Diversity

Istanbul is the most diverse city in Turkey for the mere reason that it serves as the urban hub for the country.

Turkish people from all over Turkey come to Istanbul in search of employment and a better living standard.

Istanbul is also home to many Europeans, Asians, and residents of other Middle Eastern Countries, outside of turkey who come to the city for education, employment, or tourism.

This exposes you as a student, to people from so many different regions at an early age of your life, which allows you to explore different cultures, mix and interact with different people from all over the world, giving you the unique opportunity to become internationally acquainted and grow.

5. Student City

Best Universities In Turkey

Istanbul is the city with most universities in Turkey. It is the educational hub of Turkey with around 50 universities in the city.

Istanbul has many international students registered to be studying here from all over the world pursuing undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees, and Ph.D.’s.

It is also the city with the most exchange students in Turkey from Europe, the USA, South America, and Asia because it has most of the highest-ranking universities in Turkey and the most agreements with international universities.

You will never stop meeting new students in this city as an “Istanbulian” and this makes student life even more enjoyable.

6. Festivals And Concerts

There are frequent festivals occurring throughout the year in Istanbul starting from Private University festivals to Turkish Music festivals, Holi-festivals, Halloween parties, and other annual fests that go on for entire weeks.

7. Proximity To Europe And Asia

As a student studying in one of the best Universities in Turkey, student life is the best time to travel and explore the world.

Istanbul as a city is located in such a central spot of the world that it allows easy access to both continents, with affordable flights to most countries within Europe and Asia.

Universities in Istanbul offer you cultural exposure, by opening the gates for you to many different countries and ethnicities.

8. Job Prospects

Istanbul is an urban metropolitan city that attracts workers from all over Turkey, by offering relatively higher incomes and greater opportunities.

As an international student, you may wish to try working in a different country after graduating and Istanbul offers you many opportunities to do so.

However, it is prohibited to work as a student when you enter turkey with a student visa.

Luckily, this does not exclude you from working with your university in academia to teach English or tutor your peers in various subjects, to earn a little extra pocket money.

9. Investment Opportunities

Why Study In Istanbul TurkeyThe Turkish economy is definitely not the most advanced economy in the world, but despite that, there are some extra financial opportunities that you could find.

In terms of real investment opportunities, there are fairly convenient laws for young entrepreneurs (Students) with tax benefits, if they wish to start up a cafe, shop, etc.

Investing in the stock markets, (Borsa Istanbul) is possible for all students with a bank account.

10. Opportunity To Learn A New Language

Finally, Turkish is one of the easiest and sweetest languages to learn.

Regardless of your academic life being in English, it is nearly impossible not to learn Turkish as an international student because you hear it everywhere on the streets and in every shop.

12 Best Universities In Istanbul Turkey

There are many Universities in Istanbul. Below is a comprehensive list of the Best Universities In Istanbul Turkey.

1 Sabanci University
2 Istanbul Technical University (ITU)
3 Istanbul University
4 Koç University (KU)
5 Marmara University
6 Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi
7 Doğuş University
8 Yeditepe University
9 Istanbul Bilgi University
10 Anadolu University
11 Ataturk University
12 Bosphorus University (Boğaziçi University, BU)














1. Sabanci UniversityTop Best Universities In Turkey

Sabanci University (SU) has a reputation for a young but already well-known Turkish higher education institution with a non-commercial form of ownership.

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The origins of the academic activity of the University of Sabanci started back in 1994. The university is located in Istanbul, the most beautiful city in Turkey.

Program name Date Age Cost
Bachelor’s program in Turkish 18+ from 17 000 $ / year
Master’s program in Turkish 21+ from 15 500 $ / year
Application for admission is not only for citizens or locals but foreigners are can apply too.

2. Istanbul Technical University (ITU)

Among the 12 Best universities In Istanbul Turkey, the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is the oldest educational institution in Turkey.

It began operating in 1773 as the Royal School of Naval Technology. Over time, this institution changed the profile of education, and in 1883 it was already the Engineering Academy, which then gained the status of a higher educational institution and in 1944 became part of the Istanbul Technical University.

In the national rating, the university occupies high positions, as it stably enters the TOP 12 of the best educational institutions of the country.

In the international list of the most worthy institutions of higher education, the institution is currently at 608 places. The quality of teaching here is high.

Equipment at Istanbul Technical University

The main campus of Istanbul Technical University is territorially located in the picturesque city of Istanbul. Other buildings are in the cities of Maslak, Tuzla, Tashyshla, Gyumushsu, and Machka. The structure of the university includes:

  • 346 scientific laboratories;
  • 12 research centers;
  • a big library;
  • a student hostel for foreign citizens (with all conditions);
  • pool;
  • sports complexes and equipment;
  • stadium;
  • dining rooms.

The Istanbul Technical University is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living and teaching.

Bachelors’s program and the Master’s degree program in the university cost 3,000 $ each yearly.

3. Istanbul University

Istanbul University is a public institution of higher education in Turkey and is among the best Universities in Istanbul and rich with a long history of existence.

Istanbul University began academic activities in 1453. The central buildings of the university are located in the city of Istanbul.

Due to its long existence and reputation, quite a large number of youth want to study at Istanbul University.

Istanbul University stands out for its constant entry into the top 12 national list of the best universities.

Admission to the University is not restricted to only citizens. On average, 5% of individuals that attend the University are foreigners.

The teaching staff consists of 2800 specialists and up to 82 000 students.

4. Koç University (KU)

Koç University (KU) is an excellent example of a private, non-profit higher education institution. The beginning of academic activity of this educational institution started in 1993.

The central buildings of the Koç university are in the city of Istanbul.

Koç University has a prestigious location in the national academic ranking. Leading positions are characterized by constant finding in the top best Istanbul Turkish universities.

It is noteworthy that the recognition of world academic circles KU was able to achieve in only a quarter of a century.

The institution is quite small in size with up to 6000 students and 433 teachers. Statistically, 4 % of students in the University are from other countries.

For self-study, students are provided with a modern library, with all the necessary literature. All visitors are provided with accommodation in a hostel located directly near the campus.

5. Marmara University

Marmara University (abbreviated as MU) popularly known as one of the best universities in Istanbul Turkey, is a state institution of higher education in Turkey, which began its educational activities in the year 1883.

The university has its own campus in the prestigious city of Istanbul.

The university admits about 45,000 students every year. The university takes an active part in international student and teaching exchange programs.

The university owns a large library. The Marmara University of higher education is a member of scientific groups and authoritative communities.

6. Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi

Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi or Yildiz Technical University (abbreviated as YTU) is a state institution of higher education in Turkey, which started its academic programs in the distant 1911 and continues to this day.

The University’s main building is located in the city of Istanbul.

Every year, 24,000 students take courses offered by the institution. The academic staff of the University is more than 1,500 professors and teachers of the highest category.

This University also offers bachelor’s and master’s programs.

The university infrastructure includes a modern hostel, large library, sports facilities, and reputable scientific groups.

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7. Bosphorus University (Boğaziçi University, BU)

Bosphorus University (Boğaziçi University, BU) was founded in 1863 and is a higher educational institution in Turkey.

About 11,000 students study at the university, 7% of whom are foreign citizens.

BU is one of the top 12 best universities in the country of Turkey and is part of the network of educational institutions of the European University Association (EUA).

The University provides comfortable accommodation to students in the hostel. The hostel is well equipped to make living easier. The cost of living in the hostel is $20 per month.

Students can participate in scholarship programs of the university, and also, University students have the opportunity to undergo a 3-month internship in European companies under the Erasmus + Mobility program.

8. Doğuş University

Doğuş University (abbreviated DU) is among the best universities in Istanbul Turkey. The institution is a non-profit private educational institution in Turkey, which has been conducting academic and scientific work since 1997. The university has a small campus in Istanbul.

The University is a medium-sized institution with about 5000 students and 400 academic staff of the highest category.

Application for admission into the institution can be made by both residents of the country and foreigners as well.

9. Yeditepe University

Yeditepe University one of the top 10 universities in Turkey is a private higher education institution that has been active in research since the beginning of the distant 1996 in Turkey.

Now the main campus building of the university is located in the city of Istanbul.

It is an average university, which accommodates about 20,000 students yearly, and about1500 teachers of the highest category.

The University is actively involved in international programs that are associated with academic and student exchange.

While studying, students have access to a large university library, students dormitory, sports equipment, and playground on the University campus.

The university is a member of the authoritative scientific group of the European University Association (EUA).

10. Istanbul Bilgi UniversityTop 10 Universities In Turkey

Istanbul Bilgi University (abbreviated as BILGI ) is the highest private educational institution in Turkey, which has been active in academic work since the beginning of 1996.

Currently, BILGI University is located with its main building and campus in the city of Istanbul.

Considering a medium-sized higher education institution, the university Turkey educates about 14,000 students annually, and about 900 teachers of the highest category work at Istanbul Bilgi University.

The university is also considered one of the top best universities in Instanbul for international students. Students take an active part in various international exchange programs.

They are active participants in various groups and associations such as the European University Association (EUA), Laureate International Universities, United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the Principles for Responsible Business Education (PRME), and The Magna Charta Observatory of Fundamental University Values and Rights.

11. Anadolu University

Anadolu University is considered among the best universities in Istanbul Turkey.

Over 500,000 to 1,000,000 students are accepted into the university yearly.

The university started its academic activities far back in 1982 and the main campus is located in the urban area of Istanbul.

Several areas of study are covered by the institution. Some of the programs offered by the institution include pre-bachelor degrees, foundation degrees, diplomas, bachelor’s and master’s programs as well as doctorates.

12. Ataturk University

Ataturk university is a non-profit public university located at Erzurum.

The university is considered as of the top 10 universities in Turkey with sub campuses located at different locations in the country.

The institution was founded in the year 1954. Students are admitted at the base of high school transcripts and high scores on the entrance exams.


Are Turkish Unversitities Good?

According to The Times Higher Education, Turkey has 6 universities on the list of the top 400 universities in the world. Therefore they are considered good.

Is Studying In Turkey Expensive?

Private universities set and manage their own fees and charge up to $20,000.

At public universities, tuition fees are generally more expensive for study programs in English, ranging from $600-1500 per year, while the same courses in Turkish are around $240-750.

The expense is quite moderate.


The top best universities in Istanbul Turkey permits both residents of the country and foreigners as well to study in a conducive environment.

Therefore, go through our carefully prepared list of the best universities in Turkey and make a choice for yourself.