Polaris Bank Transfer Code

Let’s show you the Polaris bank transfer code to enable you to send money to UBA, GTB, Zenith, Access, Diamond, Fidelity, Union, and other top banks in Nigeria.

The same code can be used to buy airtime via USSD, create an account instantly, update BVN, check account balance, pay bills and so much more.

Your ability to achieve this and many more begins with knowing how to register for Polaris bank transfer code.

The Polaris bank transfer code is *833#.

On the other hand, we’ve covered UBA transfer code without ATM card and Access Bank code to check balance & transfer money.

These are guides you’ll find useful if you employ the banking services of UBA or Access bank.

That aside, work with us as we show you the Polaris/Skye bank transfer code and even how to increase your transfer limit on the Polaris bank app.

What is the Polaris Bank Transfer Code?

The Polaris bank transfer code is *833#.

This is a smart code that will enable you to transfer money from Polaris bank to another bank.

You don’t need data or your internet connection to be on before using this code.

Coupled with that, you’ll be able to do the following using the same code:

  • Open an account with Polaris bank
  • Transfer money
  • Buy airtime
  • Pay your bills conveniently

Let’s take a look at some of these online banking services.

1. Open an Account with Polaris Bank:

Creating an account instantly with Polaris bank is easier than ever thanks to the transfer code that allows you to do so.

You can dial this code to setup an account with the bank and even proceed to pick up its ATM at the nearest Polaris bank.

The code for opening an account is *833*1#.

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Follow the prompt after dialing the code and provide your first & last name, date of birth, and address to setup your new account.

Your account numberr will be sent to you via SMS once your account has been created.

2. Transfer Money:

The Polaris short code can be used to transfer funds to GTB, Zenith, Kuda, PalmPay, Ecobank and other financial banks in Nigeria.

Simple steps are required to use this transfer code and these are:

  • Dialing the short code
  • Activating or registering to use the code
  • Setting up a secret PIN for transfers
  • Finally, sending money nationwide

The short code for sending moey to another bank is *833*3#.

Here’s how to use the code:

  • Dial *833*Amount*account number#

For example, *833*5000*0024XXXXXX#

  • Choose the bank’s name you’re making payment to
  • Choose the Polaris account you’re sending money from (if more than one account is linked to the same line)
  • Enter your transfer PIN. The code can be the four-digit numbers you created while registering for USSD transfers or the code you use on the Polaris bank app.

Note: check the next section (Polaris bank activation code) in this guide on how to register and create a transfer PIN if this is the first time you’re making a transfer via USSD on Polaris.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that the daily transfer limit on Polaris when using USSD or the transfer code is 50,000 naira.

You’re allowed to use this code several times in one day as long as you’ve not exceeeded the 50,000 naira transfer limit.

To check your Polaris bank balance, dial *833*6#.

3. Buy Airtime:

It’s possible to recharge your MTN, GLO, Etisalat, or Airtel with the transfer code.

You’ll either be buying airtime for yourself (on the line you opened your Polaris account with) or to a different line.

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A different line means the airtime will be sent to another line not linked to your bank account or a line owned by a family, friend, colleague, etc.

On the other hand, the airtime you purchase can be used to subscribe for data such as the Glo data plan.

The USSD code to buy airtime for yourself on Polaris Bank is *833*Amount#.

For example *833*500#.

Ensure that this code is dialed from the number linked to your Polaris account.

Your phone number will be recharged instantly upon dialing the code above.

Alternatively, the code to recharge airtime for another line or your family and friends is *833*Phone number*Amount#

For example:


What’s next? do the following.

  • Select the account to be debited if you have more than one Polaris account registered to the same number
  • Choose the network you want to recharge
  • Enter your PIN to proceed

The daily transaction limit for airtime top up on Polaris is 5,000 naira daily and 20,000 naira monthly.

4. Pay Your Bills Conveniently

It’s also possible to pay for DSTV and GoTV subscriptions using the USSD code from Polaris.

Now it’s not just cable TV’s you’ll be able to pay for given that the code also supports payment for utility bills and funding of Bet9ja account.

To that effect, *833*2# is the code that will enable you pay for DSTV, electric bills, and so much more.

Here’s how to use this code:

  • Dial *833*2#
  • Selec the Polaris account you want to use in paying for the service if more than one account is linked to the same SIM.
  • Choose the service you want to pay for
  • Enter amount to be charged
  • Enter your PIN (this pin can be the four digit pin you created while registering to use the smart code or your PolarisMobile pin if you have the bank app). Check the section below on how to register to use Polaris transfer code if it’s your first time trying out this code.
  • Confirm the transfer.
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Polaris Bank Transfer Code Activation

The Polaris bank transfer code activation requires easy steps to set up.

Therefore, here’s how to register for the Polaris bank transfer code and get your transfer PIN.

  • Dial *833#
  • Enter your account number
  • Choose any random four numbers you’ll recall easily and enter as your PIN
  • And that’s it!

Now you don’t have to go through the steps above if you’ve already setup your PolarisMobile bank app.

The same PIN used to authorize payments on the app can be used whenever you dial the USSD code for smart banking.

How to Increase Transfer Limit on Polaris Bank App

You’re often asked to specify on a form your daily transfer limit on the Polaris bank app, PolarisMobile .

Now if you’d chosen an amount that limits how much you can send daily, there’s room to increase this set limit.

Accordingly, here’s how to increase your transfer limit on the new Polaris bank app:

  • Visit a Polaris Bank branch closest to you
  • Specify to the customer care representative that you want to increase your daily transfer limit on the PolarisMobile app
  • The increment will be made instantly or within a few hours.


The Polaris bank transfer code to send money to other banks makes it easier to transact with family, friends, and clients.

You can send money to anyone in Nigeria, recharge their lines, and even pay utility bills.

Therefore,  start using these codes today if these benefits and more are what you’ll like to enjoy.