Small Pool Ideas On A Budget (Unique And Affordable)

If you wish to get a pool for your house and you need small pool ideas on a budget then you are at the right place.

Having a pool to relax with during the summer and any other day is one of the most fascinating things.

You don’t need to be very rich to have a pool at your home. And don’t also need to have a very big house to attach a pool to it.

Although above ground pool will be more affordable, a small in-ground pool has a whole different vibe it gives.

Therefore, we have listed and explained the best small pool ideas that are budget-friendly and won’t cause any dent in your pocket.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Pool

Below are some of the things you need to check out before building or installing a pool in your backyard;

Pool Type

The type of pool you want matters a lot. Whether it is an in-ground pool/underground pool or an above-ground pool, you need to make your decision first.

These two main types of pools have distinct characteristics that differentiate them from one another especially if you are keen on the cost, maintenance, or durability.

The Depth Of The Pool

The depth of the pool of your choice should be considered before you go for the small pool ideas on a budget in the article.

The in-ground pool is deeper than the above-ground pool. Therefore if you want a deeper pool, then the in-ground pool is definitely for you.


Before going into any type of pool, the budget you have at hand needs to be considered. If you are on a very tight budget but need a pool then the above-ground pool is ideal for you.

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But if you have a less tight budget then you can go for an in-ground pool using our small pool ideas on a budget.

Water Type

You can either use salt water or chlorine water. The choice is yours.

Although there is no significant difference in the price of the water type, salt water is known to give smoother skin and it is easy to maintain.

After checking all these, you can make additional changes when the budget is bigger. Likewise, add more features to your taste.

Advantages Of A Small Pool

Pictures Of A Small In ground Pool

A small pool has specks that are not often mentioned.

If you don’t have what it takes to get a big in-ground pool and you need some convincing that small pool ideas on a budget are ideal for you, then the listing below is for you;

Smaller Space

A small pool requires less space. That means you will have less problem in finding a place suitable for installing it.

Less Expensive

Small pools are less expensive to install, build, and maintain. They are often easy to assemble in the first place without looking for help.

They are also easy to clean up when dirty, water can be changed regularly by the owners, and money for maintenance is also less due to the small size.

You Can Choose What Happens With The Remaining Space

Since the remaining space that is not occupied by the main pool is all yours, you can choose what happens with the space.

If you wish to have a sitting area, a sitting fireplace, or a playground for kids you don’t have to sacrifice the whole space for a pool if you build a small pool.

There is still a lot of space after installing a small pool and what happens on the remaining space remains your choice.

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Affordable Small Pool Ideas On A Budget

The small pool ideas below are budget-friendly just like the above-ground pool ideas on a budget we wrote about on this site.

Therefore, prepare yourself for the installation of a small pool as we take you through some affordable small pool ideas on a budget;

Narrow Pool

If you have a narrow backyard but still want a pool, then you can still do that.

A narrow pool is also very suitable. You can swim comfortably, do laps and also practice for any competition of your choice.

In this case, you will not need to look for another space. you will still be able to install the pool and also have space for relaxation.

Deck Style Pool

Do you have an existing spacy deck and you want to add a pool but you are confused if you can?

You can add a pool to your deck to get a small pool. Since you have a deck already, it is easy to install and maintain.

It is not labor intensive And it is cheap. Once you have a deck and a solid foundation then you can give your home that fascinating look it needs.

Small Squared Pool

Do you know you can have a squared pool instead of the regular rectangular-shaped pool?

A small square-shaped pool will save money for you and also allow for more space if you don’t have any more space to place chairs and relax.

Small Indoor Pool

Although this one is more expensive than others, it is among the small pool ideas on a budget if you have more indoor space than outside.

It is another way of giving glamor and class to your home while sitting on a budget.

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Wall Mount Pool

If you have limited space in your backyard but wish to get a pool for your home then you can install the pool at the perimeter of your backyard wall.

Although this does not allow a lot of space around it, it allows you to make do with what you have and a wall mount pool is one of the best small backyard pool ideas on a budget.

FAQ On Small Pool Ideas On A Budget

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on small pool ideas on a budget;

What Type Of Swimming Pool Is The Cheapest?

Generally, vinyl liner pools have the lowest initial costs. Thus, you will spend the least amount of money purchasing a vinyl liner pool. On average, vinyl liner pools cost $35,000 to $65,000 to install. Homeowners can customize this pool into various shapes and designs.

What Is The Smallest Size Pool You Can Build?

How small can an in-ground pool be? Most of the smallest in-ground pools across all pool types, on average, are around 12′ by 24′, 10′ by 15′, or even a 10′ x 10′ Spool/Cocktail pool!

How much Is A Mini Pool?

How much does a mini pool or a small pool cost? A small, low-end in-ground pool installation project may cost as low as $21,500, while some homeowners may pay as much as $135,000 or more for a luxurious backyard oasis.


Having a small space in your home shouldn’t be a limitation for you. It should not stop you have giving your home that glamorous look you so desire.

With our small pool ideas on a budget above, you will be above to use your small space wisely without issues.