How Can I Check My Glo Number? Here’s the Easiest Method In 2023

How can I check my Glo Number? Have you been in a situation where you need to find your Glo number but don’t Know-how? 

You might have multiple numbers because you can use more than one mobile operator in Nigeria, and you might find it challenging to have all these numbers at the tip of your finger.

In this article on the easiest ways to check my Glo number, we will like to teach each person how to check Glo phone number without having any challenges at all.

If you are in partnership with other network providers such as MTN you can also read Easiest ways to check MTN phone number.

How Can I Check My Glo Number?

There are numerous ways to check your Glo lin as other websites will say but I bet you only a few works now.

In this article on how can I check my Glo number, I will carefully explain what works with the Glo network at this present day.

  1. Using Code To Check Number
  2. Calling A Friend
  3. Calling Customer Care

Using Code To Check Number

I know you will be like which other codes you can use to check your Glo number.

And you have complaints like I have tried all code and it is not working.

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I have even tried the popular code *135*8# that many people have recommended and it is not working.

The ultimate solution is here. The code to use to check your Glo number is very easy.

  • Dial 777*#
  • And your number will be displayed on your phone.

Is that not simple?

Calling A Friend

Another simple method to use while looking for a way to check for your Glo line is calling a friend.

You just give the person closest to you a flash if you find it difficult to get your number by dialing their number on your phone with your Glo SIM card.

After dialing the number with your phone, the number you used in calling the person will be displayed on his or her phone.

Copy out the number that is your Glo number.

Calling Customer Care

You can Glo the customer care service to check for your number by dialing 121.

Although this service takes a longer time, if you follow and listen to the voice instruction then you will get to know your Glo number.

There is another way out. If you want to check your Glo number with ease by calling Glo customer care, simply dial 1244.

Immediately you dial 1244, your number will be called by a bot that is directed to do so.

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Note that it is important to have a pen and paper before you call this number or another phone to use and save the number while it is called.

How To Check My Glo Balance

You can check your airtime balance with these easy steps.

To check your Glo balance, simply dial #124#, and your credit balance will be displayed on your screen.

To also check your current tariff status, dial *124*3# on your Glo sim. Immediately, dialing these codes, your tariff plan and balance will display on your mobile phone.

Glo USSD Codes

Below are some simple GLO USSD codes and what they are used for;

  • *1244# – Check your Glo mobile number.
  • *124*1# – Check Glo bonus data balance.
  • *5321# – Glo airtime borrow.
  • *124# – Glo Balance inquiry. Check your credit balance.
  • *125*2# – Glo Package and charging plan.
  • 121- Glo Customer care.
  • *124*2# – Service information.
  • *124*3# – Tariff information.

Conclusion On How Can I Check My Glo Number

With this article on How can I check my Glo number, you have no excuse for not knowing your number or saving it.

No matter the number of SIM cards you have, you always check your number at a very fast pace without stress.

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Let us know other methods you know that are working perfectly well on how to check my Glo number in the comment section.