Best Sugar Daddy Apps That Sends Money

Best sugar daddy apps that send money. For most people, traditional dating is a waste of time.

To meet up with these needs of some people, innovations have included easy ways to get sugar daddy apps that send money to pretty girls who make themselves available.

These innovations are apps and websites that make dating and relationships more fun than before.

If you are a rich man who likes to spoil women he dates, Or a woman that likes to be spoiled, pampered, and loves to be gifted with the finer things of life.

We have compiled the best, most legit, and most trusted sugar daddy apps that send money without failure.


These are the sugar daddy apps that send money:

  • SeekingArrangement
  • MissTravel
  • What’s Your Price
  • RichMeetBeautiful
  • Sugar Daddy Meet
  • Established Men
  • Sudy
  • Elite single

Not every app is safe or worth one’s time. To avoid wasting money or ending up chatting with a bot, people can go straight to the real sugar daddy sources that offer legitimacy and success.

This article was carefully compiled to help you locate the best sugar daddy apps that send money without wasting your time and money on irrelevant apps.

What Is Sugar Daddy?

A sugar daddy is a wealthy man that prefers a younger woman as a companion, girlfriend, or mistress for the purpose of getting intimate pleasures and benefits, company, and affection from her.

In exchange, he pays her bills, allowance and takes care of all her financial and material needs.

How To Get Sugar Daddy To Send You Money Online

One of the ways of finding a sugar daddy to send you money online is:

1. Know Where To Fish

Send messages to as many rich men as possible through Sugar Daddy Apps that send money. Find apps whose apps, whose objectives are friendly benefactor dating, and that will spare you a great deal of time.

Search for sugar daddies who are similar to you by looking through the men’s profiles. Men who are looking for lavishing sugar babies like yourself.

2. Be The baby He Wants You To Be

Most of these wealthy men are either divorced or stressed from the up and downs of marriage problems.

To get them to meet your needs, you need to play to their dreams and be all that they need you to be. There will be the need for you to keep off from other expected men as time goes on.

3. Be More Genuine And Honest

Individuals who have experienced married life are bound to be very tricky and wary to avoid being cheated upon.

Subsequent to your association, you may be familiar with how much he makes. He also knows the amount that is enough for your upkeep.

Don’t be driven by greed and request extra cash and treats just because you were given the opportunity to do so.

Don’t allow dishonesty to make you lose sugar daddies that will send you money online.

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4. Appearance 

Your appearance as a sugar baby should be your number one priority. Your dressing contributes to your chances of getting a rich sugar daddy that will meet your needs.

Best Sugar Daddy Apps That Send Money

Here are the apps in detail:


This is one of the most popular sugar daddy apps that send money without any trouble at all. The app has over ten million users. About 8 million sugar babies, and 2 million sugar daddies and mummies.

Another good thing about this app is that they have an area where experienced sugar daddies offer advice to new sugar baby members on how to prevent scams.

To get sugar daddies that will send you money, you must update your profile and then send a message to any individual you see fit on the site.

This site provides free access to sugar babies while sugar daddies are charged a fair share for the service.

Benefits Of This App

  • There are about 10 million members from 139 countries using this app.
  •  Sugar babies (women) get to sign up for free.

Miss Travel – Best for Travelers

This is one of the sugar daddy apps that send money to sugar babies that loves to travel and have fun while at it during their dates.Sugar Daddy That Send Money Without Meeting Free

The two parties meet at a location of their choice within or outside the country to enjoy their time and sightseeing.

The “create a trip” feature allows a sugar daddy to provide a preview of the date’s location alongside activities scheduled for that date just to impress their sugar babies.

Benefits Of This App

  • Takes dating to a new level because of the traveling advantage.
  • Women get to sign up for free
  • Sugar babies can feel better to propose dates in advance and find someone to actualize that dream.

What’s Your Price – Best for Paid Dates

How To Get A Sugar Daddy To Give You Money Online

This particular sugar daddy app that sends money is known for its bidding function. Sugar daddies place cash bids on attractive sugar babies in other to win a date with them.

How To Get A Sugar Daddy To Give You Money Online

It is competitive yet user-friendly. Bids start very low but can increase tremendously. Here the sugar baby also has a say during the bid. She will propose dates thereby making the bid more interesting.

Benefits Of This App

  • It has auction-style dating as its main function.
  • Bids start as low as $5 with no minimum wealth requirement
  • Access to the virtual gifting option is available

RichMeetBeautiful – Best for Long-Term Relationships

RichMeetBeautiful Sugar Daddy App

No matter how casual you want this dating thing to be, chances of finding true love are there. That’s why his site has made it possible for sugar daddy and baby for a long-term relationship.

This app also promotes marriage and matchmaking just to make sure that all members that join find the right connection.RichMeetBeautiful Sugar Daddy App

This app is known to promote love and romance among rich older men and young girls. While their competitors focus on no string attached sites.

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Benefits Of This App

  • Women are more than men on the site
  • Their security is topnotch
  • Moderators on-call
  • Android and Apple apps are available

Sugar Daddy Meet

This app will help you locate the top richest men who emerge from the 20 top richest countries in the world.Online Sugar Daddy No Meeting20 top richest countries in the world.

Signing up for this dating site to download the sugar daddy apps that send money is worth benefitting because it has no risk.

This sugar daddy app has been in existence since 2007 and has grown to accommodate over 4 million members.Online Sugar Daddy No Meeting

It’s slightly pricier for sugar babies, with membership listed as $50 (around £39) per month for both sugar babies and daddies.

Benefits Of This App

  • Over 4 million members
  • Allow advanced search options
  • Allow verification processes
  • Membership is restricted to users from the 20 richest countries in the world

SugarDaddie.comBest Overall Website

 This is one of the largest sugar daddy apps that send money online today because it has been in existence since 2002.How To Get A Sugar Daddy That Only Wants To Talk

This site provides a free 3 days trial before paying for membership. This allows you to know if you like the site and want to continue with them or not.

Platinum membership starts at $39.95 (£30) per month for all users, and Diamond starts at $44.95 (£35).

Benefits Of This App

  • It offers 3 day free trial
  • It gives a 20-year track record
  • it is a well-reputed and popular

Established Men

EstablishedMen has been in existence since but seems to escape the online sugar daddy radar.

It advised that all sugar daddies must be well established and ready to impart happiness to the young ladies they meet.

Also, bear in mind there are moderators checking the activities of every individual on the site. There might be a need to even show proof of wealth if the need arises.

This premium dating site has over 200,000 members in the USA with a ratio of 70/30 women to men.

Premium membership starts at $79 per month and goes up to 12 months for $300. Premium features include an elite badge, the ability to unlock private photos, see female members’ messages, and flirt back.

Benefits Of This App

  • It is a safe place to meet someone new
  • It allows for active monitoring and banning when necessary
  • Ladies are given membership for free.
  • It allows the choice to choose between casual dating or long-term romance

Sudy – Best No Meet Sugar Dating App

Although this app is new it has over 4 million members. In population, the women are like four times more than men.

Sugar babies get to register for free. The outstanding policy for this app is that the company removes suspicious profiles that would likely not be beneficial to other members.

This app is also for those digital sugar babies out there looking for the perfect virtual sugar daddy without getting to meet them at first.

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Benefits of Using this App

  • Verified minimum income level
  • Four women to every man due to a large number of women
  • Profiles moderated to weed out spam and scammers

Elite Singles

This sugar daddy app that sends money is known for its uniqueness in love for education. It is noteworthy to mention that about 80 percent of the members using it have college degrees.

This app allows wealthy men and women the opportunity to get acquainted with someone of their class.

Benefits of Using this App

  • 56 percent of the members are women
  • Allows successful business people to unite

How To Get A Sugar Daddy That Only Wants Talk

Do you know you can get a sugar daddy that can send you gifts and money online without meeting? You can get pampered just for talking to them.

There are a lot of sugar babies that are in long-distance relationships with their sugar daddies but are also enjoying the benefits of a sugar baby.

These are ways to get a sugar daddy without any physical meeting with him:

  • Be very active on social media and look for luck online
  • Have basic dating profile introductions
  • Have accurate dating profiles
  • Respond to Advert the right way
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Know what you want and stand with it
  • Be honest.
  • Ensure that your public profile pictures are clear and truthful.
  • Only use the most popular and trusted websites.
  • Your goal should also be to get featured for good visibility.

How Does Sugar Daddy Send Money?

A sugar baby allowance is unlike anything you’ve received before. It’s not income from a place of work. It’s not a little birthday check your grandparents sent you.

It’s a regular infusion of cash and you’re going to have to come up with the best way to handle it.

There are different ways these sugar daddies send money to their women. Every sugar daddy has their own preference on how they send money.

On average, sugar babies are paid allowances of $2,500 per month or roughly $33,000 per year

With different sugar daddy apps that send money, you will get a sugar daddy to send you money in the following ways:

  1. Cash
  2. Bank deposit
  3. Paypal
  4. Other peer-to-peer payment options
  5. Bill payment
  6. Pre-paid card
  7. Cryptocurrency


Sugar daddy apps that pay money are possible; however, caution is required while using a sugar daddy app.

Most of the websites and apps outlined here have the most millionaires and willing sugar babies. You can be one of them.

All you need to do is make research on their top sites and app and get sugar babies or daddies that you are compatible with.

In this article, we have given you details on top sugar daddy apps that send money, how they pay money, and how you can get a sugar daddy that sends money without meeting.