How To Delete Binance Account | A Step By Step Guide

How to delete Binance account on phone or laptop is a common question among people on Reddit, Quora, and other platforms who wish to discontinue using the services of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange, trading, and investing platform in the world called, Binance.

If you fall into the category above and you’ve tried deleting your Binance account but found no option to delete your Binance account on your dashboard, this article is for you.

In the course of this article, we shall also discuss other burning questions about how to delete Binance account such as; what happens when I disable my Binance account, How long does it take to delete Binance account, If I delete my Binance account can I make a new one, how do I remove my number from Binance, what happens when you delete your Binance account and many more.

How To Delete Binance Account

Here are the step-bystep procedures on how to delete Binance account.

Log In To Your Binance Account

The first step of deleting your Binance account is to first of all, login to your Binance account profile with either your phone number or email address.

Note: Binance has different domain extensions for many countries.

For instance, if you want to permanently delete your US Binance account, you should log in to your dashboard using, same applies to other countries like the United Kingdom, etc.

1. Navigate To The Security Section

After you’ve logged in to your Binance account, you will have to navigate to the Security section on the top-right menu bar.

The menu bar comprises other tabs like “Security”, “Identification”, API Management”, Reward Center, Award Center, and many more.

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Then, go to your security setting so as to find the Disable or Delete your Binance account option.

2. Click On The “Disable Account Icon”

This is the third stage of how to delete a Binance account.

The “Disable Account Icon” comes after you’re done with the security section.

On the security page, you’ll see a checklist to increase your account security.

Also under the page, you’ll see multiple options such as 2FA (2factor authentication), Login Password, Device Management, and more.

Then, you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to be able to see the “Account Activity” option,

Here, you’ll see your last login activity under the “Account Activity” option.

At this point, you’ll see a “Disable Account” underlined link.

Then, Click on the “Disable Account” tab so as to proceed to the page where you’ll have the option to Delete or Permanently Disable your Binance account.

3. Select the “Delete This Account” Option

After you’ve clicked on “Disable account”, you’ll be given two options to choose from.

The first option is to Disable your Binance account.

However, you may disable your Binance account if you detect any suspicious activity in your account.

If you disable your account, you’ll only be able to reactivate it after two hours from the time you disabled it because it’s temporary.

Then you’ll see “Delete Your Binance Account on the second option.

Note: If you delete your Binance account, it’s permanent and irreversible.

To go to the page to delete your Binance account, click on “Delete this account.

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Input Your Phone Number Or Email Address You Used During Registration

Immediately after clicking the “Delete This Account” button, you’ll see the “Delete Account Application” icon.

Here, you’ll see the “Email” and “Mobile” tabs.

Select the “Email” or “Phone” that you used while opening the account depending on your preference.

4. Proceed To Click On the “Confirm To Delete Icon” Tab

This is the last step of how to delete your Binance account.

Proceed to the bottom of the page after you’ve entered your Email or Phone number associated with your account.

Do ensure to carefully read the information on this page as you’ll see the implications of deleting your Binance account.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a “Confirm to delete” button.

Then click on “Confirm To Delete” which will automatically send a request to Binance to delete your account.

After you’ve clicked on “Confirm to delete”, Binance will audit your request and your total number of assets.

Note: Your account needs to have 0.001 BTC or lesser before your request to delete your Binance account will be accepted by Binance.

However, in most cases, you may be required to submit certain documents for security reasons before they finally delete the account which may extend the review time.

Also, note that you’ll lose any asset you deposit on your deleted Binance account.

At this point, you’ve successfully and permanently deleted your Binance account.

How Long Does It Take To Delete Your Binance Account?

Deleting your Binance account as stated procedurally above will take 12 minutes or less to perform if you already know how to delete your Binance account.

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What Happens When You Disable Your Account on Binance?

What happens when you disable your Binance account is another burning question amongst Binance users who want to disable their account for one reason or the other.

When you disable your Binance, you will not be unable to reactivate the account or perform any activity on the account reactivation until two hours from the time you disabled the account.

Then, after two hours have elapsed from the time you disabled the Binance account, you’ll be able to start performing your regular trading and other activities on your Binance account.

How Do I Remove My Number From Binance?

Here are the step-by-step procedures on how to delete your number from your Binance account.

  1. Log in to your Binance account with your Email or Phone Number associated with your account.
  2. Go to the security section on the top right of your Binance account.
  3. Disabling your current cell phone number.
  4. Go through your security verification
  5. Reset your security verification if you’re unable to verify it.
  6. Complete your email verification.
  7.  At this point, you can now successfully change your phone number on Binance.

Before We Go

Congratulation as you’ve learned how to delete your Binance account with your phone or your laptop.

We trust this article on how to delete your Binance account, what happens when you delete your Binance account, how long does it take to delete your Binance account, and more will guide you if you want to perform any of the above functions on your Binance account.