How To Block My MTN Number Incase Of Loss Or Theft

In this article, you get to know how to block your MTN number in case of loss or theft.

Are you in desperate need of a way to block your missing SIM card because your phone was stolen or you misplaced it?

Some will say I can always get a new SIM. What if the SIM card is linked to your bank or the thief uses your sim to defraud others?

It is good to know how to block your MTN number or any other number in case of desperate times.

As I stated earlier, you will get to know how to block your Sim card to avoid stories that touch the heart.

How To Block My MTN Number In Case Of Loss Or Theft Of Phone

There are several methods to block your SIM card. But before you go about it, make sure that;

Your SIM card was actually stolen and won’t be returned. First, call your number severally with another number if it still rings there is a probability that it will be returned or someone that picked it up will return it.

But your phone was on initially, and after you noticed it was stolen and you can’t reach your line then you need to block it.

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Desperate times require desperate measures. All network providers including MTN will allow you to get in touch.

Follow the steps to block your MTN line permanently.

  • How to block your MTN line is very easy, simply call the MTN customer service line by dialing 180 with another phone that uses MTN.
  • Follow the calling procedure and request to be directed to the customer care representative.
  • Once your call is been placed with the call representative, explain your situation to him or her, follow whatever they tell you and your SIM will be successfully blocked.

Although this method might seem difficult due to the time it will take before you get a call representative to answer you, in all, it is worth it.

NOTE:  All these procedures are been carried out with another phone. Yes, you can block your MTN number with another phone.

Like I said earlier desperate times require desperate measures. You have to use a friend’s phone, a colleague, or a family member’s phone to get this done.

To block your MTN number, simply call the MTN customer service by dialing 180 and a call representative will see you through till the number is blocked permanently.

How To Block A Number From Calling You

Do feel like blocking someone’s contact and don’t know how to? The solution is here.

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Unwanted calls can be very annoying and they come in different forms. There are ways to stop them.

In this chapter, I will explain how to block MTN numbers from calling you without having to put your phone in flight or airplane mode.

Method 1

You can block the number by dialing *35*0000*The number you want to block# and click on SEND.

The code to block a number from calling you in Nigeria is *35*0000*.

Once this is been sent on your MTN line, the number will be blocked immediately.

Method 2

You can also block a number by going through your phone setting. Although this varies for different phones.

The steps to block your line are as follows;

  1. Go to your contact and select the number you want.How To Block Number From Calling You On Small Phone
  2. Go to the menu button on the top right corner.How To Block Number From Calling You
  3. Select click on Add to blacklist”
  4. The number will be blocked immediately.

Conclusion On How To Block To MTN Number

With the steps above on how to block MTN numbers, you will be able to successfully block your number that is either missing.

You can also block that number that has been disturbing you non-stop by just dialing the number mentioned in method 2.

If you have other methods that will be helpful on Code To Block Number From Calling you.

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