Health Benefits Of Tiger Nuts For Pregnancy

The health benefits of Tiger nuts for pregnancy is widely known due to their high medical property in the healing process.

Pregnancy is a huge phase of a womans life. When a woman is pregnant a lot of things are prone to happen like a change in body size and change in diet.

That is where Tiger nuts come in. Tiger nut is supposed to be very essential during pregnancy.

Tiger nuts are rich in fiber, antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, iron, protein, and lots of other nutrients that help keep the baby healthier and stronger and also increase the production of milk.

The health benefits of Tiger nuts will be explained to you in detail and you will get to know the benefits without doubting.

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Possible Side Effects Of Tiger Nuts

As the saying goes anything that has an advantage must have a little disadvantage. So below are the possible disadvantages of Tiger nuts;

Possible Allergies

There are possible allergies to any food, drink, and fruit you take.

It is no news when people complain of having an allergy to Tiger nuts or juice. The best solution is to check with your doctor when you have any reaction to know if you have an allergy.

Food Poisoning

If Tiger nuts are prepared in an unhygienic environment it is possible to have food poisoning.

Food poisoning in Tiger nuts can have symptoms like abdominal cramps, Nausea, Vomiting, and bloody stools.


Swallowing the chaff or fiber of Tiger nuts can cause a possible cough. These coughs can become very irritating and disturbing.

With the above, there are no serious side effects of Tiger nuts when thoroughly washed and eaten hygienically.

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Benefits Of Tiger Nuts For Pregnancy

As I said earlier the health benefits of tiger nuts for pregnancy cannot be overemphasized. They are numerous and shouldnt be ignored.

Below are some of the benefits;

Reduces Constipation

Indigestion, improper bowel movement, and constipation are the main problems a woman undergoes during the stage of pregnancy.

After basic research, we got to find out that one of the easiest ways to overcome this is by eating Tiger nuts regularly.

Tiger nuts contain toxins or fiber that help in reducing the risk of constipation during pregnancy.

As a pregnant woman eat lots of tiger nuts to avoid indigestion, improper bowel movement, and constipation.

Reduces High Blood Pressure

Reduction of high blood pressure is another health benefit of Tiger nuts for pregnancy.

Tiger nuts contain Amino acid that widens the blood vessels to ensure normal blood flow in the body.

The protein contained in Tiger nuts also helps in the growth and repair of new and damaged tissues which makes hormones, enzymes, and strong antibodies for their immune system.

Tiger nuts also contain potassium which helps to stabilize heart rate and makes blood pressure normal.

Does Tiger Nut Induce Labour

Contains Magnesium

Tiger nuts are a good source of Magnesium. Magnesium is considered one of the basic essentials during pregnancy due to these;

Magnesium helps reduces cramps, body aches, nausea, and the risk of premature labor in pregnancy.

Therefore eating lots of Tiger nuts helps in doing the trick.

Protects Pregnant Women From Cardiovascular Diseases

Another benefit of Tiger nuts that I have not yet disclosed is that it helps in protecting women from sudden cardiovascular diseases.

Tiger nuts contain vitamin E that helps in combating cardiovascular diseases in humans and also protects your body from them.

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Get that packet, juice, or flour of Tiger nuts today and you won’t regret it.

Reduces The Risk Of Diabetics

Do you know that diabetics during pregnancy can be very hazardous to both mother and child?

Diabetics during pregnancy lead to a high risk of jaundice, macrosomia, and hypoglycemia.

But not to worry Tiger nuts can help you reduce the risk of diabetes especially if it is difficult to diagnose it during your first trimester.

Tiger nuts contain highly insoluble fiber that helps in keeping the blood sugar level in check.

Weight Loss

Another health benefit of Tiger nuts for pregnancy is the effective reduction of excess weight during pregnancy.

It is normal for a pregnant woman to have an increase in body size. However, if you see yourself adding unnecessarily replace your daily snack with Tiger nuts.

The high level of fiber in Tiger nuts will be ok for you for a long time thereby reducing the consumption of extra food.

Reduces The Risk Of Colon Cancer

According to the American cancer society, Colon cancer which is the cancer of the large intestine can be cleansed by Tiger nuts.

This is effective due to the high Fiber and antitoxins present in Tiger nuts.

Boost Breast Milk Production

Another important health benefit of Tiger nuts for pregnancy is the high boost in breast milk production.

Eating Tiger nuts daily is an easy way to boost breast milk production during pregnancy.

During pregnancy and even after pregnancy, nursing mothers need Tiger nuts to help increase the production of milk to nourish their baby and avoid early dryness of breast milk.

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Best Nut To Eat During Pregnancy

There are other nuts to eat during pregnancy that are also very beneficial to the health of an unborn baby and the mother.

Below are some of the Nuts;

  1. Cashew Nuts: Cashew nuts are packed with high concentrations of Potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and vitamins.All these contents present in cashew help in the all-around growth of the fetus and supplement the mothers body with the necessary nutrients needed during pregnancy.
  2. Almond: Almond is another nut that has health benefits during pregnancy. They help in regulating the weight of the baby and the mother.It also contains Calcium which is good for the bones and helps in reducing hypertension.
  3. Walnuts: It contains omega-3 fatty that helps in the development of the brain of the unborn child.
  4. Brazil Nuts: It contains a large number of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants which can protect your body from all sorts of chronic conditions and support your thyroid.
  5. Peanuts: These are one of the best food choices for pregnant women. It contains protein and folate that helps to prevent birth defect, brain development, and spine development.
  6. Macadamias: This is rich in monounsaturated fats which can boost heart health. They’re low in carbs and sugar too (unless you get the chocolate-coated ones) and have a moderate fiber content.

Conclusion On Benefits Of Tiger Nuts For Pregnancy

So above is the health benefit of Tiger nuts for pregnancy. We have listed and explained each of them.

Are you still having a second thoughts about consuming Tiger nuts?  or Are asking questions like is Tiger nuts juice good for a pregnant woman?

Make sure you read carefully before making a final decision.