6 Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas On A Budget In 2023

Do you need a backyard pool and above-ground pool deck ideas on a budget as a homeowner?  The above-ground pool is one that is suitable for all outdoor decor and has the long-lasting capability.

We all know that in-built pools are expensive and difficult to set up, but above-ground pools are less expensive and easy to set up.

The duration for installation of the above-ground pool takes not less than a day to finish. It is not only easy to install but also easy to maintain and clean.

In this article, you will be able to get the best Above Ground Pool Ideas On A Budget that will be suitable for you or a friend.

Things To Consider When Building An Above Ground Pool

There are some things you need to first consider before setting up our above ground pool to make it look exquisite. Below are some of them;

The Pool Deck Size Of The Pool

First, you need to check the size you want the pool to be and the surrounding space before setting up the pool.

No matter the size of the pool, the deck of the pool should be at least 3 ft wide so that it will be easy to walk around safely.

You can also add a sitting area where you can sunbathe and watch over the surroundings.

Types Of Materials To Use

The type of material to use on your above ground pool matters a lot. There are a variety of materials to use. You can make use of wood, glass, plastics, composite, tiles, aluminum, and vinyl materials.

Woods are very good and cheap to use but need to be refurbished every year due to the chlorine contained in the pool water.

Glass, Aluminum, and composite can withstand splashes of water at all times. These days many people prefer plastics and composite deck because it is easy to install and cheap to maintain.

Whatever your choice may be, choose the one that best suits your budget and the one that you most prefer.

What The Pool Will Be Used For

What your pool will be used for needs to be considered before setting up your pool. If you want to add lounge chairs to entertain guests on a regular basis, then you will need a wider space.

You can consider a smaller deck for your pool if you want to have a separate pool house to entertain guests and a separate lounge area.

Best Above Ground Pool Ideas On A Budget 

If you are still uncertain about where to start with your desired above-ground pool ideas on a budget, check out the list of best above-ground pool ideas in a budget below;

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Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas On A Budget 

Below are some of the above ground pool ideas on a budget that is suitable for you;

Above Ground Pool With terraced Steps

The first on my list of Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas On A Budget is the above ground pool with terraced steps.

This concept requires walls that are higher than the surface of the pool and additional steps for entering the pool.

It is a very brilliant way to cover pool sides that is very unattractive.

And with this idea, you can use any material of your choice stone or brick while building this above ground pool with terraced steps.

The steps will not only be for entering in and out of the pool but also serve as a comfortable seating area for relaxation.

Above Ground Pool With Wooden Deck

Inexpensive Above Pool Decks

The wooden deck is another interesting idea for above ground pool ideas. The wood used in this concept makes it very spectacular.

Most people prefer the wooden deck for their backyard because it is very strong and durable to use.

It looks like a bathtub that is very comfortable with a vintage style. It is very suitable for a low-budget above-ground pool.

Above Ground Pool With Partial Platform

This is used when you don’t want platforms surrounding the pool in question. You can design your pool to have a one-sided or partial platform that won’t cover the pool.

This has turned out to be one of the best Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas On A Budget because it is inexpensive.

With this, you can save money and build your pool in bits while using it at the same time.

Above Ground Pool Lighting Ideas 

Below are some of the ideas that are suitable for lighting your above-ground pool;

Above Ground Pool Deck Moonlighting

When it comes to above ground pool ideas, your lighting should be among your first priorities.

This lighting idea for your pool involves installing light bulbs that are hung on trees or the roof of the pool.

The main purpose of this pool is to create an illusion of moonlight hitting the pool which gives a more romantic and cool feeling.

Above Ground Pool Deck Structure Lighting

With this concept, you will be able to get any vibe you want with different light bulbs of your choice.

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Here, light bulbs are placed both above, around, and all around the structures of the above ground pool ideas.

This creates an ambiance that is very attractive.

Above Ground Pool Fencing Ideas 

There are some fencing ideas that are suitable for your pool and they will be listed below;

Wood And Glass Fencing

The combination of wood and glass for your fencing gives you that sophisticated look that seems very expensive but in all suits your budget.

It is cheap because the wooden part is made from bamboo trees and this covers three sides of the pool.

Then the last part is covered with fiberglass with prevents water from touching the concrete pavement of the pool.

Wrought Iron Fencing

This is another above ground pool idea on a budget that is cost-efficient for everyone on a budget.

This concept of fencing is placed outside the playground of the pool making it a safeguard for kids who may experience accidents via slipping.

Above Ground Pool Edging Ideas

Below are some of the above ground pool edging ideas on budget;

Above Ground Pool Ideas With Brick Edging

This is another above ground pool idea that is also for the summer season.

Laying bricks around your above ground pool make it look like an in-built pool, and it is also a beautiful idea due to its unique setting.

The brick edging makes it look more solid and with a strong appearance.

Above Ground Pool Ideas With Tile Edging

While installing an above ground pool in your backyard, you also have options just like you are installing an in-ground pool.

You can add tiles when considering what to use for the edge of your pool. You can even add stones first before adding tiles.

This gives it a very nice shape even though the pool is quite small.

Above Ground Pool Enclosures Ideas

To keep your pool safe from specks of dirt, flies, and other contamination, it needs to be covered. Below are some pool enclosure ideas;

Retractable Enclosures

Another thing to consider when choosing an above ground pool idea on a budget is the type of enclosure you use.

Using a retractable enclosure is inexpensive because it can be constructed using wood, glass, or any other vinyl material.

It can not be used while swimming in the pool. It gives your pool a classy look, keeps it clean, and protects it from any type of debris.

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Wood and glass enclosure

Another enclosure that needs to be considered while making a choice of enclosure for your pool is the wood and glass enclosure.

You can swim with this enclosed or removed. The transparent look gives it a cool and inviting look.

Above Ground Pool Ideas For Storage 

Thinking of where to store some of your swimming pieces of equipment? Below are some of the above ground pool ideas for storage;

Cargo Net Storage

You can create practical storage set to store some of your equipment. You can also hang scrap cargo nets from the garage and mount them at the back of your above ground pool.

All swimming accessories like kids’ toys, towels, floaters, and floating beds can be stored there.

Above Ground Pool Ideas For Storage With Woodshed

The best storage idea for above ground pool is a woodshed.

With this concept, you can build a small building beside the pool. You can build this using wood, metal straps, and glass you can be able to build a woodshed where you will be able to keep your swimming equipment.

You can partition the woodshed into segments to help arrange all the swimming essentials you will need to store there.

FAQ On Above Ground Pool Ideas On A Budget

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas On A Budget;

How Can I Make A Cheap Above Ground Pool Look Nice?

With the short tips below you will be able to make your above ground pool look exquisite and classy;

  1. Firstly, surround your pool with a deck.
  2. Add a retaining wall.
  3. Throw shade above it in case of sunny days.
  4. Design a lounge space where one can relax.
  5. Liven things up with landscaping to make it look attractive.
  6. Set the mood with lighting to brighten the mood.
  7. Make your pool the star attraction by making it look classy.

Does Above Ground Pool Increase Home Value?

A certified residential appraiser in New York State agrees that an above-ground pool won’t add value to a property because personal property items are not typically valued in a home appraisal.


Above Ground Pool Ideas on a budget allows you to own a pool in your home without much cost.

This type of pool is not only cost efficient but also easy to maintain and manage without denting your account.

Above ground pools might have some drawbacks but they are still very suitable for all homes.