Easiest Way To Check Your MTN Phone Number In 2023

MTN Number Code

Have you been in a situation where you need to find your MTN number but dont Know How To Check Your MTN Phone Number?

You might have multiple numbers because you can use more than one mobile operator in Nigeria, and you might find it challenging to have all these numbers at the tip of your finger.

In this article, we will like to teach each person how to check MTN phone numbers without having any challenges at all.

How To Check MTN Phone Number

There are many ways you can check for your MTN number that will cover How to check your number on MTN South Africa, How to check MTN number in Nigeria, and How to check MTN number in Ghana.

  1. Using Code To Check MTN Number
  2. Calling Customer Care
  3. Calling A Friend
  4. Request A Call-Back

They will be explained briefly in detail how to check Mtn Number without stress.

You can also check out how to transfer airtime from MTN to other networks.

How To Check Mtn Number Using Code

The best way to check for the MTN number is by using the USSD code.

This is very easy. Simply follow the steps on the MTN number code to check for your phone number.

  • Dial *123# on your mobile phone
  • Press enter and multiple options will be displayed for you to choose
  • Enter “1” for the option that says “Account Information” and send.How To Check MTN Phone Number Using Code
  • You will then receive several on-screen options again, Input “1” which shows “My Number” and send.
  • Your  MTN phone number will be sent to you as a message using 131 as the sender.
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If you feel the process is too long for you you can simply dial *123*1*1# and your phone number will be sent directly to your phone.

Another good news is that you can use another MTN number code to check for your number if you don’t feel like using the above code because most times you might get an error message.

Simply dial *663# and your MTN phone number will be sent directly to your phone without wasting time.

How To Check Your MTN Number By Calling Customer Care

The method you want to use to check your MTN Number is strictly by choice. What Mr. A might prefer will not be what you want.

You can simply call the MTN customer care service by dialing 180.

You will first choose the language you prefer and then choose the option of talking to a customer care representative directly.

Then request your mobile number and the representative will tell you how to go about it.

How To Check MTN Number By Calling A Friend

You can easily check your mobile number by calling a friend, family, or any other relative that you are with.

Your number will be displayed on their phone and you can copy it or write it down.

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There is a limitation to the method. You can only use this method if you are sure you have airtime for calls.

Request A Call-Back

If your find all these options tiring or they are not working due to a certain reason or limitation, simply go for this method.

  • Dial *133# on your mobile
  • The option for a number you want to send a call back to will surface, Input the number preferably someone you are with at the moment.
  • Choose the exact callback option you want, input any of them either 1, 2, or 3 then send.
  • A message will be sent to the number you typed in earlier with your number displaying as the sender.
  • Copy your number and store it as a contact.

How To Check My NIN On MTN

Have you forgotten your 11 digits National Identification Number? Are you in a position to provide your NIN but don’t have it handy?

No need to search further we got you covered. With the simple step below you will be able to check for your NIN on MTN.

  • Dial *346#
  • Enter option 1 and send
  • Then the screen will provide the required 11 digits for you.

Note: This option is only available for you if the MTN line you are using is the same as the one you used while registering for your National Identification Number.

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And a service fee of 20 Naira will be charged per message you send.


I hope this article on how to check MTN phone number covered all your questions like How To Check Mtn Number Nigeria, How To Check Your Number On Mtn South Africa, Mtn Number Code, Code To Check My Number, How To Check Mtn Number In Ghana, and How To Check My Nin Number On Mtn.

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