Glo Data Plan – How to Activate, Transfer, and Opt Out

When it comes to the Glo data plan, there are lots of benefits you can get from this network operator.

That’s why we’ve outlined all you need to know about this subscription plan including how to activate a paused Glo data plan, transfer, auto-renew, and opt-out of the Glo data plan.

This guide also covers the cheapest data packages from Glo to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

To activate Glo data plan dail *777# and follow prompts.
To cancel or opt-out, send the word “Cancel” to 127 as text message.

You won’t pay more for data you won’t use and neither will you spend for data that won’t meet your need.

Therefore, whether you want to subscribe to WhatsApp, YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, etc. let’s show you some of the cheapest monthly data plans in Nigeria.

How to Activate Glo Data Plan

Here’s how to activate the Glo data plan on your Android phone (4G Samsung, Xiaomi, Infinix, Gionee, etc.) or iPhone (iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, etc.)

Choose a Package:

The first step to browsing with your Glo line is to subscribe.

But then, you need to know how much data is offered and the cost for the amount of internet data you want.

On that note, dial the USSD code *777#.

You’ll be shown the costs for daily, weekly, monthly, mega, special, and WTF data plans.

Let’s break each of them down.

1. Glo Daily Data Plan:

There are two packages in the Glo daily plan.

These packages are:

  • 50MB for ₦50/1 Day
  • 150MB for ₦100/1 Day

This plan is suitable if you’re on a tight budget and don’t really spend much on data.

It’s also better if you already have a massive data plan on MTN, Airtel, or 9mobile but the network on either of these lines is poor.

In this case, you can still complete your task instead of being delayed by a poor network.

2. Glo Weekly Data Plan:

There two packages for the Glo weekly plan.

These are the:

  • 350MB for ₦200/2 Days
  • 1.35GB for ₦500/14 Days

A weekly subscription helps you to manage your data better. You’ll only use it for things that are important.

This ensures you don’t go overboard while streaming movies and downloading apps & games.

Therefore, if you’ve budgeted ₦2,000 for monthly data, subscribing on a weekly basis will ensure you don’t overseed this budget.

3. Glo Monthly Data Plan:

There are 12 packages in the Glo monthly plan, which provides a great collection of offers to choose from.

These packages include:

  • 2.9GB for ₦1000/30 Days
  • 4.1GB for ₦1,500/30 Days
  • 5.8GB for ₦2,000/30 Days
  • 7.7GB for ₦2,500/30 Days
  • 10GB for ₦3,000/30 Days
  • 13.25GB for ₦4,000/30 Days
  • 18.25GB for ₦5,000/30 Days
  • 29.5GB for ₦8,000/30 Days
  • 50GB for ₦10,000/30 Days
  • 93GB for ₦15,000/30 Days
  • 119GB for ₦18,000/30 Days
  • 138GB for ₦20,000/30 Days
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The monthly plan requires that you spend more at once to get large amounts of browsing data.

However, it comes with an advantage when compared to the daily and weekly plans.

Let’s take the ₦500 weekly plan that offers 1.35GB.

If you spend ₦1,000 a month, it means you’ll get 2.7GB.

On the other hand, ₦1,000 for the monthly plan gives you 2.9GB worth of data.

While the difference is just 200MB, it can mean a lot if you’re buying data every so often.

This extra data will most especially be appreciated by content creators (Freelancers, Writers, Bloggers, Titokers, YouTubers, etc.), crypto and Forex traders, web designers, etc.

4. Glo Mega Data Plan:

There are six packages in the Glo mega data plan.

These packages are:

  • 225GB for ₦30,000/30 DAYS
  • 300GB for ₦36,000/30 DAYS
  • 425GB for ₦50,000/30 DAYS
  • 525GB for ₦60,000/120 DAYS
  • 675GB for ₦75,000/120 DAYS
  • 1TB for ₦100,000/1 YEAR

Given how large the data offered in this package are and the price they are offered, you’ll agree that this is a plan created for users who consume loads of data daily.

Specifically, mega plans are suited for small business owners who want to ensure seamless internet connection during working hours.

Therefore, if you own a saloon, fashion website, computer shop, etc. this is the kind of plan you should opt for.

The same goes if you tend to connect your smartphone via Hotspot to stream YouTube or Netflix on your SmartTV.

And if you’ve been wondering, “how much is Glo yearly data plan?” it’s ₦100,000 for 1TB worth of data.

5. Glo Special Data Plans:

There are 13 offers in the Glo special data plans segment.

The offers are:

  • 1GB for ₦300/1 Day
  • 2GB for ₦500/2 Days
  • 1.25GB for ₦200/ Sunday
  • 7GB for ₦1500 / 7 Days
  • 250MB for ₦25 / 12AM TO 5AM 1 Day Validity
  • 500MB for ₦50 / 12AM TO 5AM 1 Day Validity
  • 1GB for ₦100 / 12AM TO 5 Days Validity
  • 100MB for ₦100/2 Days
    You also get 225MB On-campus data
    25MB free data for sharing
    ₦100 Glo to Glo Bonus
  • 200MB for ₦200/4 Days
    You also get 450MB on-campus data
    50MB free data for sharing
    ₦200 Glo to Glo Bonus
  • 500MB for ₦500/7 Days
    You also get 1.12GB on-campus data
    125MB free data for sharing
    ₦500 Glo to Glo Bonus
  • 1GB for ₦1,000/15 Days
    Get 2.25GB On-campus data
    250MB free data for sharing
    ₦1,000 Glo to Glo Bonus
  • 2GB for ₦2,000/30 Days
    Get 4.5GB On-campus data
    500MB free data for sharing
    ₦2,000 Glo to Glo Bonus
  • 5GB for ₦5,000/30 Days
    Get 11.2GB On-campus data
    125MB free data for sharing
    N5,000 Glo to Glo Bonus

These packages offer cost savings while giving you more data.

They are ideal if you have data-consuming tasks to complete at the moment.

For instance, if you’re a student who’s writing an assignment, project, or research, opting for the special plan is advisable.

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You’ll be spending less on more data (data which you have to exhaust within hours or days.)

Another instance is if you’re trying to upgrade your computer’s operating system such as from Windows 8 to Windows 10 or even downloading some program files.

You could also call it a movie night or weekend with family and friends and then use the special plan to make the most of your time together.

The list goes on and on.

6. Glo WTF Data Plans:

The Glo WTF data plans consist of three packages for lovers of WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.

The packages in this plan are:

  • 100MB for ₦25/1 DAY
  • 200MB for ₦50/7 DAYS
  • 500MB for ₦100/30 DAYS

These plans are intended to help you save money while at the same time giving you access to your social media accounts.

If you’re not ready to subscribe but still want to be active on social media, this plan is for you.

Nonetheless, you may still have to turn off images or auto-loading of videos since a cap has been put on this plan.

Here’s what we mean:

Even though the 500MB you’re given can be used for a month, if you exhaust it in two hours then you would’ve exhausted it already.

7. Single Social Bundles:

The Glo single bundles grants you access to social media pages but unlike the WTF plan, you can only access one social media at a time.

That is to say, if you opt for the Single package for Tiktok, you’ll only be able to browse Tiktok videos and not other social media pages like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

With that in mind, the various Glo Single data bundles are:

a. Single Bundles – TikTok:
  • 20MB for ₦25/1 Day
  • 50MB for ₦50/7 Days
  • 125MB for ₦100/30 Days
b. Social Bundles – Telegram:
  • 20MB for ₦25/1 Day
  • 50MB for ₦50/7 Days
  • 125MB for ₦100/30 Days
C. YouTube Bundles:
  • 100MB for ₦50/1 Day
  • 200MB for ₦100/7 Days
  • 500MB for ₦250/30 Days
D. Single Bundles – Instagram:
  • 20MB for ₦25/1 Day
  • 50MB for ₦50/7 Days
  • 125MB for ₦100/30 Days
E. Single – Whatsapp

There’s no special plan created to support WhatsApp of the Glo network.

However, the are still cheap packages you can use as an alternative to the Glo WhatsApp-only subscription.

The codes and prices are shown below:

  • *127*14# for 22MB for Costs N50/1 day
  • *127*56# for 210MB for N200/4 days

What is the Best Glo Data Plan?

The best Glo data plan is dependent on what you intend to do.

Do you want to complete immediate large tasks which require loads of data to complete?

Then the Glo special plan is ideal.

On the other hand, opting for the Glo WTF or social plans is recommended if you spend more time on top social media pages like Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook.

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We’ll also like to add that the weekly plan is the best Glo tariff plan for data if your goal is to manage your data and spend less.

You’ll gain access to your favorite websites but access webpages moderately since you’re aware that the data needs to last for at least five days.

All you need to do to subscribe for any of the Glo data plans is to dial *777#

How to Check Glo Data Balance

There are three ways to check your Glo data balance.

These are:

1. Check Using Text Message:

The first method is to send the word INFO as a text message to 127.

2. Check Balance Using USSD:

The second method is to dial *127*0#

You can also check your Glo data balance by dialing *777#.

  • Next, select 3G or 4G data plans
  • Type 4 to choose the Manage Data option
  • Typing 4 to choose the Check balance option.

Follow the same steps outlined above to check your Glo night plan data balance dial

  • Dial *127*0# or
  • Send INFO to 127.

How to Transfer Glo Data Plan

Glo allows you to share your active data plan with five people and this means you can share with your family, partner, friends, colleagues, etc.

So here’s how to transfer or share data on the Glo network:

  • Add a recipient of data to your sharing list by dialing *127*01*friend’s number#

For example:

Dial *127*01*07052456xxx#


  • Send ‘Share number’  as a text message to 127.

For example:

Share 07052456xxx

You can remove any of the recipients on your Glo data sharing list by dialing:

  • *127*02*number#


  • Send Remove number to 127

For example:

Send Remove 07052456xxx to 127

How to Opt-Out of Glo Data Plan

To opt-out or cancel a Glo data plan, send ‘cancel’ as a text message to 127.

You’ll be able to deactivate your daily, weekly, monthly, or yakata data plans using this method.

How to Roll Over Glo Data Plan

To roll over your unused Glo data plan, subscribe for a new data plan before the current one expires.

The service provider will automatically merge your remaining data with the new one.

For instance, if your current data plan will expire on the 15th day of the month, subscribe for new data before the 15th of that month.

Thus, you’ll have more data to work with instead of rushing to exhaust all your data on the day it’ll expires.


Now that you know how to activate, transfer, roll over, and opt-out of the Glo data plan, use these tips to your advantage.

The wide range of data packages above means you can pick one that saves you money in the long run.

You won’t miss out on your online activities and neither will you break your wallet just to be active online.